Carrying bag compatibility table

It is correspondence list that we expressed by true or false whether note PC you have enters carrying bag.

※This corresponding table compared dimensions of note PC and dimensions of our carrying bag and made.

 Acer (E1), Aspire (1, 1410, 1830Z, 3820)
 Aspire (3830T, 5, 5336, 5349, 5733)
 Aspire (5742, 5745DG, 5750, 5750G(1))
 Aspire (5750G(2), 7, 7750, 7750G)
 Aspire (AS5733, E1)
 Aspire (E11, E15, E15, E3)
 Aspire (E5, ES1)
 Aspire (ES11, ES13)
 Aspire (ES15, Ethos 8951G, F15)
 Aspire (M5, One, one 531h, one 532h, One 722)
 Aspire (One 751, One AOD257, model), One Cloudbook 11 embedding One AOD533 (docomo 3G, One D250)
 Aspire (One D255, One D257, One D270, One HAPPY)
 Aspire (One HAPPY2, one P531h, P3, R11)
 Aspire (R7, S3, S5, S7(1))
 Aspire (S7(2), Switch 10, Switch 10 E, Switch 10E(1))
 Aspire (Switch 10E(2), Switch 11, Timeline 3410, Timeline 3810T)
 Aspire (Timeline 3830T, Timeline 5810TG, Timeline X 3820T, Timeline X 3830T, TimelineX 3820T)
 Aspire (V Nitro, V13, V3(1))
 Aspire (V3(2), V3 (1))
 Aspire (V3 (2), V5(1))
 Aspire (V5(2), V7)
 Aspire (VX15), Chromebook, Chromebook (11(1))
 Chromebook (11(2), 15, R 11, Spin 11)
 Ferrari (one 200), Predator (15, Helios 300, Triton 700)
 Spin (1, 5, 7), Swift(1)
 Swift (5, 7), Switch (3, Alpha 12(1))
 Switch (Alpha 12(2)), TravelMate (5330, 5335, 5730)
 TravelMate (5740, 5742, 5760, 6595T)
 TravelMate (7740, 7750, 8172T, 8372)
 TravelMate (8481, B115M, B116M, B117M)
 TravelMate (P236M, P257M-N14D, P257M-N34D, P257M-N54D)
 TravelMate (P455M-F14D, P455M-F34D, P455M-F54D, Spin B1)

 iPad, MacBook (12 inches, Air 11 inches, Air 1300 11 inches, Air 1300 13 inches, Air 13 inches)
 MacBook (Pro 13 inches, Pro 15 inches (1))
 MacBook (Pro 15 inches (2), Pro 17 inches, Pro 2300 15 inches, Pro 2500 13 inches, Pro Retina display 2200 15 inches)
 MacBook (15 inches of Pro Retina display 2500, Pro Retina display 2600 13 inches, Pro Retina display 2800 13 inches, Pro with Retina display 15 inches, Pro with Retina display2000 15 inches, Pro with Retina display2300 15 inches, Pro with Retina display2400 13 inches)
 MacBook (Pro with Retina display2400 15 inches, Pro with Retina display2500 13 inches, Pro with Retina display2600 13 inches, Pro with Retina display2700 15 inches)

