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News Release

The Singaporean first ELECOM shop opens in large shopping mall VIVOCITY

In addition to the high power headphones amplifier deployment of high-quality sound, it releases Bluetooth® receiver 2 product mounted with dual amplifier realizing electric wave strength of the best class by radio frequency amplifier
Capless model who adopted rotary connector cover! Carry compactly while protecting connector part and release rotary USB memory usable easily
Sebum dirt worried about touch panel is refreshing! It releases four types of touch panel cleaners which can clean LCD screen such as tablet neatly
Blu-ray/DVD/CD case which can store disk in Smart, and helps rearranging and classification! It releases all 13 selectable products with material and thickness, the number of storing
It is recommended for operation and reading of PC, smartphone tablet! Screen, letter which it is hard to see releases convex glasses model of blue light measures glasses to see clearly
It supports available 2.4GHz (11n/g/b) in various environment! It releases 2 models who can communicate at compact Wi-Fi Wireless cordless handset up to 150Mbps and 300Mbps of the world's smallest class
Accessories for game that is recommended for connection with PlayStation®4! Break router and nail for game and release all 5 products including prevention LAN cable, microUSB cable
We win "prize for iF design 2014" in ELECOM, 2 series

We found ELECOM, physical distribution center "Kanagawa distribution center" to become the third place

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