"Temple of divorce-seeking women's refuge" of technology development.
Of advanced engineer group
What is trick of the trade to support development capability?

Are you used to “ surviving company? What manager should update now is how to catch of "sense of values" Are you used to surviving company? What manager should update now is how to catch of "sense of values"
In the system development, there may be a lot of people in charge whom which "only thing according to instructions goes up" holds problem "that this intention is good, and is not reflected". Engineer who takes consideration into intention of customer, and can do it in form is a person that it is very valuable for the industry. D crew technology is said to be "temple of divorce-seeking women's refuge of the industry" where most of companies which are annoyed by such a problem approach with consultation. We investigated what kind of secret was hidden in development technique through discussion with employees what of them was special.


Tatsuya Nagasawa
(D crew technology executive ETM)
Yukihiro Tsuchida
(D crew technology system solution Development Department's manager)
Masaaki Hayata
(D crew technology system analog Development Department sensing system Development Section's section manager)
Ryo Saito
(D crew technology system solution Development Department intelligent IoT module Development Section's section manager)

Secret that is "temple of divorce-seeking women's refuge of the industry" is corporate philosophy of the engineer first

Company where D crew technology that became member of ELECOM group in 2017 varies is existence to be said to be "temple of divorce-seeking women's refuge of the industry" which approaches with consultation when we were in trouble in development trust ahead. That, among items brought into the company, 90% does not have specifications really. To job as development technique and engineer to cope with needs of client who continues changing into the company's employee receiving evaluation that is high throughout the trade faced, and called in.


−−Please tell about carrier and pride domain of everybody representing "temple of divorce-seeking women's refuge of the industry". What kind of opportunity would it be entered D-CLUE in?

Nagasawa: I was one of the founding members, but we approved of vision to "want to make company which engineer was essence, and used head" of Ishikawa of president, and spinning out did original company. We can work on one technique without engineer being swung around for desk work work. D-CLUE is such a company.

Hayata: I did the managerial class with semiconductor maker, but as a result of there being age that we were 50 years old at the time, and having thought in various ways, I thought, "we want to master technique more" and looked for new company. Therefore we found doing that D-CLUE was interesting and entered the company. It was company which did that really various engineers varied when we entered the company. There is much technical stimulation, and teething fever seems to be given every day (laugh)

Saito: Originally I worked with Ishikawa of president in previous job, but it was opportunity of entering a company that we were invited in timing to launch D-CLUE newly. As we were thinking that we wanted to challenge just various things, venture thought that it seemed to be possible for that.

Tsuchida: I worked as D-CLUE and business partner in company in front for approximately three years, but decided to enter this company in such a daily experience. Company in front is decided to undergo charge tight, and range that oneself can do got narrow, but D-CLUE may say venture, and even anything can challenge. It became decisive factor that there was engineer of the field that oneself did not know.


D-CLUE where high will and members with technical curiosity gather in sequence while having specialty different from analog/digital/firmware each. Every each brought item, specialist with necessary technique crosses team and it is them to deal with development, but is said to be "temple of divorce-seeking women's refuge" when we were in trouble by the high development capability in development trust ahead.

−−That there are not specifications, and, among items brought into D-CLUE, 90% is also called temple of divorce-seeking women's refuge of the industry really. What is the reason?

Tsuchida: We think that there are many companies which, by the way, are open except us simply if it is work, "there are not specifications". But Features-like one has story in state only for request "that ○○ wants to do" that technical proof and knowledge cry by our job and is that there are many items which we think about therefore what it is possible for and suggest.

Hayata: There is much work in form to "charge in goal if we say while making collaboration with customer". Therefore we do not just grant request of customer and think that it is image called "Engineer suggestion type group" to further say, and to get.

Nagasawa: We can talk about the upper classes without distinction between digital/analog as PM (project manager) while having own specialized field as engineer. We seem to be doing such a training every day.

−−When, as for the engineer, there is working image of own field silently, but human resources and Network seen at all comprehensively are prepared.

Nagasawa: Yes. It "value communication" (regardless of the outside in the company) that Ishikawa of president always says including what often make thing related to communication in work and is.

Hayata: As D-CLUE is in floor which expert of the fields different each called analog/digital/farm has the same, it is easy to talk when there was some. We think that it is very good environment for development in fusion and crossing the border each routinely.

Nagasawa: For example, firmware engineer is domain near software basically, but our staff does until soldering. When other companies looked at that; "can all do it alone"; tte was surprised (laugh)


−−Until soldering? It is assumed whether you program towards PC until omoi breath and trial manufacture.