 ASUS (Pad, TransBook 3, TransBook Mini, ZenBook 13 UX331UN)
 ASUS (ZenBook 14 UX430UA, ZENBOOK 3, ZenBook Pro, ZENBOOK UX series (1))
 ASUS (ZENBOOK UX series (2), ZenBook3 Deluxe), ASUSPRO (ESSENTIAL)
 B9440UA, Chromebook (C201PA, C300MA, C300SA, Flip C100PA)
 Chromebook (Flip C101PA C101PA-FS002 silver, Flip C101PA C101PA-RK3399 silver, Flip C213NA C213NA-BW0045 dark gray, Flip C213NA C213NA-N3350 dark gray, Flip C302CA C302CA-F6Y30 silver)
 Chromebook (Flip C302CA C302CA-GU009 silver), Eee (Pad, Pad, PC 1001PXD, PC 1011PX, PC 1015PX)
 Eee (PC 1025C, PC 1025CE, PC 1215B, PC 1215N, PC 1225B, PC T101MT, PC VX6)
 Eee (PC X101CH, PC X101H), EeeBook (X205TA, X205TA), F553SA
 FX502VM, FX553VD, G51Jx (3D), G53Jw, G73SW, G75, G750JY
 G750JZ, G series, K501J, K501N, K50IJ, K52F, K53E, K53TA
 K53U, K550CA, K73SD, k series (1)
 K series (2), N10Jb, N53, N53Jf, N53SV, N550JK, N550JV
 N550JX, N552VX, N55SF, N56, NVIDIA(R) (GeForce(1))
 NVIDIA(R) (GeForce(2)), NX90Jq, NX90SN, n-series, ROG (G701VIK, G752VS)
 ROG (G752VY, GL552VW, GL752VW, GX700VO)
 TAICHI (21), TransBook (3, Chi T100Chi, Chi T300Chi)
 TransBook (Chi T90Chi, Flip TP200SA, Flip TP550LA, Mini T102HA, T100HA)
 TransBook (T100TA, T100TAL, T100TAM(1))
 TransBook (T100TAM(2), T101HA, T200TA, T304UA, TX201LA)
 TransBook (TX300CA), TransBook (TX300CA), TransBook (TX300CA), TransBook (TX300CA)
 T series, U24, U30Jc, U30SD
 U31F, U32, U33Jc, U36SD, U37, UL20Ft
 VivoBook (E200HA, E203NA, Flip 14 TP401NA, R303CA, R416SA)
 VivoBook (S200E, S300CA, S500CA, S55)
 VivoBook (S55, U38N, X200, X202E, X207NA)
 VivoBook (X540LA, X540YA, X541UA, X556UA, X75)
 VivoBook (X756UV), VX7, X200MA
 X301A, X302LA, X453SA, X550CC, X550DP(1)
 X550DP(2), X550LA, X550VC, X550ZE, X552LAV
 X552LDV, X553MA, X555LA, X555UA, X751LDV
 X756UA, X756UJ, X75VD, ZENBOOK (BX303UA, Flip)
 ZENBOOK (Flip S, Prime, UX21, UX301)
 ZENBOOK (UX303LN, UX303UB, UX305FA, UX305UA, UX31(1))
 ZENBOOK (UX31(2), UX310UQ, UX32)

 Alienware, Alienware (13(1))
 Alienware (13(2), 15(1))
 Alienware (15(2))
 Alienware (17(1))
 Alienware (17(2))
 Inspiron (11 3000 (1))
 Inspiron (11 3000 (2))
 Inspiron (11 3000 2 in 1)
 Inspiron (11 3000 2 in 1)
 Inspiron (13 5000 2 in 1)
 Inspiron (13 7000)
 Inspiron (13 7000 2 in 1(1))
 Inspiron (13 7000 2 in 1(2))
 Inspiron (14 3000 (1))
 Inspiron (14 3000 (2))
 Inspiron (14 5000, 14 7000 (1))
 Inspiron (14 7000 (2))
 Inspiron (15 3000)
 Inspiron (15 5000 (1))
 Inspiron (15 5000 (2))
 Inspiron (15 5000 (3))
 Inspiron (15 5000 (4))
 Inspiron (15 5000 (5))
 Inspiron (15 7000 (1))
 Inspiron (15 7000 (2))
 Inspiron (15 7000 2 in 1 (1))
 Inspiron (15 7000 2 in 1 (2))
 Inspiron (15 gaming, 15R(1))
 Inspiron (15R(2))
 Inspiron (17 5000 (1))
 Inspiron (17 5000 (2))
 Inspiron (17 5000 (3), 17R)
 Latitude (11 5000 2 in)
 Latitude (12 5000)
 Latitude (12 7000)
 Latitude (12 7000 2 in 1)
 Latitude (12 Rugged Extreme)
 Latitude (13 3380 Education)
 Latitude (13 7000)
 Latitude (13 7380, 13 7389 2-in-1)
 Latitude (14 3480)
 Latitude (14 5000)
 Latitude (14 7000)
 Latitude (14 Rugged)
 Latitude (15 3580)
 Latitude (15 5000)
 Latitude (5285 2-in-1, 5289 2-in-1)
 Latitude (7285 2-in-1), New (Alienware)
 Vostro (14 3000)
 Vostro (14 3000)
 Vostro (14 5000)
 Vostro (15 3000 (1))
 Vostro (15 3000 (2))
 Vostro (15 5000), XPS
 XPS (13 2-in-1, 13 Ultrabook)
 XPS (14 Ultrabook, 15(1))
 XPS (15(2), 17)

