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Are you used to “ surviving company? What manager should update now is how to catch of "sense of values" Are you used to surviving company? What manager should update now is how to catch of "sense of values"
It is more than 30 years from the enforcement of The Equal Employment Opportunity Law. Environment that acted of woman greatly changed. However, the issue of situation and sexual harassment that woman is in charge of much housework and childcare does not yet disappear in the home of working together while social advance of woman advances. Many companies perform education for prevention of maintenance and sexual harassment of system and seem to push forward measures, but, in the background, existence of people who cannot update sense of values forever appears and disappears. Then how can people update sense of values? We collect data on many working women as "Business Insider Japan" unification chief editor/"AERA" former chief editor and hear story from writing o published Keiko Hamada that "job becomes more fun if girl and a sense of guilt to act leave" "power that there is in this way" in 2018.

It is 30 years from the enforcement of The Equal Employment Opportunity Law. We do not change that we changed

−−30 years passed from the enforcement of The Equal Employment Opportunity Law. How does acting environment of woman feel that it changed?

Hamada: Employment of woman increases, and it is that working women increase that big changes include. For example, approximately 80 people were in Asahi Shimbun in my same period of entering a company in 1989, but 14 as for the woman of those. Still it was said, "women increased" in those days. In contrast, different now by year, but 40% is newshen from 30%. System greatly changes and law or system in company are enriched and become easy to take maternity leave and make possible reduction of working hours duty and think that it became easy to work even after woman lays child surely in these 30 years. It was way which only very few women could choose after the childbirth in the 1990s that continued working.


−−On the contrary, is it thought that part which does not change is which point?

Hamada: Man and woman is point, "consciousness does not catch up with system" together. "Woman achievement promotion law" to show ability of woman in society was enforced, but "the true intention" that this law was enacted will think that this is because lack of working population becomes serious by population decline in future. In other words, we think that it is not drawing ability of woman when "we do not have woman work as work force is not enough".

−−When "woman says achievement", sound is good, but of the yet, in fact, male oriented principle social; when remain.

Hamada: It is the situation such as "only the surface made up". As essential place does not change, we feel that it is the current situation that that comes off like rain.

On the other hand, we feel that women should catch this movement positively. As we enjoy that we work, and scenery to see by arresting affirmatively is different. We wrote book ("job becomes more fun a sense of guilt with working girl if we leave" "power that there is in this way") with feeling "that we enjoyed" as it had a lot of pleasant parts to work.


Girl and sense of guilt _ cover which work

Updating existing way of thinking "that there should be in this way?"

−−Person to surely "enjoy work" feels that it is not so a lot.

Hamada: Woman to "actually want to become full-time homemaker when we collect data on woman in her twenties if we can marry good man of income" yet feels deep-rootedness of imprinting of parental generation at most. As mother is generation called full-time homemaker, we have been convinced that happy domestic figure is such a thing and are not updated. That is irritating.

−−When such "happy home statue" is not effective anymore.

Hamada: In the first place, in fact, image of such family is not model that there was for a long time in Japan. It was convenient model to make office worker who worked for a long time for the postwar rapid economic growth period. We always think that it was rational at the time of in meaning to make woman supporting man and that working. As there were many independent business and farmhouses before that, in the first place there were many women who worked.

−−Such a family had image such as "good old home image", but was only trend of these past dozens of years.

Hamada: That's right. As for the time, it was rational by chance, but is not so now. Wages of young people do not readily increase and will be unstable in the future. As young men think that working together is default. However, of woman thinks that way of working that is "submark" is enough without there that wants to become full-time homemaker if we can do it, and mismatch of sense of values of man and woman is taking place.

−−About consciousness of home image, will it be that change of man precedes woman?

Hamada: No, it is the current situation that consciousness not to reach there whether you share childcare and housework properly, and to "want woman to do housework childcare" remains while male side wants to make working together. Is updated until working together, but, in the point, old-fashioned from there. Therefore woman works and makes money, and but, as for housework and the childcare, feeling to shrink in state doing in just what saying "that is too hot" knows until now. It is impression to "be out of the way of update" rather than consciousness of man and woman either leading.


−−When this mismatched balance is removed, will you come?

Hamada: We think that we do not change without inevitability such as environment changing. The reason why man demands working together is that real wages do not lengthen. We think that we change naturally if such an inevitability is strengthened.

Such a change comes over surely. This is because it is obvious that population decreases. And desk jobs of white-collar decrease by the development such as AI, and, also, excellent foreigner comes, and Japanese may lose job. There is flow that is not avoided in such world and thinks that consciousness changes from there.

−−The times when you must change consciousness "that there should be in this way" as in title of book come.

Hamada: That's right. My generation could speak The Equal Employment Opportunity Law, and bubble collapsed immediately when we found a job for bubble period. Afterwards, it was "lost ten years" when job offer of career-track employees decreased rapidly for woman in the 90s. Afterwards, Lehman shock happened this time when employment of woman increased little by little. Including disasters such as earthquake disasters, such a thing that is not avoided happens by all means. Therefore how do you match with the situation at that time hard flexibly? Besides technology and globalization will develop as well as disaster and recession more and more from now on. Flexibility that can update oneself even if what happened to the times is necessary.

−−We remove "power that there is in this way", and can there be thing that you should be conscious to acquire flexibility?

Hamada: It is to become faithful to own greed. Early marriage desire of woman has been increasing now, and there is more marrying partner for school days. They express marriage as "closing", but there is more eating "closing early" when we want to do. We think that it means that we go to stable as that is the time of anxiety, but do not advance as we never thought even if we perform to think with "certain hand" adversely in such times, and to aim. In fact, it contradicts "to go to stable because it is uneasy". If it is not revealed what will take place from now on even if we did anything, we think that you should do to want to do.

From paper to WEB. We changed oneself to cope with change of the times


−−While Hamada you were engaged in paper medium speaking of change for many years, place of achievement was moved newly in WEB in these past several years. What kind of idea would you have there?

Hamada: "It is interesting, well", we think. That is because we bubble generation tends to always go to direction that seems to be interesting (laugh). As it is generation thinking "to have possibilities to be more fun tomorrow."

But, with that, there was consciousness "that had finished doing that we could do it in paper medium" somewhere. You do "weekly Asahi" and "AERA" for 23 years in total, and meet part which burnt out. Because it was life to always run by sprint, and to fall down every week as there was the deadline. We wanted to take a rest early.

−−But we moved to the world of WEB without, as a result, taking a rest.

Hamada: We thought "does retirement age not come early?" but read "LIFE SHIFT" of Linda guratton until retirement age in place called another ten years and acted as moderator of her talk event. Therefore if retirement age says that is a pleasure to Linda; "what do say? When is year of Keiko, live to be an average of 94 years old; as for that is; is said. Saying "my friend of the same generation retires and we bought cruiser, but, after starting gardening, get tired in all 2-3 months." We thought, "it is dangerous" to hear that.

I run out of money if we live to be 94 years old. Therefore we felt that what we did not do could survive only paper in the world of Media when we thought, "we worked until 75 years old". If we have felt problem not to reach young people who do not buy paper medium even if we make interesting contents so much from the "AERA" times, and there is only WEB to send economic news and international news to they young man. As we had you offer whether you did not work there as chief editor of "Business Insider Japan", we decided promptly.

Okay, this is change that came out of necessity, too. Media varied from paper to WEB, and oneself was to changing, moreover, how oneself lived in the times for life 100 years.

The times of division. Necessary one "noticing"


−−They think that it is the times to be able to be also known as in transition period, what kind of thing do Hamada and "Business Insider Japan" want to work on the most now in the times of such a change?

Hamada: As mireniaru generation is Media of reader, "Business Insider Japan" is going to send feeling of people as young as possible to the world. We are often opposed by view varying according to generations including the issue of courtesy and think that we want to do mediation between such generations.

For example, way of thinking is different from mireniaru generation as I am in my 50s. Ways of thinking about money in particular are entirely different. As I am bubble generation, we spend money if there is (laugh). On the other hand, we are reliable as young people are anxious generation. But favorite thing is particular and uses. While sense of such money takes wrong thing into consideration, we just go out with young generation and do not say that we injure like what "we do not buy that much why". We should have possibilities to change just to have such an awareness.

−−I see.

Hamada: Reverse is so, too. There is the word "dejihara", but there is that uncles cannot do a lot. Therefore that is damaged if we say "can you not do such a thing?". I am hurt well, too (laugh). We think that it is the best shortcut that accepts such a difference.

−−Resolution of communication will rise only if we are aware of difference.

Hamada: Because we come to communicate only if we know, "it is different" to fill the gap. Since we send as Media for mireniaru generation, in the same way as that, manner, "we do not know such a thing why either" is going to convey whether we should know why that without taking what the words are even if it is words that economic Media used routinely until now. We think that it is the times when what we want to send to when Media does not approach that much does not reach now.

Keiko Hamada

Keiko Hamada Keiko Hamada

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