"A sense of crisis" and "support"
We changed shutter mall.
Reproduction story of Aburatsu, Nichinan-shi, Miyazaki mall

“ "sense of crisis" and "support" turned shutter mall. Reproduction story of Aburatsu, Nichinan-shi, Miyazaki mall "A sense of crisis" and "support" turned shutter mall. Reproduction story of Aburatsu, Nichinan-shi, Miyazaki mall
Aburatsu (aburatsu) mall in Nichinan-shi, Miyazaki was so-called "shutter mall" where the number of the stores decreased sharply to about a one-third 50 years ago. However, we invite IT company, rental space, nursery school by switch of idea, it "does not need to be only store that enters mall" in sequence while Ryota Kito of town planning consultant arrives at "Aburatsu, Nichinan-shi mall tenant mix support manager" in 2013 and regenerated some stores. Four years later, it underwent a transfiguration to mall of new form with vigor. We heard importance of updating mind in survivor strategy of area and company what kind of viewpoint you worked on reproduction of mall with.

Update that a sense of crisis brought that we changed town planning all over Japan


"Mall" where weakening continues being demanded by various factors including change of consumer behavior by the spread of descending of economy, suburbs branch, low birthrate and aging of large-scale shopping center and online shopping all over japan. In late years it is Aburatsu mall of Nichinan-shi, Miyazaki that attracts attention while most malls are made to rise in difficult situation except some exceptions.

Aburatsu mall where we were ever born between port which was one of the best tuna fishing ports in Japan and station to commute there. Tuna was not produced, and station user decreased sharply as motorization further advanced and has been deserted. And before the number of the stores becomes "shutter mall" that decreased sharply to about a one-third 50 years ago and is called, "even cat does not walk."

It is about 2013 that the situation of such Aburatsu mall has begun to change. We performed open call for participants of "tenant mix support manager" that Nichinan-shi worked on activation of center of commerce of city in April, 2013, and Ryota Kito of town planning consultant took up his new post. This open call for participants that became topic as for the condition of "900,000 yen operating cost per month in four years for term", as a result, in about four years for term more than 25 realize branch and company invitation newly, and attention will gather at a bound from the whole country.

We were appointed from many applicants, and it was Ryota Kito who gave result wonderfully in four years of term, but the opening first ate words of modesty saying it "was great that Nichinan-shi assembled this business in the past whether I did what.".

Kito: Conventional town planning paid large sum of money to Fukuoka and consulting firm of big city such as Tokyo and that person in charge came over on business trip and stayed for 2-3 days, and things to advise, and to return were often found. Nichinan-shi thought, "then town will not change" and we let consultant live in Nichinan-shi and put in their community and were going to do approach that turned town by one-to-one.

−−It was different from other town planning and activation of mall from start point.

Kito: That's right. We are thankful for myself being evaluated regarding Aburatsu mall, but Nichinan-shi is fantastic before that. Mayor Hinami (Kyohei Sakida) was elected at the Kyushu youngest that we are 33 years old at the time, at first, citizen of Nichinan-shi that chose such mayor is fantastic. We had a sense of crisis, all "must change town". At first, there is premise that human resources of we outside went into place with a feeling of such air. In addition, national town planning and update of sense of values about activation think that this situation that we are up rapidly from 5 through 10 is big.

−−Why has consciousness to town planning been increasing in these several years?

Kito: After all, we think that it is the Great East Japan Earthquake generated on 11th in March, 2011 to be big. Many people died, and we waited, and the thing was lost in this earthquake disaster. In the revival as "rebuilding of community was focused on, as well as hardware, various viewpoints were born. In addition, we think that it affects in 2014 that there was announcement about municipality in danger of disappearing called popular name "Masuda report". Each local government begins to have a sense of crisis while the Abe Administration advocates local construction by the flow and begins to be going to regain imbalance of population decrease and the center concentration and feels that we came to move for "substantial town planning" to provide result not "ideal town planning" that we described in picture.