 E (Series)

 Endeavor (NA512E)
 Endeavor (NA512E)
 Endeavor (NJ3900E)
 Endeavor (NJ4000E)
 Endeavor (NJ4100E)
 Endeavor (NJ5970E)
 Endeavor (NJ6000E)
 Endeavor (NJ6100E)
 Endeavor (NY2400S)
 Endeavor (NY2400S)
 Endeavor (NY2500S)

Epson Direct
 Endeavor, S Series)

 FMV (LIFEBOOK UH), LIFEBOOK (A A574/M, A A576/N, A A576/P, A A576/PX, A A576/R)
 LIFEBOOK (A A577/P, A A577/PX, A A577/R, A A744/M, A A746/N, A A746/P)
 LIFEBOOK (A A746/R, A A747/P, A A747/R, AH(1))
 LIFEBOOK (AH AH42/B2, AH AH42/B3, AH AH42/X, AH AH42/Y, AH AH45/A3, AH AH45/B2, AH AH45/B3)
 LIFEBOOK (AH AH45/X, AH AH53/A3, AH AH53/B2, AH AH53/B3, AH AH53/X, AH AH77/B1, AH AH77/B3)
 LIFEBOOK (E E546/P, E E547/P, E E547/R, E E556/M, E E556/P, E E557/P)
 LIFEBOOK (E E557/R, E E736/M, E E736/P, E E746/M, E E746/P)
 LIFEBOOK (E E756/M, E E756/P, P P727/P, P P727/R, S S936/M, S S936/P)
 LIFEBOOK (S S937/P, S S937/R, SH SH75/B1, SH SH75/B3, SH SH90/B1, SH SH90/B3)
 LIFEBOOK (T T726/N, T T726/P, T T936/N, T T936/P, U U727/P, U U727/R)
 LIFEBOOK (U U745, U U745/M, U U747/P, U U747/R, U U757/P, U U757/R)
 LIFEBOOK (U U937/P, U U937/R, UH, UH UH55/B3, UH UH75/B1)
 LIFEBOOK (UH UH75/B3, UH UH90/B1, UH UH90/B3), LIFEBOOK (value series) (A574/MX, A576/NX, A576/RX)
 LIFEBOOK (value series) (A577/RX), STYLISTIC (QH)

