Prescription to make Japanese company strong.
We ask Akihide Iriyama the practical leadership theory that is possible in middle layer

Prescription to make Japanese company strong. We ask Akihide Iriyama the practical leadership theory that is possible in middle layer Prescription to make Japanese company strong. We ask Akihide Iriyama the practical leadership theory that is possible in middle layer
Competition in global intensifies, and uncertainty of management environment surrounding Japanese company increases. We are asked what kind of leadership even the class of middles which act there let alone manager shows in such "times with high uncertainty". What is problem point remaining in Japanese company firmly? How can you improve the leadership what the strong leadership is? We were engaged in business administration study in the United States for ten years and heard the leadership theory that business person could practice to Akihide Iriyama of scholar of management to be known for commentators of magazine serialization and TV show.

Trigger to revolutionize Japanese company is "a sense of crisis"


——It is crossed toitta special feature with "what is image of new leader?" "nature of leader opening up the times" a lot now by business magazine. There are manager and entrepreneur, the middle layer showing the wonderful leadership becoming sample, but, on the other hand, not to be able to readily move to action is and feels like bipolarizing. What will the cause be?

Climbing a mountain: We may be divided "do you have a sense of crisis?". If the middle layer of the manager of section manager at company class who should carry from this is for sense, "their companies are all right", we do not think that we can become strong leader for new age. Japanese company receives competition with global company, wave of innovation and faces crisis. Even if manager had a sense of crisis, there will be many companies where there is not a sense of crisis in the middle layer such as manager and section manager.

Today's Japanese business people must have sense, "in this situation, own company disappears" in particular. Therefore it is simply that "we give oneself change" as action to perform first. We meet people in various industries and try to go to irrelevant place. Then we notice world area. In fact, there are many people whom business person has a sense of crisis toward in local medium and small-sized business. In district, decrease in work force is remarkable, and this is because market can sense that it becomes small bodily realistically even if we do business only in hometown.
Speaking of the middle layer, you must manage player, and it is position that is busy most in companies, but it is necessary now to demand oneself "change", to do action with that again.

――When we are in Japanese company, is "a sense of crisis" hard to be born?

Climbing a mountain: It has been said to the middle layer of Japanese company, "do not fail". Therefore person who "was able to do it not to fail" is hard to feel a sense of crisis. And we become afraid of "change" causing failure.

――Then is place by environment big, too? When it is easy to sense external environment in local medium and small-sized business and can have a sense of crisis, but, on the other hand, it is apt to become ignorant about external environment in large company and is the situation that it is hard to have a sense of crisis toward.

Climbing a mountain: No, in large company, there are people who move to change consciously. I did basic tone lecture at event of car manufacturer-affiliated company on behalf of Japan recently. Therefore we told, it "was not entered in today's you ten years" later. This will be because it may be replaced thing of other companies car which current customer buys in future.

――We felt that it was necessary to convey "a sense of crisis" and would ask for the management layer.

Climbing a mountain: As it is global for employee working in Japan, and it is hard to do actual feeling, and bias thinking that the status quo may be enough suffers from taking place.
In Silicon Valley, a lot of electric cars of tesla are running now. We think that there was a strong "sense of crisis" to car manufacturer's president which saw it locally. If it is existing car manufacturer, the scene can do only chill not the company. Even if it was revealed by global on materials and data violent change of taking place automotive industry in any event, it is considerably strong for the president to have realized in that; might have been input.
Human brain has the recognition and function of feelings, but affects only the recognition by knowledge that we got from book. But experience that we actually see and heard moves feelings and is often connected for action. It works most we go to the place, and to feel, "it is dangerous" as feelings to work by oneself. It may be said that it is logical as the first step for change to go to experience "a sense of crisis" from oneself.

――To be busy well without being afraid of change?

Climbing a mountain: Encounter with new thing is born if we know change. Quantity of the encounter accelerates when we notice that change is fun. We come to be able to receive various conjugations if we do so. Therefore we can notice "what is it that oneself wants to do it?" for the first time.
Of course we cannot do "changing" suddenly even if said, "work". The first action will be good in anything. There is person suggesting, "we have only to change one station to go down". When we can be used to to change just to do so. We can notice that there was such a way even every day when we change station to go down because it is good.

There are two in "the strong leadership" to attract attention now


――The leadership has way of thinking developed in work, but what "we bring up next-generation leader" now unlike the past times waiting for strong leader being born accidentally and do is said to be key supporting growth of company. But it is said that Japanese company has weak leader upbringing function. What will the cause be?

Climbing a mountain: Even if the biggest problem of Japanese company has technique and solution, it is that intention (vision) "how should there be as company?" is weak or we cannot share. And it is to org-man whom there is not of intention as there is not question whether deserves to be that to oneself as for the vision of this company how employee who leaves school, and entered the company after job hunting wants to grow by oneself. Therefore that will become difficult to produce leaders affecting to take vision around. It may be said that next-generation reader needs ability has vision than, anything and to be able to talk about that.

