Carrying bag compatibility table

It is correspondence list that we expressed by true or false whether note PC you have enters carrying bag.

※This corresponding table compared dimensions of note PC and dimensions of our carrying bag and made.

 Aspire (1, 3, 5, 7)
 Aspire (E15, E15, E5, ES1)
 Aspire (ES11, ES13)
 Aspire (ES15, F15)
 Aspire (One, R11, S5, Switch 10 E)
 Aspire (V Nitro, V13, VX15), Chromebook (11(1))
 Chromebook (11(2), 15, R 11)
 Chromebook (Spin 11), EX2540, Nitro(5), Predator (15, Helios 300)
 Predator (Helios 500, Triton 700), Spin (1, 5)
 Spin(7), Swift(1)
 Swift (3, 5, 7(1))
 Swift (7(2)), Switch (3, 5, Alpha 12(1))
 Switch (Alpha 12(2)), TMB117M, TMB118R
 TMP238G2M, TMP259G2M, TravelMate (B116M, B117M)
 TravelMate (P236M, Spin B1)

 MacBook (12 inches, Air 13 inches, Pro 13 inches, Pro 15 inches)

 ASUS (ZenBook Pro 15, ZenBook S), B9440UA, Chromebook (C201PA, C223NA)
 Chromebook (C300SA, Flip C101PA, Flip C213NA, Flip C302CA), E203MA
 FX502VM, FX503VD, FX553VD, FX570UD
 ROG (G701VIK, G703GI, G752VS, G752VY)
 ROG (GL552VW, GL752VW, GX700VO, GX800VH)
 ROG (ZEPHYRUS M GM501GS(2)), TransBook (3, Chi T100Chi, Mini(1))
 TransBook (Mini(2), T101HA, T304UA), TUF (Gaming FX504GD)
 VivoBook (15 X542BP, 15 X542UA, 15 X542UN, E200HA, E203NA)
 VivoBook (Flip 12, Flip 14, R416SA, S13)
 VivoBook (X207NA, X540LA, X540YA, X541UA, X556UA)
 VivoBook (X756UV), X302LA, X570UD, X570ZD, X756UA
 ZenBook (13, 14), ZENBOOK (3, Flip)
 ZenBook (Flip 14), ZENBOOK (Flip S), ZenBook (Flip S, Pro)
 ZenBook3 (Deluxe)

