To realize true "work-style reform."
What is consciousness that you should update?

To realize true "work-style reform." What is consciousness that you should update? To realize true "work-style reform." What is consciousness that you should update?
By decrease in working population, diversification of lifestyle, evolution of technology, "way of working continues changing, too", and the way is called into question, too. Many companies, people, groups explore ideal way of working, and, in the present age when various approaches begin for realization, what kind of direction should way of working of business person be updated in? We heard hint of work-style reform of company from Ayumi Fujimoto doing way of working in two pairs of straw sandals called representative of at Will Work and marketing/PR person in charge of Plug and Play Japan.

Do you see result whether you see in working hours? There is no answer that is uniform for "way of working"

We work as marketing/PR charge of Plug and Play Japan which is the world's largest technology accelerator and investors while Ayumi Fujimoto shares "way of working example" of various companies and acts as representative of at Will Work performing study, approach to systematize and are up-and-coming business person realizing 2 axial work-style. On earth what is updated way of working that was suitable in the coming times? We asked in Plug and Play Japan office.


−−It is Fujimoto seen by approach to way of working of various companies, through activity of at Will Work acting as representative by oneself, what kind of problem does company often hold about way of working?

Fujimoto: It is often awkward for the company side saying "I should do what", and employee affected by approach of work-style reform of other companies is seen by suggesting new way of working for company. Various examples come out for the world, but it is not revealed what we should do if we think about way of working that iza is new. Only title called "work-style reform" totally falls from the top and is impression that only words have preceded.

−−What will there be from individual with suggestion for company specifically?

Fujimoto: There are the most things about side business, "house wants you to lift the ban on side business". Problem of physical condition management will come out while working hours are limited if employee does side business using vacation of the weekend. In addition, original duties come out to worry how turns out if they do side business before duties time. And you come to have to consider whether you apply to all the members as system of company as, at first, you admit side business only to the person. In brief, we think that there are many companies which are in trouble how you set distribution and rule of limited resource called time.

−−I see.

Fujimoto: In the first place we feel that discussion "why does time become criterion?" falls out. This is because the Labor Standards Law adopts management in time, but thinks that it may be source of the problem that it is just up that all have stopped in precondition called this time. For example, in Google where I worked for before, evaluation and standard of evaluation were "result" and were not concept called time. Even if we set personal aim in form to lead to growth of organization, and employee uses own time how by evaluation system "OKR" (Objective and Key Result) to plan the achievement degree for the aim, it is to be said that you should pay your attention to result.

−−But we think that premise having a mind to do is necessary for all the employees in OKR. Google has very strict hurdle at the time of adoption and is company where excellent people beyond the examination gather.

Fujimoto: As OKR is based on the view of human nature as fundamentally good, we think that there is such side. Actually, we had had you invited people of Japanese companies to the Google head office and touch the culture, but were talked saying "it is different in premise". Therefore we think that there is no help for it saying "Google is open" even if we introduce OKR only by means.

It is old "Patience wins the day". Test that is small in the company individual try & error


−−There seems to be uniform how to work on work-style reform for example with none of the side businesses. What kind of approach should we face each other for problem solution by?

Fujimoto: It is test in small scale that I recommend. When we change something and begin, we well see case which is going to make "system" immediately, but, in the times when it diversifies that only this is various, it cannot be possible for the most suitable system immediately for all. Furthermore, it may get up to continue running that simply because it has been possible for system once though it cannot inspect whether the design is right.

−−It is tendency to be seen well in the society focusing on "precedent" and "rule".

Fujimoto: Therefore we think that you should let, at first, only people do if there was member to want to do side business. There is a great deal of that it is revealed by, at first, providing permission to one than we are troubled whether we should make system. We see next more and more if the result looks good by gradually increasing objects. Japanese company focuses on equality characteristics and is apt to be going to intend for just all the members, but thinks that way that tries little by little, and raises is necessary.

Specifically, JAL performs such an approach. "It is that what happens if we introduce standing desk" or, at first, it is to oneself test bed, and the personnel department tries and seems to take technique opening from there "what happens if we change layout of office?". It is logical that, at first, person designing system practices and thinks that that may become common from now on.


−−It heard story in direction introducing side business to here, but it is fact that there is company prohibiting side business adversely. How do you think about direction where you are prohibited from such a side business?

Fujimoto: Most of company prohibiting side business when "is absorbed in side business, it is awkward. We give self-reason to want you to come true by main occupation. But we think that unfortunately that is that there is not charm for work of main profession if employee is absorbed in side business. In brief, that is responsibility of the boss.