Of course "reproduction of mall" was worked on all the time in each place from the that past, and each mall did its best very much. However, event showed a tendency toward the center when conventional approach was that we regained pedestrian traffic throughout and opened MARCHE and called entertainer. But it was reality that did not continue effect when in that way visitor did not use money at mall even if people increased temporarily, and it had become impoverished because in the first place people of mall were particular about event.

−−I see.

Kito: And there is big pit for mall activity business when we recover again even if administration posted budget as soon as the period was over, and there is case which runs away under cover of darkness as soon as assistance was over even if rent assistance to shop is performed. In 2013, we think that it was timing when new mall unlike such a conventional method has begun to begin to move nationwide to regenerate.

"We do not change old thing, and update method sends new air"


−−What kind of place did you start from on playing mall?

Kito: At first, it was important "what do you reproduce?". When talk with people of mall for activation, at first, "want to do something for association"; is talked. Mall is association organization which shops of one one contribute money a little, and is connected in even. There were a lot of union members and we did various events using that and were doing in old days as money was rich. We think everybody to want to regain such situation. But there are many young people who do not enter even residents' association now, and idea itself called cooperative becomes old. Therefore we thought that it was not reproduction of reproduction equal sign mall of association.

−−"We regained thing which there was ever" and paid more attention to new directionality different from one.

Kito: Yes. And to gather together is difficult as it is individual, and there are more people dealt in and is different in a life pace including the hour of rising for each type of industry. Therefore therefore we planned the agreement formation, and it was revealed that it was very difficult to work about one. Therefore we came to intend to say rather than changing people of mall to send new air more and more in mall. Something may change by continuing that.

−−However, did we do not have to worry to cause repulsion by proposing new directionality?

Kito: It is that the young person in charge of city hall goes around mall and talked to each one that was thankful since before my election was decided. "We did our best hard until now, but mall does not go well for reproduction, too. Employee puts people in the town for 900,000 yen a month to defeat such situation. Anyway, we think that we were deceived for four years, and seem to get along led by the person. That is readiness as mall may be over if we already fail. As there was such a base, we let me straight, and air to "do new thing" was born even if basic consciousness was not strange.

−−What kind of approach would you do concretely to send new air?

Kito: I called "cheering party", but people who supported me around me who came over from the outside to play Aburatsu came to gather. People who felt fuzzy when they wanted to commit to do various approach, but to wait in the usually free idea in people with consciousness to young generation who worked around mall not person in mall more.

−−People who did not know you had a sense of crisis toward the situation of town, but how you could be concerned gathered.

Kito: Even if slippery, and citizen's people are going to touch there, you may touch how, or, as for the town planning, it is not revealed, and it is not revealed whom we should talk with. But I came over as expert who could tell town planning to neighboring citizens clearly. I became their interface that oneself might be concerned with town planning if they touched the back.

−−After all, as inhabitants had a sense of crisis and sense of purpose, and that came to be further visualized triggered by Kito.

Kito: Yes, we felt that big flow to support mall might be completed if we made cheering party of Aburatsu through me as in that way movement was actualized. As a result, cheering party was corporatized. That is Aburatsu cheering party.

−−Why is it that we had company organization not loose connection?

Kito: Company of cheering party is point to have various people evaluate becoming, but "support" is unexpectedly irresponsible. Although you say that it is, "we support", do you do nothing? That's why we kept a sense of responsibility for the word "support" and we were going to make people concerned with with responsibility and corporatized. Will invest whether is member of cheering party; please. Responsibility is accompanied there each other.

−−We made whereabouts of responsibility clear in form of money.

Kito: After all, money is important. In fact, it is opportunity that originally we were not going to become company and made cafe called "ABURATSU COFFEE".

Kito: As gap was for my relations that we did as various places and manager of mall at first, we thought that I might let risk join in them by being due, and doing business. But as there was not experience, we became company and had you enter toward secretary general of the chamber of commerce at the time and the professional of restaurant and we borrowed money from Miyazaki Bank for 8 million yen and made shop. As we lived on their money, we were desperate, and it spread out that even (laugh) borrowed money by oneself, and it was possible for air to "seem to be they seriousness somehow". We think that it did not happen when we live on tax.