 Alienware (15(1))
 Alienware (15(2))
 Alienware (17(1))
 Alienware (17(2))
 Chromebook (11, 11(3180))
 Dell (G3 15)
 Dell (G3 17)
 Dell (G5 15)
 Dell (G7 15(1))
 Dell (G7 15(2))
 Inspiron (11 3000 (1))
 Inspiron (11 3000 (2))
 Inspiron (11 3000 (3))
 Inspiron (11 3000 2 in 1(1))
 Inspiron (11 3000 2 in 1(2))
 Inspiron (13 5000 2 in 1)
 Inspiron (13 7000 (1))
 Inspiron (13 7000 (2))
 Inspiron (13 7000 2 in 1(1))
 Inspiron (13 7000 2 in 1(2))
 Inspiron (14 3000)
 Inspiron (14 5000)
 Inspiron (14 5000 2-in-1)
 Inspiron (14 7000 (1))
 Inspiron (14 7000 (2), 15 3000 (1))
 Inspiron (15 3000 (2))
 Inspiron (15 3000 (3))
 Inspiron (15 3000 (3573))
 Inspiron (15 5000 (1))
 Inspiron (15 5000 (2))
 Inspiron (15 5000 (3))
 Inspiron (15 5000)
 Inspiron (15 7000 (1))
 Inspiron (15 7000 (2))
 Inspiron (15 7000 2 in 1)
 Inspiron (15 gaming)
 Inspiron (17 5000 (1))
 Inspiron (17 5000 (2))
 Latitude (11 5000 2-in-1)
 Latitude (12 5000, 12 5000 2-in-1(5290))
 Latitude (12 5000 2-in-1(5290) NBLA061-003N1, 12 5000 2-in-1(5290) NBLA061-004N1, 12 5000 (5290))
 Latitude (12 7000)
 Latitude (12 7000 2-in-1)
 Latitude (12 7000 2-in-1(7285), 12 7000 (7290))
 Latitude (12 Rugged Extreme, 12 Rugged Extreme(7214), 13 3000 (3380))
 Latitude (13 3380 Education)
 Latitude (13 7000, 13 7000 2-in-1(7390))
 Latitude (13 7000 2-in-1(7390), 13 7000 (7390))
 Latitude (13 7380, 13 7389 2-in-1)
 Latitude (14 3000 (3490), 14 3480)
 Latitude (14 5000)
 Latitude (14 5000 (5490), 14 7000)
 Latitude (14 7000 (7490), 14 Rugged, 14 Rugged Extreme(7414))
 Latitude (15 3000 (3590), 15 3000 (3590))
 Latitude (15 3580)
 Latitude (15 5000, 15 5000 (5590)(1))
 Latitude (15 5000 (5590)(2), 5285 2-in-1)
 Latitude (5289 2-in-1)
 Latitude (5290 2-in-1)
 Latitude (7285 2-in-1, 7390 2-in-1)
 Vostro (13 5000 (5370))
 Vostro (14 3000)
 Vostro (14 3000)
 Vostro (14 3000 (3478))
 Vostro (14 5000)
 Vostro (14 5000 (5471))
 Vostro (15 3000 (1))
 Vostro (15 3000 (2))
 Vostro (15 3000 (3572))
 Vostro (15 3000 (3578))
 Vostro (15 5000)
 Vostro (15 7000 (7570))
 Vostro (15 7000 (7580))
 XPS (13 2-in-1)
 XPS (13 2-in-1)
 XPS (15, 15 2-in-1)
 XPS (15 9570)
 XPS (15 9570)

 Endeavor (NA512E)
 Endeavor (NA512E)
 Endeavor (NA513E)
 Endeavor (NA513E-V)
 Endeavor (NJ4000E)
 Endeavor (NJ4100E)
 Endeavor (NJ4100E-V)
 Endeavor (NJ6000E)
 Endeavor (NJ6100E)
 Endeavor (NJ6100E 3DCG production Select)
 Endeavor (NY2500S)

 LIFEBOOK (A A576/N, A A576/P, A A576/PX, A A576/R, A A576/S, A A577/P)
 LIFEBOOK (A A577/PX, A A577/R, A A577/S, A A577/T, A A746/N, A A746/P)
 LIFEBOOK (A A746/R, A A746/S, A A747/P, A A747/R, A A747/S, A A747/T)
 LIFEBOOK (A A748/S, A A748/T, AH AH42/B1, AH AH42/B2, AH AH42/B3, AH AH42/C2)
 LIFEBOOK (AH AH42/Y, AH AH45/A3, AH AH45/B2, AH AH45/B3, AH AH45/C2, AH AH45/X, AH AH53/A3)
 LIFEBOOK (AH AH53/B2, AH AH53/B3, AH AH53/C2, AH AH53/X, AH AH77/B1, AH AH77/B3)
 LIFEBOOK (E E547/P, E E547/R, E E548/S, E E556/M, E E556/P, E E557/P)
 LIFEBOOK (E E557/R, E E558/S, E E736/M, E E736/P, E E746/M)
 LIFEBOOK (E E746/P, E E756/M, E E756/P, LH LH35/C2, LH LH55/C2, P P727/P)
 LIFEBOOK (P P727/R, P P728/S, S S936/M, S S936/P, S S937/P, S S937/R)
 LIFEBOOK (S S937/S, S S937/T, S S938/S, S S938/T, SH SH75/B1, SH SH75/B3)
 LIFEBOOK (SH SH90/B1, SH SH90/B3, T T726/N, T T726/P, T T936/N, T T936/P)
 LIFEBOOK (U U727/P, U U727/R, U U728/S, U U745, U U745/M, U U747/P)
 LIFEBOOK (U U747/R, U U748/S, U U757/P, U U757/R, U U758/S, U U937/P)
 LIFEBOOK (U U937/R, U U938/S, U U938/T, UH UH55/B3, UH UH75/B1, UH UH75/B3)
 LIFEBOOK (UH UH90/B1, UH UH90/B3), LIFEBOOK (value series) (A576/NX, A576/RX, A577/RX, A577/TX)