――Does such a new leader appear in Japanese company?

Climbing a mountain: We feel that excellent leaders increase in district. For example, there is Uji-shi, Kyoto nitoaru metalwork company In, there, it is reported that we leave sales, the number of employees, the number of business company, surprising achievements to be all soaring for ten years.
In the first place we thought, "work that was happy for human being is production of special order product to need the skill of artisan not mass production of simple work" and, as for the times of late president, seemed to focus there on seeing work of manufacturing in, factory. But as it was charges of the current president and thought "in the first place is work of the manufacturing human thing that we did?." Then we digitize thing which has been "the skill of artisan" thoroughly and introduce machine learning. We made factory M zero, and employee seemed to be specialized in creative work including design.

――It is way of thinking that surely overturns image of existing ironworks.

Climbing a mountain: The company attracts attention from excellent human resources who are in Kyoto University and France, and it is in popularity company where we want to find a job. It is said and is in a state that we move voluntarily as work is fun as for the employee who entered there the company most. When we talked with the president, he/she replied, "it is appointment collecting of barbecue" (event in the company) when we heard what you were doing now (laugh). We bunt Sir to say in business administration and think that it is good sample of the leadership (the support type leadership).

――It is slightly different from the leadership attracting attention from business person.

Climbing a mountain: There are two kinds in "the strong leadership" attracting attention now. One bunts support-shaped Sir such as company of Kyoto; the leadership.
There are many people who famous manager attracting attention with newspaper and business magazine, business magazine launches strong vision, and attract people, and that is defined as the toransufomeshonaru leadership. We focus on enlightenment to organization and will be often said to be "charisma". With new viewpoint, it advocates vision and mission that incorporated that definitely, and it always features to be able to talk about future and charm of business positively. This is because it prays that it sympathizes with the vision that people come to gather there, and it wants to work with leader.
Bunt Sir; or, after all, in toransufomeshonaru, both leadership, common matters of "the strong leadership" will include that "convey vision properly".

As what vision does not reach does not have "stomach omission" feeling


――In late years there are few companies which stipulate vision, and raise, and there are none. But we hear that it often becomes a dead letter. What is not enough in vision of Japanese company?

Climbing a mountain: It is "stomach omission" that I run out most. The world can happen in the far-off future, and therefore how do we go? What is this company for? Even if it is not minute, vision which we can understand even roughly is necessary. European and American so-called strong global company regards "stomach omission" as important above all. A sense of direction and vision what are for are not simple empty slogans, and we are strong well saying "we fall". In the first place we feel uncomfortable at beginning new thing when we cause innovation. But it is continued trying hard if all understand, "you should do this with that purpose that wants to go to that direction now" and can share.

――Is device necessary to instill that into employee?

Climbing a mountain: At first, what vision "fails in stomach" among managers and is doing is premise. And it is important that manager recites the vision earnestly. We say that we focused on manager infiltrating vision into company which revived even if there are the times when we were depressed for 1:00 period thoroughly. In addition, company which used video well to convey vision came out. Video is stronger in impact than sentence. It is easy to turn out that it is thing that we want to do of the management layer and can convey this.

――Using every possible means, it is necessary to work thoroughly saying "let's tell".

Climbing a mountain: The management layer must cast own thing talking about in middle layer. The middle layer does not do false obedience, and what "we drop" thoroughly until we can really understand is necessary. Person that vision is not prepared needs even readiness to fire. Even if it was large company, it should keep that we talk equally in officer class. We think that the vision is strongly informed below simply because anyone can say the same story.

――What kind of company will company which is easy to report vision of Top in Japanese large companies be?

Climbing a mountain: There is company which there is thoroughly in vision in company and same tribe company of the founder president. We recite vision with blog earnestly, and there is manager of large company which seems to be said to be blogger. It is important even such seeing, to show simply. On the other hand, in the case of non-owner president changing in two quarters for two years, it will be difficult to carry out vision thoroughly, and to tell.

――Will you think form of the leadership that what happens in future?

Climbing a mountain: It will be said that the toransufomeshonaru leadership to be said to be charisma type is important in future. On the other hand, we bunt Sir of support type, and the leadership may add to value, too. It is not that which is right. mireniaru generation taking the nucleus will be tired from living in the hard times from now on. People who want to commit what we want to do with people that sense of values is correct "nicely" increase even if not listed at a stretch when this is fun. These two leadership may fight in future.

Akihide Iriyama

Akihide Iriyama Akie Iriyama

Waseda University Graduate School (business school) professor. Keio University department of economics graduation, Masters degree course in university's academy economics graduate course completion. After having engaged in consulting service to car manufacturer and domestic and foreign government offices mainly in Mitsubishi Research Institute, we acquire Ph.D. from U.S. Pittsburgh University B-school in 2008. Assistant professor at State University of New York buffalo school business school U.S. than the same year. Incumbent from 2013. Strategic Management Journal, Journal of International Business Studies publishes article in international main management academic journals.
New book "management theory of global standards" (Daiyamondosha).