Vanity business greatly changes by problem setting. Switch of idea "inviting office at mall"


−−Features of Aburatsu mall includes not only store but also invitation of IT company. This aim?

Kito: Originally company invitation was not done for mall and was mission of Nichinan-shi marketing semmonkandenshikarinki adopted for foreign demand acquisition and marketing, PR in timing same as me. There is approach that led speaking of invitation of IT company in various areas, but, in them, young man who came back by U-turn from young people or Tokyo living in hometown in Aburatsu is particular about style to work in company which has been invited from Tokyo whereas we provide way of working called "district emigration from Tokyo". It is invited ten companies so far, and the employment nearly 100 is born, but 90% or more are local people. When they have special technique, we often carry near duties on operating system using PCs. We make office very cool, and it is in environment that mall where oneself was born and raised when we add telework and can work for sense same as Tokyo, but one step goes out spreads.

In big space store where boutique entered, office of the Nichinan-shi's first IT company is born.

Kito: And new needs were born by 100 people working newly at mall, and there was nursery school in right in the middle of mall. New consumption including restaurant for that very rare scene called office of IT company spreads in front of one of eyes of nursery school (laugh), and young man who of course works in the office other than nursery school has lunch is born.

Restaurant where shutter was closing became nursery school where child of person who worked in office in mall went to.

−−Figure of mall changed by sending the most new air.

Kito: That's right. Besides, we let pay-by-the-hour citizen's activity space that can eat and drink called "Aburatsu yotten" open, but banquet is performed here, and lessons of dance school are opened, too. Then parent of children who went to dance school sent and came to come to pick up, and people who thereby went to nature and mall increased, and we did shopping at mall to return and came to eat and drink, and consumption came to be born.

Trace of supermarket which closed underwent a transfiguration in event space "Yotten" where people in town gathered.

In "Yotten", event such as presentation of dance of rakugo society and local children is held.

Kito: Mall was "place doing shopping" so far, but feels that it is important to inlay mall with such a new purposes. When people are not there even if we display shops, we make "structure gathering people" not what make new shop as there is not meaning. Vanity business changes what you would do to problem setting.

−−How do you think about future directionality of Aburatsu mall?

Kito: We will think that "the durability" becomes important from now on. I finish term of four years in Aburatsu and I come back to Fukuoka Naka River City which is hometown now and push forward town planning utilized characteristic of bedroom town here. However, we are concerned sequentially as town planning of Aburatsu was not over yet. But we will think that you should do in cycle of the local main constituent not outside anthropocentricity from now on. Aburatsu cheering party was now, too, and most of the board members actually became local person.
People who opened shop newly in the same way at mall want to have shop in wider place and fail to rise to sales adversely, and of course there is withdrawing possibility. We think that it is important to always have "own strength of such a mall" that can call in new shops as the correspondence newly.

Kito: Therefore it still thinks that it is early to have you actually evaluate me and Aburatsu mall at this point in time. We continue running from now on while Aburatsu cheering party secures profit well while taking in young person. And there is filled immediately again even if there is shop withdrawing from mall. We think that it should be evaluated only after continuing such an ecosystem with ten years for five years. It is image as the first phase was still over now.

We began to write the name of people whom we associated with in these 4-5 years, but realized that my people that there was many around gathered all too soon the other day. There are a lot of names of people whom we did not know at first. But, on the other hand, I know all properly while there are many names. At such a level that "face looks" like, you must do careful communication and produce by person unit. We think town planning to work really very.

Etsuko Okajima Etsuko Okajima

Ryota Kito Ryota Kitou

1975, Nakagawa-machi, Fukuoka (current: Naka River City) birth. We specialize in consulting about town planning and we apply for Aburatsu, Nichinan-shi mall tenant mix support manager in 2013 and appoint. We establish Aburatsu cheering party and work on reproduction of Aburatsu mall. We push forward project of Aburatsu mall sequentially while we finish term of four years and we emigrate to the Naka River city of country of birth now and work on town planning of the city.