 Gateway (NE)

 EliteBook (1030 G1, 1050 G1 Notebook PCs)
 EliteBook (820 G3 Notebook PCs, 830 G5 Notebook PCs, 830 G5/CT Notebook PC(1))
 EliteBook (830 G5/CT Notebook PC(2), 830 G5/CT Notebook PCs)
 EliteBook (840 G3 Notebook PCs, 840 G4, 840 G4 Notebook PCs)
 EliteBook (840 G5 Healthcare Edition Notebook PCs, 850 G5 Notebook PCs)
 EliteBook (Folio 1020)
 EliteBook (Folio G1, x360 1020 G2)
 EliteBook (x360 1030 G2)
 EliteBook (x360 1030 G3 Notebook PC), ENVY (13 x360 13-ag0000, 13-ad000)
 ENVY (13-ad100, 13-ah0000, 15 x360 15-cn0000, 15-as100)
 ENVY (x2 12-g000), HP (14s-cf0000, 15-ay000, 15-ba000, 15-bs000, 15-bs100)
 HP (15-bw000, 15-da0000, 15-da0000, 15-db0000, 17-bs000, 17-by0000)
 HP (17-x000, 17-x100, 250 G6 Notebook PCs, 250 G6 Notebook PCs)
 HP (255 G4, 255 G5)
 HP (Spectre 13-af000, Spectre 13-v000, Spectre 13-v000, Spectre x2 12-c000)
 HP (Spectre x360 13-ac000, Spectre x360 13-ae000, Spectre x360 13-ap0000)
 HP (Spectre x360 15-ch000, Spectre x360 15-df0000, x2 10-p000, x360 11-ab000), OMEN (by HP 15-ax000, by HP 15-ax200)
 OMEN (by HP 15-ce000, by HP 15-dc0000, by HP 15-dc0000, by HP 17-an000, by HP 17-an100, by HP 17-w000)
 OMEN (by HP 17-w100, by HP 17-w200, X by HP 17-ap000)
 OMEN (X by HP 17-ap000), Pavilion (13-u000 x360, 15-AU000, 15-au100, 15-cc000, 15-cc100)
 Pavilion (15-cs0000, 15-cu0000, Gaming 15-cx0000, x360 14-ba100, x360 14-cd0000)
 Pro (x2 612 G2, x2 612 G2 for au, x2 612 G2 for docomo)
 ProBook (430 G3 Notebook PCs, 430 G5 Notebook PCs, 430 G5/CT Notebook PCs, 450 G3 Notebook PCs)
 ProBook (450 G5 Notebook PCs, 450 G5/CT Notebook PCs, 455 G4 Notebook PCs)
 ProBook (470 G3 Notebook PCs, 470 G4 Notebook PCs, 470 G5 Notebook PCs)
 ProBook (650 G3 Notebook PCs, 650 G4/CT Notebook PCs, x360 11 G2 EE Notebook PC)
 Spectre (Folio 13-ak0000), Stream (11-y000)

 MateBook (D, D, E, X)
 MateBook (X Pro)