 EC series, Gateway (NE), ID series
 NE series, NV series

 EliteBook (1030 G1, 725)
 EliteBook (820, 840, 840 G4)
 EliteBook (Folio 1020)
 EliteBook (Folio 1040, Folio G1)
 EliteBook (x360 1020 G2, x360 1030 G2)
 ENVY (13-ad000, 13-ad100, 15-as100, SPECTRE XT)
 ENVY14-2001TX, ENVY14-2100TX, ENVY14-2105TX, ENVY14-3000, ENVY14-3000 (SPECTRE)
 ENVY14-3108TU, ENVY15-3000, ENVY15-as100, ENVY17-2200TX, ENVY17-k220TX
 ENVY17-n100, ENVY4-1000, ENVY6-1000, Folio13-1000, HP (14-ac000)
 HP (14-ac100, 14-r200, 15-ac000, 15-ac100)
 HP (15-af000, 15-af100, 15-ay000, 15-ba000, 15-bs000, 15-bw000)
 HP (15-r000, 17-bs000, 17-x000, 17-x100, 2000-100, 240 G4 Notebook PCs)
 HP (255 G4, 255 G5, Folio)
 HP (Spectre 13-v000, Spectre 13-v000, Spectre x2 12-c000)
 HP (Spectre x360 13-ac000, Spectre x360 13-ae000, x2 10-p000)
 HP (x2 210 G2), Mini (110-3600), OMEN (by HP 15-ax000, by HP 15-ax200, by HP 15-ce000)
 OMEN (by HP 17-an000, by HP 17-w000, by HP 17-w100)
 OMEN (by HP 17-w200), Pavilion(1)
 Pavilion(3), Pavilion ((1))
 Pavilion ((2))
 Pavilion (11-k000 x360, 11-k100 x360, 13-u000 x360)
 Pavilion (15-ab000, 15-ab200, 15-AU000, 15-au100, 15-cc100, dm1-4000)
 Pavilion (dm1-4100, g4-1202TU, g4-1203TU, g4-1209TU, g4-1210TU)
 Pavilion (g6-1202TU, g6-1203TU, g6-1204TU, g6-1205TU, g6-1211TU)
 Pavilion (g6-1212TU, g6-1213TU, g6-1214TU, g6-1300, Gaming 15-ak000)
 Pavilion (x2 10-n000, x2 10-n100, x2-10-j000, x360 11-n000)
 Pro (x2 612 G2), ProBook(430)
 ProBook (430 G3, 450(1))
 ProBook (450(2), 450 G3 Notebook PCs)
 ProBook (455 G4 Notebook PCs, 470, 470 G3, 470 G4 Notebook PCs)
 ProBook (650, 650 G3), Spectre (13-4100 x360)
 Star (Wars Special Edition Notebook 15-an000), Stream (11-r000, 11-y000)

 MateBook (D, E, X)

 FLEX(3), IdeaPad (100, 110, 110S, 120S(1))
 IdeaPad (120S(2), 300, 300S, 300SS, 310, 310S)
 IdeaPad (320, 320S, 500, 510, 520(1))
 IdeaPad (520(2), 710S Plus, 720S, Flex 10, Flex 14, S100, S110)
 IdeaPad (S205, S206, S210 Touch, S300, U260, U300s, U310)
 IdeaPad (U310 Touch, U330 Touch, U330p, U510, Y480, Y500, Y510p)
 IdeaPad (Y560p, Y580, Y700, Y910, Yoga 11S, Yoga 2 11, Yoga 2 13)
 IdeaPad (Yoga 2 Pro, YOGA 3 Pro, Yoga13, Z480, Z500)
 IdeaPad (Z500 touch, Z575), Legion (Y520, Y720, Y920), Lenovo (B40)
 Lenovo (B41, B51, E50, FLEX 3, G475, G50)
 Lenovo (G500, G500s Touch, G51, G510, G570, G580, N N24)
 Lenovo (S20, S21e, V V720, V310, Y50)
 Lenovo (Yoga 3 11, Yoga 3 14, Yoga 3 Pro, Yoga 300, Yoga 310, Yoga 700)
 Lenovo (Yoga 710, Yoga 720, Yoga 900, Yoga 900S, Yoga 910)
 Lenovo (Yoga 920, Yoga 920 Galactic Empire(Star Wars Special Edition), Z51), ThinkPad (13, 25, A275)
 ThinkPad (E130, E145, E430c, E440, E450, E460(1))
 ThinkPad (E460(2), E470, E530, E530c, E540)
 ThinkPad (E550, E560, E570)
 ThinkPad (Edge E130, Edge E220s, Edge E420, Edge E520, Edge E530, Helix(1))
 ThinkPad (Helix(2), L420, L440, L520, L530)
 ThinkPad (L540, L560, L570, T420, T420i, T420s)
 ThinkPad (T430, T430, T430i, T430s, T440p)
 ThinkPad (T440p, T440s, T450, T450s(1))
 ThinkPad (T450s(2), T460s, T470s, T520, T520i, T530, T530i)
 ThinkPad (T540p, T540p, T550, T550)
 ThinkPad (Twist, W530, W540, W541(1))
 ThinkPad (W541(2), W550s, X1, X1 Carbon(1))
 ThinkPad (X1 Carbon(2), X1 CarbonTouch(1))
 ThinkPad (X1 CarbonTouch(2), X1 Hybrid, X1 Yoga, X121e)
 ThinkPad (X220, X220i, X230, X230i, X240(1))
 ThinkPad (X240(2), X240, X240s)
 ThinkPad (X250, X260, X270, Yoga)
 ThinkPad (Yoga 12, Yoga 260, Yoga 370), YOGA (BOOK, BOOK with Windows)

