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Easy print 2.0Downloading

"Easy print 2.0" is design software usable free corresponding to paper-products such as label paper or postcard of ELECOM.
PC is all right with weak point! Well, let's begin!

We take "easy print" in PC through the Internet It is for downloading for PC

Person whom we want to employ slowly and carefully is this

We take in application for smartphone and tablet PC Application version for sumahotofon tablet

In smartphone tablet
Person whom we want to employ is this

More than pre-ha taking its ease, illustration and template 1,000 points usable free!

What's New

The making of item which everybody is pleased with! We released spring season.
A lot of material which is usable in entrance to school, entering a kindergarten, the Doll's Festival, Children's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, wedding!
It releases new product of name label, address indication label!
We added material to easy print 2.0 in total.
It releases label / jacket 12 model number that is convenient for rearranging such as CD/DVD!
We add material to easy print 2.0 in total!
We decorate “ various things splendidly! "Let's decorate athletic meet!" TRY DECO Life " "Let's decorate Halloween"; released o.
We added calendar material in 2018.
Mainichi adds material of slightly happy entering a kindergarten, entrance to school goods. Natural feeling adds material of "botanikaruuedingu" like me.
It releases 16 kinds of DIY labels which label of oneself preference can make! We add material for DIY label to easy print 2.0 in total!
We added material for New Year's card.
We decorate “ various things splendidly! We released TRY DECO Life ""Xmasno table coordinates" "design color color New Year's greetings".
We "always" released "Makeing everyday special "in particular" a little.".
Image material of easy print 2.0 was added newly. As it is easy to choose screen and updated, please try.
Homepage of easy print 2.0 was updated!
Tutorial function was added to easy print 2.0! It is available more clearly.
We added 56 points including Halloween material.
PDF output capability was added to easy print 2.0! Operation is possible with print screen.
We added 35 points of calendar materials in 2016
It is available using paper information of ELECOM.
Ready writing:
Label mighty: