That we bring about "growth of Japanese industry"――
Mari Watanabe asks ELECOM President Hada (the first part)

Mari Watanabe hears from - - ELECOM President Hada that we bring about "growth of Japanese industry" (the first part) Mari Watanabe hears from - - ELECOM President Hada that we bring about "growth of Japanese industry" (the first part)
ELECOM group which advocates that we become business and lifestyle and go-between with innovation in concept by "lifestyle innovation." Mari Watanabe who is announcer divides into twice and interviews President Junji Hada who is the Top. As for this theme to become the first part, "how should the future, Japanese company grow up?." President Hada catches technology only by Japanese how, and what kind of update thinks that it is necessary to go to the future?

Though we have wonderful technique, we cannot manage Japanese company

Watanabe: ELECOM group got many shares in the field of peripheral device of PC and smartphone, and, as company which penetrated to consumers, I knew the existence, too. We will hear story from President Hada of ELECOM which continues growing up in various ways. At first, how do you look at growth and the country of future Japanese economy and international market?

Hada: It is clear that decrease in domestic demand advances by aging and declining birthrate to be said well. To such situation, we catch domestic market with place for the purpose of survivor not place growing up. On the other hand, global market becomes difficult. Because it is market which cannot play if Europe and America does not have original technique and brand. We think that it is not used and, as ELECOM group, want to attack global market in business model for current country by original solution and technique.

Junji Hada)

Watanabe: There is catch-up of other countries such as China or India, and Japanese company which pulled market by technology once cannot deny the current situation to be severe while there are many Japanese companies which we are going to attack from now on to global market like ELECOM group. How is it felt that you look at about technology of Japan now by President Hada? Is it thought that it is possible still more?

Hada: Japan certainly has wonderful technology. In the particularly analog technique, it may be said that we have big advantage for the world. Thing piled up by diligence like Japanese still stays there.

Watanabe: It seems to be analog technique that takes personal event such as light and sound, temperature and pressure in electric circuit and sensor, but hears that the analog technique is just coming into the limelight in the combination with digital technology again. How should Japanese companies and the managers develop that in future?

Hada: Japan is comfortable and is said to be comfort so that domestic company does business. Therefore as if spread in right-to-left; is apt to be managed. However, then we will not be good in future. The management layer and person in charge grasp whether there is on the site what kind of real problem properly, and the making of soil to create solution to solve that and thing managing are important. Successful company is apt to fall into authoritarianism, but then the spot comes to know nothing and loses sense of speed and misses chance. There is annoyance in the spot.

Until now from this. With "lifestyle innovation" that ELECOM aims at

Makoto Watanabe

Watanabe: "Annoyance will sympathize with the spot". Movement to work on innovation for breakthrough seems to be taking place in each company, how does President Hada see the flow?

Hada: To be frank, we think that it is difficult for Japanese company to cause global innovation. At first, we may not go to take if de facto standard such as GAFA considers in English as premise and does not carry out. In addition to that, thought patterns are different. There is famous manager of new car manufacturer in the United States, but there is not him for the purpose of conducting a business in car manufacturer. It is aimed for emigration to Mars. Person who thinks about such a strange thing, and makes company is not found in Japan. Unfortunately such a vision thinks that it is reality that is not born from Japan.

Watanabe: On the other hand, ELECOM group advocates concept called "lifestyle innovation". What kind of way of thinking is this?

Hada: Innovation such as de facto standard like point is not so whether all people come to be usable immediately. We may often give birth to "gap" between technology and people. It is mission of ELECOM group that by continuing providing product and solution to become "go-between" more than such "gaps", social, send unprecedented comfort and convenience with living. For lifestyle innovation, such thought is put. For example, mouse of computer was "new technology" before age, too. For general user who does not know how to use mouse, it is history of ELECOM group that by providing the plain making of product and cheap price setting and thorough customer support, was able to use mouse. "Product becomes product only after having you use". This is policy of ELECOM group.

And we are widening that now in BtoB domain. The hesitating industry and company hear that there is for digitizing and becoming IoT, but problems that we can solve in technique of ELECOM group increase. As it faces there each other, and we become "go-between", think that we can wake up further lifestyle innovation for society and dweller next time.

Watanabe: "Lifestyle innovation" is that it is way of thinking influencing our society and life through company. To change of the future times, how does business of Japan think that you should change?

Hada: Technology will level up point more and more from now on. But basics of business are "how do you solve annoyance?". Therefore you should continue doing new challenge. And that will be way of thinking that is common in not only business in Japan but also global.
In addition, it is certainly SDGs (sustainable development target) that thinks that you should work from now on. Of course it is important for company's development, but it becomes obvious that we cannot develop permanent business if we destroy global environment. This is enterprise's liability and is mission for global environment. It is problem that we can never ignore even if we think about Japan and world economic growth.

Junji Hada & Makoto Watanabe

We follow the latter part>>"Share seeing from the world Mari Watanabe asks - - ELECOM President Hada with strategy to overturn zero" (the latter part)

Junji Hada)

Junji Hada Junji Hada

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Makoto Watanabe

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