Tsuchida: What kind of; that is, knead clay, and "is such a form" to have visitor see whether form-formed.

Saito: That it is, "weight is like this".

Nagasawa: We further add color to thing which we kneaded with clay and, too (laugh)

−−It is right feeling such as stretch penetrating!

Hayata: Oneself clung to PC before D-CLUE entering a company and was doing way of work that was lost in thought all the time while looking at screen. But we changed in style that discussed while gathering in some when we were troubled now, and writing to whiteboard. Even if seed of trouble is own specialized field, new idea may float by listening to amateur thought. "Laying upon miso" causes such a way in D-CLUE.

Tsuchida: Old technique had much work that analog/digital/firmware is divided into tight, but what we cannot make each field into for a little when we do not fuse increases, and that becomes mainstream now. As we did not advance when we were going to run that when we did not appear while making up for technique each other with people, communication came to occur by all means.


Tsuchida: There is the way of such work, too, and layout of office is unique, too. We think that common company makes island with form that manager is at seat on birthday for each department, but house makes one set of booth with project units for 4 people. We put table midmost and each turns to the outside at the four corners and works and comes to be able to have a meeting while turning to the back together all at once if there is some, and writing to whiteboard.

Nagasawa: It is in exquisite H which starts, and is talked to while being H as partition of each booth does not stand out even if people go along the front. This is style that Ishikawa of president suggested from previous job.

Hayata: Generally, such as if "is analog analog design company, program company in farm" it is interesting that is divided to feel, but there is all analog/digital/firmware in one company in D-CLUE. We feel that, after all, president launched this company on seeing point when we see flow of technique and item of these days.

By having entered ELECOM group, new development of products of D-CLUE accelerates


−−Such D-CLUE became member of ELECOM group in 2017. Was there change to be concrete?

Tsuchida: It is big that distance with product plan shrank. We were stances to produce in response to request from visitor, but oneself became able to say, "we want to make such a product" as ELECOM was company which made product a lot until now. Of course we think that products of the company dispatch that let each other's good points fuse with ELECOM may increase while continuing conventional trustee business.

Saito: Personally, we think as we like gadget that oneself wants to make thing wanting. With their techniques that we cultivated, we want to work on new development of products until now.

Nagasawa: While there is, such a change does not change company's custom surprisingly. As stance between presidents was same as ELECOM in us, we think whether such a place is big. For example, there was custom to toast with all the members who were in the place at seat of liquor in ELECOM, but house seemed to be original, too. And it likes plant, and it is common that there are many plants in office (laugh)

Tsuchida: And we think that it is that the biggest one was able to acquire business by meeting ELECOM. D-CLUE did not have business power, but was able to get nationwide business by having entered ELECOM group. This is big difference. We think that there is collaboration of thing which we piled up with "technology X business power" for many years each other by all means.

Technology that what was demanded in the future when AI was developed was based on human being power


−−We think that the present age is the time when change is intense as never before. Finally please let know vision as engineer of everybody.

Nagasawa: I think that engineer does not disappear while automation mainly on AI advances. As AI cannot make creative thing, we want to follow there well. In addition, even if we want to raise precision of AI as "high-speed electronic calculator" to raise human originality at the same time, we think, and examination of design thing that we made wants to be left to AI.

Hayata: I am own age and am thinking about whether you tell young people that how about technique that their generations have. Technology of Japan was very strong, but has been pushed now in old days in other countries. We want to convey thing which oneself have so that young engineer gets well including such situation.

Saito: As I like new thing, we want to value base and technique that it is while adopting such an information. In fact, this field seems to become new at a glance, and there are a lot of parts which do not become. We want to tell such a basic place to young people. As people are corrupted, we think that the world too becomes convenient with that even if you must make thing that stress is felt a little. We want to continue making interesting item, such a thing which only some parts whether "this neighborhood cannot happen a little more" are.

Tsuchida: It falls on what Saito expressed, but I focus on always having base, root and trunk and technique that it is while being always interested to be new. New technique such as AI is topic, but new technique is not born suddenly, and there are base and thing that it is, and new thing is born, and people using further develop that. But everybody forgets "what is basic technique?" when we add so new thing. It is, for example, PC. If it is the 70s and the 80s, anyway, we think that we use how PC moves without most people knowing that now. As technique of such a root and trunk does not disappear, we think that it is necessary to run after that for engineer.