Therefore we think that the boss should continue working hard to make value how work of own team is interesting. And employee makes career plan for own intention and acts. It is natural to do that we get written appointment in Japan and were appointed and may be the world where it is slightly unbelievable, but thinks that career plan made by personal intention that global company takes in may keep good relationship with moderate feeling of strain.

−−The other side of freedom, it is necessary to think, and to make career plan by oneself.

Fujimoto: That's right. Freedom and responsibility are over there. But what work for one company all the time, and do that we were said in written appointment faithfully all the time thinks that that is choice that should be correct to the person. Therefore it "having alternative" "that it does not choose" that I say in at Will Work. If self-people who can come out are by working as plural work, it is one, and people who want to concentrate on are. Therefore it is slightly different that "side business was lifted the ban" on as system and thinks that it should be most suitable for individual treatment.

−−We work freely, or does it act on written appointment faithfully? The times that even that chooses by oneself come over.

Fujimoto: But we cannot know whether which to oneself fits first. Therefore we say that you may make to coming and going on the way, "after all, is it this?". It is shouted, "always have quality of oneself", but thinks that you should have permission not to be afraid of turning own thought, way as society changes only this.

Is it not thought stop "Patience wins the day" in times in the future that it is like "let's continue first of all for three years" though we say without thinking about what meaning you have for three years? When lifetime employment is natural, thing was able to say, "we are ordinary for bottom of the pile ten years", but it is severe that it is possible for nothing yet even if 10 grows old in the present age. Therefore you may stop if you think that it is different on the way. We think whether courage to stop and courage to change are not necessary for Japan in the future.

You should decide not to do it to increase that we do it. The future to be able to see from technology utilization


−−We think that duties improvement that made full use of IT is included by "work-style reform". Do you think that you can solve trouble about way of working of company by technology?

Fujimoto: We think that there are a lot of problems of way of working that technology can solve. But of course important one does not have uniform solution as remote work and discussion about means such as telephone conference said until now, and they are to choose means most suitable individually.

And it is important how you use as technology is not tool of magic. It is excited saying "we lose work to AI", but job different to use AI for should increase without probably being able to happen. Therefore we think that it is wrong both to be pessimistic about the future when it is influenced by AI that we expect convenient thing like Doraemon. Thought intends to make society in the future together, and should we not think about aspect of Plus "can do better work if we use technology how??"

−−Does Fujimoto individual include technology conjugating in particular?

Fujimoto: After all, it is the Internet. I mean I think that nothing is made if there is not the Internet. For example, five directors need two staff in the secretariat in at Will Work, but online basically, it exchanges around 2-3 times in year to meet them for rial.

We think that way of my job to wear two pairs of straw sandals consists simply because there is technology when we think so. We had worked while making a trip around the world in company where we worked for before in summer, but were able to never realize such a way of working without technology, too. We think that technology widens our possibility.


−−As for place and the flexibility in the time, there is opinion to feel inconvenience in what it leads to online all the time by IT while it increased.

Fujimoto: It is fantasy "to have to be connected all the time". Nobody decides such a thing and should decide by oneself. As tool is only tool, it is up to oneself how you control own life. You should do change of online/offline for self-will.

−−I see. It seems to be to be important in the whole way of working except inflection of technology to decide "do not do it".

Fujimoto: We cannot increase that we do it when we do not decide not to do it. We think that there are problems of the current work-style reform on part which has been to be absurd such as "you do that you came over so far in a short time, and give productivity" without deciding not to do it. If working hours and overtime pay are reduced, and evaluation falls if, on top of that, we are not in time, who will want to do that?

We all review why work and meeting were necessary to solve the problem and cannot but decide not to do. We think that you must think about whether you are required by doing what we stop thought halt as "other departments are open", "predecessor did it", and what oneself are going to do. "We think that idea disappears if they take that seriously as Company A is open".

Ayumi Fujimoto

Ayumi Fujimoto Ayumi Fujimoto

1979, Tokyo birth. After the graduation from university, we enter CAREER DESIGN CENTER Co., Ltd. We change our job in Google (existing Google combination company) in April, 2007. We participate in digital marketing introduction support, setup of advertisement business team and successively hold manager of sales, Manager human resources industry charge unification. We establish at Will Work in May, 2016 and move into action as representative director and are working as marketing/PR charge now in Plug and Play Japan.