 IdeaPad (110, 110S, 120S)
 IdeaPad (300, 300S, 310, 310S, 320, 320S)
 IdeaPad (330, 330S, 500)
 IdeaPad (510, 520, 530S, 710S Plus)
 IdeaPad (720S, D330, Y700, Y910), Legion (Y520)
 Legion (Y530, Y720, Y920), Lenovo (300e, B51, E50)
 Lenovo (G50, G51, N 300e Chromebook, N 500e Chromebook, N24, V310(1))
 Lenovo (V310(2), V330, V510, V720, V730, Yoga 300)
 Lenovo (Yoga 310, Yoga 330, Yoga 700, Yoga 710, Yoga 720)
 Lenovo (Yoga 900, Yoga 900S, Yoga 910, Yoga 920, Yoga 920 Galactic Empire(Star Wars Special Edition), Yoga C930)
 Lenovo (Yoga S730), ThinkPad (13, 25, A275, A285, E470)
 ThinkPad (E480, E550, E560, E570)
 ThinkPad (E580, L380, L380 Yoga, L440, L540, L560)
 ThinkPad (L570, L580, T460s, T470s, T480, T480s(1))
 ThinkPad (T480s(2), T580, X1, X1 Carbon)
 ThinkPad (X1 Extreme, X1 Yoga, X250(1))
 ThinkPad (X250(2), X260, X270, X280, X380)
 ThinkPad (X380 Yoga, Yoga 260, Yoga 370), YOGA (BOOK, BOOK C930, BOOK with Windows)

LG Electronics
 LG (gram 13.3 inches, gram 14 inches, gram 15.6 inches)

 Surface (Book, Book 2, Book 2 15 inches, Laptop(1))
 Surface (Laptop(2), Laptop 2, Pro LTE Advanced)

 DAIV-NG4500, DAIV-NG5500(1)
 DAIV-NG5500(2), DAIV-NG5600, DAIV-NG5700(1)
 DAIV-NG5700(2), DAIV-NG5720(1)
 DAIV-NG5720(2), DAIV-NG7500
 DAIV-NG7510, DAIV-NG7600
 DAIV-NG7610, DAIV-NG7620
 DAIV-NG7630, DAIV-NQ5300, DAIV-NQ7500
 LuvBook (B, C, F, J(1))
 LuvBook (J(2)), m-Book (B)
 m-Book (C, E(1))
 m-Book (E(2), F(1))
 m-Book (F(2), H)
 m-Book (J, K(1))
 m-Book (K(2), N(1))
 m-Book (N(2), P, T(1))
 m-Book (T(2), W(1))
 m-Book (W(2)), MousePro (NB300(1))
 MousePro (NB300(2), NB500(1))
 MousePro (NB500(2), P116A)
 MousePro-P (P116A)

mouse computer
 m-Book (G, T), MousePro (NB300)
 MousePro (NB500, NB507)

 CR62, CX62, GE62 (6QC Apache, 6QD Apache Pro)
 GE62 (7RD Apache, 7RE Apache Pro, 7RE-635JP(Camo Squad)), GE62MVR (7RG Apache Pro)
 GE62VR (6RF Apache Pro, 7RF Apache Pro), GE63 (7RD Raider, Raider RGB)
 GE72 (6QC Apache, 6QF Apache Pro, 7RD Apache, 7RE Apache Pro)
 GE72MVR (7RG Apache Pro), GE73 (Raider RGB), GE73VR (7RF Raider), GF62
 GF63, GF72, GL62, GL62 (7QF)
 GL62 (7RDX), GL62M, GL63, GL73(1)
 GL73(2), GP62 (6QE Leopard Pro, 7QF, 7RD Leopard)
 GP62 (7RD Leopard(046JP) GP62 7RD-046JP, 7RDX Leopard, 7RE Leopard Pro, 7REX Leopard Pro)
 GP62M (7REX World of Tanks Edition), GP62MVR (7RF Leopard Pro, 7RFX Leopard Pro), GP63 (Leopard)
 GP72 (6QE Leopard Pro, 7RDX Leopard), GP73 (Leopard), GS30 (2M Shadow+G-Dock)
 GS32 (6QE Shadow), GS40 (6QD Phantom), GS43VR (6RE Phantom Pro, 7RE Phantom Pro)
 GS60 (2PC Ghost, 2QE Ghost Pro 3K, 2QE Ghost Pro 4K, 6QE Ghost Pro)
 GS63 (7RD Stealth, 7RE Stealth Pro, Stealth), GS63VR (6RF Stealth Pro)
 GS63VR (7RF Stealth Pro, 7RF Stealth Pro 4K, 7RG Stealth Pro), GS65 (Stealth Thin)
 GS70 (2QE Stealth Pro), GS72 (6QC Stealth, 6QE Stealth Pro), GS73 (7RE Stealth Pro)
 GS73 (Stealth), GS73VR (6RF Stealth Pro, 7RF Stealth Pro, 7RG Stealth Pro)
 GT60 (2QD Dominator 3K), GT62VR (7RE Dominator Pro), GT72 (2QE Dominator Pro), GT72S (6QD Dominator G)
 GT72S (6QD Dominator Pro G, 6QE Dominator Pro G, 6QE Dominator Pro G Heroes, 6QE DOMINATOR PRO G tobii)
 GT72S (6QF Dominator Pro G Dragon Edition), GT72VR (6RE Dominator Pro Tobii, 7RE Dominator Pro), GT73EVR (7RE Titan)
 GT73EVR (7RF Titan Pro 4K), GT73VR (6RF TITAN PRO, 7RE Titan, 7RF Titan Pro 4K)
 GT80 (2QE Titan SLI), GT80S (6QE Titan SLI, 6QE Titan SLI Heroes, 6QF Titan SLI)
 GV62, GV72, PE60, PE62
 PE70, PE72, PS42, PS42 (Modern)