LG Electronics
 LG (gram)

 Surface (Book, Book 2, Laptop)
 Surface (Pro 3, Pro LTE Advanced)

 DAIV-NG4500, DAIV-NG5600
 DAIV-NG5720, DAIV-NG7500
 DAIV-NG7600, DAIV-NG7610
 DAIV-NQ5300, DAIV-NQ7500, LuvBook (B)
 LuvBook (C, F, J)
 m-Book (B, C)
 m-Book (E, F, H)
 m-Book (k, P)
 m-Book (T, W)
 MousePro (NB300, NB500)

mouse computer
 LuvBook (B, C(1))
 LuvBook (C(2), D, D)
 LuvBook (F, J)
 LuvBook (k, M, M, S, T)
 LuvBook (X), m-Book (G, k, P(1))
 m-Book (P(2), P, T, T)
 m-Book (W), MousePro (NB300)
 MousePro (NB500, NB507, NB600)
 MousePro (NB900), NEXTGEAR-NOTE (i300, i400)
 NEXTGEAR-NOTE (i510, i760, i950, i960)

 C (Series), G (Series(1))
 G (Series(2)), U (Series)
 X (Series)

 LAVIE (Direct HA Hybrid Advance, Direct HF Hybrid Frista, Direct HF Hybrid Frista (1))
 LAVIE (Direct HF Hybrid Frista (2), Direct HZ Hybrid ZERO, Direct HZ Hybrid ZERO)
 LAVIE (Direct HZ(D) Hybrid ZERO, Direct NEXT Note NEXT, Direct NM Note Mobile, Direct NS(A) Note Standard, Direct NS(B) Note Standard)
 LAVIE (Direct NS(e) Note Standard, Direct NS(H) Note Standard)
 LAVIE (Direct NS(S) Note Standard, E)
 LAVIE (Hybrid Advance, Hybrid Frista, Hybrid Standard, Hybrid ZERO(1))
 LAVIE (Hybrid ZERO(2), L(1))
 LAVIE (L(2), L TV model, Light, Light (1))
 LAVIE (Light (2), M(1))
 LAVIE (M(2), Note Mobile, Note NEXT)
 LAVIE (Note Standard)
 LAVIE (S(1))
 LAVIE (S(2), Touch, U, W(1))
 LAVIE (W(2), X, Y, Z)
 LAVIE thoroughly support PC, LifeTouch, LifeTouch (NOTE), VersaPro (J UltraLite type VB)
 VersaPro (J UltraLite type VC, J UltraLite type VG, J UltraLite type VM, J UltraLite type VN)
 VersaPro (J type VA, J type VD, J type VF(1))
 VersaPro (J type VF(2), J type VL, J type VW)
 VersaPro (J type VW, J type VX, UltraLite type VB)
 VersaPro (UltraLite type VC, UltraLite type VG, UltraLite type VM, UltraLite type VN)
 VersaPro (type VA, type VD, type VE)
 VersaPro (type VW, type VX)

 DR6A-US31, ONKYO (C423, DR3A-A25, DR425, DR6A-BS25, R425, R6A-BS25)

 E series, Let's (note AX2, note AX3)
 Let's (note B10, note B11, note C1, note F10)
 Let's (note J10, note Light B10)
 Let's (note Light C1, note Light F10, note Light J10, note Light N9, note Light S10)
 Let's (note LX3, note LX4, note LX5, note LX6)
 Let's (note MX3, note MX4, note MX5)
 Let's (note N10, note NX1, note NX2)
 Let's (note NX3, note RZ4, note RZ5, note RZ6)
 Let's (note S10, note SX1, note SX2)
 Let's (note SX3, note SX4)
 Let's (note SZ5, note SZ6, note T9, note W9, note XZ6(1))
 Let's (note XZ6(2), note Y9, note Asia model SX4, note Asia model SZ6), TOUGHBOOK(19)
 TOUGHBOOK (20, 31, 33, C2, CF-08)

