"Share seeing from the world with strategy to overturn zero"――
Mari Watanabe asks ELECOM President Hada (the latter part)

"Share seeing from the world Mari Watanabe asks - - ELECOM President Hada with strategy to overturn zero" (the latter part) "Share seeing from the world Mari Watanabe asks - - ELECOM President Hada with strategy to overturn zero" (the latter part)
ELECOM group which advocates that we become business and lifestyle and go-between with innovation in concept by "lifestyle innovation." Mari Watanabe who is announcer divides into twice and interviews President Junji Hada who is the Top. This theme to become the latter part "the future of ELECOM group." We heard mouse and keyboard, reason why in late years ELECOM which acquired many Top shares with peripheral device of PC and smartphone such as portable power charger pushed forward M&A and group synergy that began to be born there, new business model.

Mari Watanabe hears from - - ELECOM President Hada that we bring about "growth of Japanese industry" to the first part (the first part)

"Came over seriously", that is strength of ELECOM

Junji Hada & Makoto Watanabe

Watanabe: ELECOM acquires the industry leader share currently in various domains as major company of IT neighboring products in Japan concerned, and, for example, even smartphone connection shows strong presence. Where is the secret of the strength?

Hada: We succeeded or have not thought such a thing to be strong at all in person. We think that it is only result that "it is sincere and did seriously". We meet needs properly and are particular about design and carry out quality control thoroughly and do not cut corners in procurement either.

Having also optimized stock for idea called supply chain above all several years before 20. And is it not result that by managing shelf and space in electronics retail store, continued always giving new product?

In the days of the time or smartphone bubble of PC bubble, it is that we came over seriously without cutting corners in the times called "" which is sold if we provide. It was business that was considerably too much hassle, but worked without escaping. We are never doing special thing. It is such recognition.

Many "fuku of ELECOM" and new businesses that strategic M&A produced

Junji Hada)

Watanabe: We feel big strength in posture without satisfaction and treat that succeeded. On the other hand, by recent M&A, Hagiwara Solutions, DX ANTENNA, D crew technology will be added in ELECOM group. What kind of aim is such a M&A carried out by?

Hada: We are thinking about wide development of business domain that is development by the work in the domestic market as ELECOM group while decrease in domestic demand advances by aging and declining birthrate. Becoming with company of neighboring domain becoming mutual complementary relationships as basic way of thinking and being able to run in both axes of BtoC and BtoB. We push forward M&A with those concepts. All is just "relationship". Not some corporate participation and investment, it is precondition that way of thinking to "meet as friend" accords. In ELECOM group, in what never use the word "subsidiary" and "purchase", that is reason.

For example, in Hagiwara Solutions, we developed flash memory for industry and were able to considerably advance to ticket vendor and cash register of station, the field of society infrastructure including signage of train. In addition, we can solve problem of many companies which nobody was able to solve by the technology in D crew technology with excellent engineer group in analog, digital, the firmware until now. Because we undertake work that many engineers and developers gave up in despair without specifications, it is said to be "temple of divorce-seeking women's refuge of the industry". Because we make processor of super computer with trust from the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research and are going to develop quantum computer this time last year.

Actually, various techniques were accumulated by the group companies, and width of business spread. Many new businesses come out of synergy by the group companies now.

"IoT" and "mixed signal." Trump of advance global that

Makoto Watanabe

Watanabe: By becoming "friend" after having understood each strength to the maximum, bring about synergy. After 2020, what is ELECOM with what is made efforts in?

Hada: After all, it is "IoT". In late years concrete solution is finally becoming form in ELECOM group. There was not concrete product only by incubation in this field, but concept proof of prototype begins from last year until now.

That is because it takes time by all means that ELECOM does it. We did only such a thing that had intense obsolescence that had low troublesome thing, unit price since its formation as we expressed in the beginning. But it was sincere and faced each other seriously without escaping from there. And we can solve with them from now on as excellent engineers became friend. We think that that leads to differentiation in the field of "IoT". We think that it is our corporate culture that will catch up with you thoroughly and is responsibility without getting away from unpleasant thing.

Watanabe: What kind of thing will responsibility be to be concrete?

Hada: It is "product" only after having it is how cheap and use even thing with a little profit. It is reason that that we lay emphasis on customer support. We are asked "how much is cost that support costs?" well, but are not thinking about cost when we relate there to. We think that we have "responsibility to make an effort to be able to use".

Watanabe: A strong sense of responsibility and readiness on producing products lead to support that they took seriously thoroughly. We will look forward to solution such user-oriented in the field to IoT entering being realized from now on. Finally how will President Hada think of the whole group in future to develop?

Hada: With "the Japanese spirit, it is to the world". However, BtoC business of ELECOM in the current Japanese market is the same and does not think that we succeed at the world level as there are already a lot of players in global. Therefore we intend to go out to world industry market by taking advantage of new technique such as "mixed signal".

Junji Hada)

I regard this as challenge to "the third founding". There is group synergy, and technology that was the heart's desire since founding is finally added. It is aim that becomes the last stronghold of IT hardware technology.

On the other hand, we do not know honest such a thing at all even if "vision of this year and next year" is asked about to. This is because it is something like relay road race "without" goal (laugh). There is no goal called success everywhere. Therefore it is work as manager that makes structure which continues growing up in future. Therefore it is that we provide wisdom that we continue thinking about that it does not escape to be able to do it as president. And we think that it is way where is the best as manager that we give employee place of self-realization, and entrust the spot more and more.

And is it not necessary for the present Japanese company to look at foreign countries? As for the ELECOM, share in the world is like zero if we change point of view. There is a lot of doing it, but ELECOM group will be devoted to business and lifestyles of the world and bridge with innovation steadily seriously if possible.

Junji Hada)

Junji Hada Junji Hada

ELECOM CO., LTD. President. It was born in Mie for 1,953 years. It is founded in 1986. We increase corporate scale with the arrival of PC boom and advance to smartphone connection afterwards. It markets product which is higher than 5,000 a year items now. We place BtoB business domain mainly on IoT connection as the third founding and continue further challenge.

Makoto Watanabe

Makoto Watanabe Mari Watanabe

Announcer. 1967, Kanagawa birth. We enter TBS as announcer in 1990 and become independent as Free from 1998. We play an active part in TV, magazine, the wide field including radio afterward.