In sensing of hiyari hat
"Work-style reform" to grant.
How does future factory change?

"Work-style reform" to grant in sensing of “ hiyari hat. How does future factory change? "Work-style reform" to grant in sensing of hiyari hat. How does future factory change?
Work-style reform is these days becoming topic, but it is problem, and, in factories which cannot stop Lines in the middle of the night either, management and high human cost are included there in the risk of accident in working hours of worker. It is possible to grasp the situation of worker immediately by terminal which we watch, and sensing system sensor and worker who "worker watches, and installed in ceiling, wall surface of factory with it is system" carry where D crew technology (following, D-CLUE) is under development now. Management that it sticks to result, the spot becomes needless, and reinforcement of safety and cut of human cost are expected. With background, Features that this system was created and the future prospects. We heard story from Tsuchida of D-CLUE system solution Development Department's manager, Saito of system solution Development Department intelligent IoT module Development Section's section manager.


Yukihiro Tsuchida
(D crew technology: Manager system solution Development Department)
Ryo Saito
(D crew technology: Section Manager system solution Development Department intelligent IoT module Development Section)

What are the way and problem of manufacturing industry demanded by "the fourth Industrial Revolution?"


−−It is said to be "the fourth Industrial Revolution" by the development of various technology in the present age, what kind of change is taking place in the spot of manufacturing industry?

Tsuchida: Automation, flow of automation greatly happen. Anyone thinks possible simple work that automation with machine is pushed forward.

Saito: We think that dangerous work is automated in the same way so that human being performs.

−−Including AI, there is story that a person's work loses.

Tsuchida: No, automation with machine advances;, on the other hand, think that there is always job that only human being can do. I am thinking when I may not automate work to produce particularly new things, and to be improved. It continued being said, "a person's work is robbed of by machine" in any times, and there was surely such a work, but there continued being part which did not consist when people were not engaged somewhere of the process. Such a work may remain in future.

−−In the manufacturing industry to be in the process of such a change, what kind of problem will there be now?

Tsuchida: At first, what can say is that people becoming work force by low birthrate and aging decrease surely. At the same time, it cannot reappear without human technique with high technology being handed down.

−−Is it not problem that is serious for on-site people that real workers decrease?

Tsuchida: We think labor shortage to be problem happening in every field, but are remarkable by manufacturing industry.

−−When real worker is not enough, work loads per person increase, and problem such as long working hours and safety becoming negligent is expected.

Tsuchida: In many companies and factories, we oblige the same place to the workplace environment including safe point of view to confirm mutually by plurally working. However, it cannot realize that, and it rises as on-site problem that so-called "one operation" has increased at time to work alone. Then there is the risk that somebody cannot notice when accident happened on the spot.

We want to protect worker of factory. Enable not only early detection of accident but also the prevention; watch; system


Saito: Art to find when some accidents happened by one operation disappears. "Worker watches, and it is system" that solves such a problem.

−−What kind of opportunity would this system reach development in?

Tsuchida: It is opportunity that there was request to "want you to develop substitute of a person's eyes and system that it is from the viewpoint of safety as work of one operation has occurred by all means." from a certain customer.

−−I see. Specifically, what kind of system is it?

Saito: Briefly, it is system discovering the staff who fell down. For structure, we come to notify manager of people having fallen down through device to install in device and factory which we gave worker and having tripped.

−−We can detect not only fall but also mistake.

Saito: Fall is in a state that accident is taking place, but mistake is so-called "hiyari hat" which did not reach accident. We come to be able to visualize dangerous place in factory where people trip on well by detecting that, and collecting data. As "hiyari hat" is thing which is not reported basically, we think that it is connected in preventing accident by gathering such an information.

Tsuchida: In addition, it is point that comes to know H as it puts atmospheric pressure sensor. There is often colonnade in factory and cannot grasp where you are only at position exactly, but, for example, comes to be able to judge places such as mezzanines (floor in interval out of one of main hierarchy of building not to usually count among number of floors) if it is this. In addition, it is point that outlet is unnecessary that we sell, and is similar.


−−Where do you supply power supply from? .

Tsuchida: With product like one of other companies, there are many things that receiving device part to install in factory needs outlet, but can move by incorporation battery as our system is doing in low power. It is thereby merit that electric construction becomes needless in the case of introduction.

Saito: In addition, Features includes that our system does not interfere with worker for type to add to waist.

Tsuchida: As factories where we cannot bring cell-phone with camera into from security-like point of view increase, you come to be able to introduce in such a place.

−−How is reaction of visitor?

Saito: Person that accident had happened came to consultation on the site and, in exhibition, actually had story saying "we want to introduce". In the first place we are not recoverable and think when we have died without getting off with injury that it is enormous lost one which amount of money cannot realize and few should be able to reduce such an accident by our this system.

Tsuchida: As we can make environment that works in peace if we take toward the worker and can detect information that we did not know according to supervision manager so far, we think that it may be connected with improvement activity even if we see at point of view called the prevention.

Synergy as ELECOM group which watches, and is shown in system

−−We watch, and is synergy as ELECOM group shown in system?

Tsuchida: Until introduction, setting, maintenance, is the first for customer the system to be the whole ELECOM group, and to be able to support all; sell. When such a system is introduced in factory, maintenance at the time of trouble occurrence is considerably minded, but thinks that it may be said that it is big Features that it cooperates thickly in ELECOM group, and come to be able to cover the whole.

−−Thank you. Finally what kind of prospects would you tell toward the future of factory and manufacturing industry in future whether you have?


Tsuchida: Machine does simple thing that anyone can do it and will think that it is in the world where people do job that exceeded the wall from now on. As human resources who can do such a work come to be more and more valuable, we want to provide structure protecting that. And we have a feeling of problem toward "tradition of skill" one more for D-CLUE and having such a skill makes structure which can leave technique in the future and wants to provide.

Saito: We think that it is big mission for D-CLUE that digitizes that expert does it for sense. We think that we may hand down technique more effectively if we introduce such a structure well. Technique of expert who may disappear by low birthrate and aging is inherited to the next generation if it can happen, and technique and value that are newer from there may be straight circles. We think that D-CLUE can make the help into.