 Galaxy (Book 10.6 Galaxy Book 10.6, Book 12.0 Galaxy Book 12.0)


 C series, E series
 E series 11, E series 14, E series 14P
 E series 15, S Series, S Series 13
 S Series 15, T series 11, T series 13, T series 14, T series 15
 VAIO (Duo, E series (1))
 VAIO (E series (2), E series 14P, Fit(1))
 VAIO (Fit(2))
 VAIO (Fit(3), failure unit E, Pro(1))
 VAIO (Pro(2), S Series, Tap (1))
 VAIO (Tap (2), Tap 21, type B, type C(1))
 VAIO (type C(2), type E(1))
 VAIO (type E(2))
 VAIO (type E(3), type F(1))
 VAIO (type F(2), type G, type M)
 VAIO (type P, type S(1))
 VAIO (type S(2), type W)
 VAIO (type X, type Y(1))
 VAIO (type Y(2), type Z, T series)
 VAIO (Z series), VAIOT series

 dynabook (B35, B351, B45, B454)
 dynabook (B54, B55, B554, B65)
 dynabook (B654, B75, KIRA L93, KIRA V63, KIRA V632)
 dynabook (KIRA V634, KIRA V73, KIRA V83, KIRA V832, KIRA V834)
 dynabook (N29/T, N300, N301, N40, N51(1))
 dynabook (N51(2), N510, N514, N61, NB51)
 dynabook (P54, P75, Qosmio, Qosmio G65, Qosmio T550, Qosmio T551)
 dynabook (Qosmio T750, Qosmio T751, Qosmio T752, Qosmio T851, Qosmio V65, R63)
 dynabook (R631, R632, R64, R73(1))
 dynabook (R73(2), R731)
 dynabook (R732, R734, R82)
 dynabook (R822, R83, RX33, RX73, RX82)
 dynabook (Satellite B241, Satellite B35, Satellite B351)
 dynabook (Satellite B37, Satellite B454, Satellite B65, Satellite B75)
 dynabook (Satellite T551, Satellite T571, T350, T45(1))
 dynabook (T45(2), T451, T54, T55(1))
 dynabook (T55(2), T551, T552, T553)
 dynabook (T554, T642, T65, T653)
 dynabook (T654, T67, T75(1))
 dynabook (T75(2), T85, T95(1))
 dynabook (T95(2), T953, T954, U63)
 dynabook (UX53, V42, V62, V713, V714)
 dynabook (V72, V82, VC72), dynaPad (N72), REGZA (Tablet(1))
 REGZA (Tablet(2))

 dynabook (AB15, AB25, AB35, AB45, AB55)
 dynabook (AB65, AB75, AB95, AZ05, AZ15(1))
 dynabook (AZ15(2), AZ25, AZ27, AZ35(1))
 dynabook (AZ35(2), AZ45, AZ47, AZ55(1))
 dynabook (AZ55(2), AZ65, AZ67, AZ75)
 dynabook (AZ77, AZ85, AZ87, AZ95(1))
 dynabook (AZ95(2), BB15, BB25, BB35)
 dynabook (BZ25, BZ27, BZ35, BZ55, BZ73)
 dynabook (BZ83, KIRA LZ93, KIRA VB73, KIRA VB83, KIRA VZ63)
 dynabook (KIRA VZ73, KIRA VZ83, NZ40, NZ41, NZ51)
 dynabook (NZ61, R63, R73, R93, RZ33)
 dynabook (RZ53, RZ63, RZ73, RZ82, RZ83)
 dynabook (TB47, TB57, TB67, UZ63, VZ42)
 dynabook (VZ62, VZ72, VZ82), dynaPad (NZ72)

 AVERATEC (N1140, N1200, N3400), AVERATEC1000

 VAIO (C15, failure unit 15E, failure unit 15E, failure unit 15E mk2(1))
 VAIO (failure unit 15E mk2(2), Pro 11, Pro 13)
 VAIO (Pro 13 mk2, Pro PB)
 VAIO (Pro PF, Pro PG, Pro PH)
 VAIO (S11)
 VAIO (S13)
 VAIO (S15, Z)

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