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Important news

All celestial spheres, half of the sky ball 360 degrees camera "ACAM-VRD01 series," it is asked a favor with apology about "ACAM-VRS01 series"
Italian soft leather Bluetooth® keyboard "TK-RC10 series," it is asked a favor with apology about "TK-RC30 series"
About wireless LAN router "WRC-1267GXBK" "WRC-1900GXBK" "WRC-2533GXBK" release cancellation
Linux NAS NetStor series About NSB-56S4BL series, NSB-5MS2BL series release cancellation
Apology and request about Wi-Fi card reader "MR-WI03WH"
Apology and request about matter that filtering function in "child net timer 2" cannot use
Sequentially request portable power charger "DE-M01L-10440 series" of cooperation "DE-M01L-13040 series"
Apology and request about Drive recorder "LVR-SD500GH series"
About security at the time of wireless LAN router use is careful
Apology and request about wireless LAN router "WRC-300FEBK-A" "WRC-733FEBK-A"
About Metropolitan Police Department announcement about wireless LAN broadband router (LAN-W300N/R, LAN-W300N/RS, LAN-W300N/RU2) made by Logitec (move to homepage of Logitec.)
Apology and announcement (we move to homepage of Logitec.) about 300Mbps wireless LAN broadband router (LAN-W300N/R, LAN-W300N/RS, LAN-W300N/RU2) made by Logitec
Apology and request about wireless LAN router "WRC-1167GHBK2" "WRC-1167GHBK2-I"
Guidance (we move to homepage of Hagiwara Solutions.) of the product sale end mounted with VirusScan engine made by Symantec Corp.

News Release

We cope with Charge and data communication at high current "3A"! It is equipped with USB A ⇔ Type-C terminal and releases USB 2.0 cable connecting smartphone to PC, battery charger
Next TV and recorder can succeed telerecording! It releases portable HDD for shock body adoption TV recording corresponding to next-generation copyright protection technology "SeeQVault™"-resistant
It releases accessories 3 product for exclusive use of "AirPods" including strap preventing loss, fall of "AirPods" and storage case which we can carry casually
AC adapter power supply and USB power supply, two types available! We sell compact stereo speaker fitting into side of monitor bottom and notebook PC of PC newly
They support all port gigabit, and even MU-MIMO, dual-core CPU, the beam forming Z deployment and concurrent connection release wireless LAN gigabit router in pursuit of rapidity
We can put on with wearing usual glasses and are hanging glasses and release blue light measures glasses of clip on type that there is raising and lowering
It carries "equality communication facility" equalizing communication every terminal! It releases the 11ac-adaptive Fixed Wireless Access points for corporations supporting ICT education environment by tablet
Reflect user request, and is more convenient; comfortably! It releases new Type II product of high-grade model camera bag "off toco" which carried a lot of functions in 1 rank
We store iPad and tablet PC for ten individually and lock! It releases the storage of storage for tablet with cooling fan which Charge function included at the same time at the time of storing
Low-elasticity foaming Polyurethane of wave shape absorbs shock! It releases 13 inches of MacBook Pro 2016 correspondence use and ZEROSHOCK inner bag for 15 inches
Digital camera accessories 11 series of ELECOM wins gold medal with "digital camera Grand Prix 2017SUMMER" four branches
To article recommended in popular online game "mabinogi" of NEXON 19 button +2 wheels of ELECOM multifunctional gaming mouse "M-DUX70BK" which it carried!
It releases case for exclusive use of LCD protective film shop for exclusive use of 9.7 inches of iPad 2017 models to come up soon, 26 items sequentially
By wide angle of super wide-angle lens 180 degrees, we can record not only front but also Video from the side! It releases super wide-angle lens Drive recorder 3 product
We read in SSD and we write in and realize high-speed data transfer together! It releases high-speed external portable SSD "LimitEx series" (rimitekkusushirizu) which resists shock and vibration
Glossiness, two Matte-like different feel of a material are beautiful! It releases stylish design tap "un modo" (Ann mode) where we can wire AV apparatus beautifully
Is easy to wire; "is soft", and adopt cable! It releases ethernet-adaptive High Speed HDMI cable that high speed transmission does Video Audio with one cable
Soft leather cover for smartphone featuring Disney character! It releases multi-Type III series not to choose model as