 LAVIE (Direct HF Hybrid Frista, Direct HZ Hybrid ZERO)
 LAVIE (Direct HZ(D) Hybrid ZERO, Direct NEXT Note NEXT, Direct NM Note Mobile(1))
 LAVIE (Direct NM Note Mobile(2), Direct NS Note Standard, Direct NS(A) Note Standard, Direct NS(B) Note Standard, Direct NS(e) Note Standard)
 LAVIE (Direct NS(H) Note Standard, Direct NS(R) Note Standard, Direct NS(S) Note Standard)
 LAVIE (Hybrid Frista, Hybrid ZERO)
 LAVIE (Note Mobile, Note NEXT)
 LAVIE (Note Standard), VersaPro (J UltraLite type VB(1))
 VersaPro (J UltraLite type VB(2), J UltraLite type VG, J UltraLite type VH)
 VersaPro (J UltraLite type VM, J UltraLite type VN, J type VA, J type VD, J type VF(1))
 VersaPro (J type VF(2), J type VL, J type VW, J type VX)
 VersaPro (UltraLite type VB, UltraLite type VG, UltraLite type VH)
 VersaPro (UltraLite type VM, UltraLite type VN, type VA, type VD, type VE)
 VersaPro (type VW, type VX)

 Let's (note LV7, note LX5, note LX6, note MX5)
 Let's (note RZ5, note RZ6, note SV7, note SZ5, note SZ6)
 Let's (note XZ6, note Asia model SZ6), TOUGHBOOK (20(1))
 TOUGHBOOK (20(2), 31, 33)

 Galaxy (Book 10.6 Galaxy Book 10.6, Book 12.0 Galaxy Book 12.0)

 dynabook (B35, B45, B454, B54)
 dynabook (B55, B554, B65, B654)
 dynabook (B75, D83, R63, R64)
 dynabook (R73, R82(1))
 dynabook (R82(2), RX33, RX73, RX82)
 dynabook (T45, T55, T67)
 dynabook (T75, T85, T95, U63)
 dynabook (UX53, V42, V62, V72, V82)
 dynabook (VC72)

 dynabook (AZ15, AZ25, AZ27)
 dynabook (AZ35, AZ45, AZ47)
 dynabook (AZ55, AZ65, AZ67)
 dynabook (AZ75, AZ85, AZ95, BZ25)
 dynabook (BZ27, BZ35, BZ55, BZ73, BZ83)
 dynabook (NZ51, NZ61, RZ33, RZ53, RZ63)
 dynabook (RZ73, RZ82, RZ83, UZ63, VZ42)
 dynabook (VZ62, VZ72, VZ82), dynaPad (NZ72)

 VAIO (C15, Pro PB, Pro PF)
 VAIO (Pro PG, Pro PH, S11(1))
 VAIO (S11(2), S11 RED EDITION, S13(1))
 VAIO (S13(2))
 VAIO (S15, Z)

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