From morning preparations to a time after return
We do time in house wealthily
"ELECOM ten selections"

In aesthetic custom morning at 7:00 one-day opening

Point that is important how long time in the morning is expanded to spend better 1st. If we take in digital goods and make morning aesthetic custom like oneself, days when "body is pleased with heart" should come over.


Item which is useful as multifunctional alarm clock. As humidity is identified as temperature at glance, it is useful to keep room comfortably. In addition, as for own condition check, morning with "HELLO body composition meter" which introduced in business; how about making a point.

In total <temperature-humidity warning: OND-02 series>

Temperature-humidity warning meter "goud" (godo) to measure temperature and humidity, and to tell about state of air which is at great risk of heat stroke and influenza. In big screen model to be able to see clearly even from the distance, we will tell about state by three methods of sound, light, icon.

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7:30 "balance relaxation with oneself polishing by exercise

Time when is blissful in person who can be relieved in busy days. If we can handle oneself polishing and relaxation at the same time if we find gap time…. It is much-talked-about product Nara that grants such selfish thought. We inflect well, and let's change gap time at aesthetic time.


Electric wave to arrive to the depths varies according to thickness of disturbing fat. Fat of woman is different in thickness with parts. If it is "ekuriarin" which can choose wave arriving most from 4 modes, we can make body flexible thin. We can tighten body effectively while doing nagaranado, other things to see TV and magazine while doing housework.

EMS "ekuriarin" for <home: HCT-P01 series>

EMS apparatus for family who tightens muscle just to put, and makes body flexible thin of woman. Mode according to optional part is equipped with by pannicular thickness by four modes and can draw effect by stretch and training to the maximum.
Attached exercise book introduces eight recommended poses to enhance effect more. When we look at pretty good spare time and TV, we can easily exercise anytime.

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While Wireless Earphones is hard to interfere with various movement, and it is relaxed to listen to favorite music, we can handle housework, too.

<Bluetooth® wireless headphones: LBT-HPC13MP series>

Wireless headphones that Pick up and terminate calls is possible by connection with smartphone by the Microphone function deployment. We can operate the incoming end of reply, the Pick up and terminate calls, reproduction, stop of music from ON/OFF of power supply with one button. We can put on by design based on measurement data of ear type well and realize a feeling of supreme fitting.

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It is change in the latest VR apparatus and gadget much-talked-about at 15:00

How about the latest gadget that does not come for a change after having handled time when friend came to play and slight work? When hand spinner from glass and the United States to be able to enjoy VR (virtual reality) in smartphone casually fits in, it is much-talked-about item.


We can enjoy various activities and scenery while being in home if we use VR glass to be able to enjoy much-talked-about VR (virtual reality) using smartphone. It is good in interval of housework and relaxation time of the work end.

<VR glass>

VR glass which satisfying VR experience can play in smartphone. By setting your smartphone in the body, can enjoy Video full of a sense of reality. Lineup including lightweight type, very small type is abundant from one headphones type, too.

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Hand spinner which becomes boom all over the world including birth, Japan in the United States. We made ELECOM quite seriously! Blade is high-speed, and turning figure is devoted just carelessly comfortably. It is ideal for change.

<hand spinner>

Goods that there is axis with ball bearing in center and has the axis at finger-tip, and to turn blade (feather), and to enjoy. 4 series development selectable in difference between number of blades and materials.

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By massage unhurried before 21:00 going to bed
It is reward for oneself

One of the mast items for it to become healthy beautiful woman to heal one-day fatigue on the day. Body maintenance using massage devices is distinguished for healing effect and can expect deep sleep. We reset mind and body well together, and let's reach new morning.


Eye mask which can cover to ear. We warm nerve and key point concentrating on eye and ear and relax pains such as neuralgia and ease stiffness and fatigue. When we were tired from long-time PC work and operation of smartphone, driving of car, it is recommended.

Pack "ekuriaaimasuku + earmuffs" for <general practice apparatus warm temperature: HCM-H02 series>

It is eye mask for warm temperature treatment using vegetable carbon fiber superior in heat retention. We warm up nerve and key point concentrating on eye and ear by warm temperature effect using temperature and relax pains such as neuralgia and untie stiffness and fatigue. As effect lasts even if we wash, it is available repeatedly.

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We stand, and foot which became full wants to care by work and movement on the day. It is usable usefully everywhere in in being Charge-style cordless type. We will dissolve swelling by self-massage while talking with family to see TV in after dinner and the bath up leisurely.

Electric massager "ekuriakororu" for <home: HCM-RV01 series>

To ju daru leg, tired leg. We approach trouble of feet such as "swelling" "to get cold" that woman has "fatigue". Home electric massager "ekuriakororu" which promotes the blood circulation of leg by strong vibration, shiatsu roller pinpoint shiatsu, and takes fatigue. It is IPX6 waterproofing design to be usable to wet body of bath rise.

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Mobile massage to go to one step. As it is cordless type in USB Charge ceremony, we can use anywhere anytime. We can clear stiffness and fatigue on the spot while traveling in office.

<cordless low frequency treatment device “ ekuriarifuri ": HCM-RP01 series>

"Shiatsu" that pursued the "depths shiatsu" mode, hand massage to soften pain and neuralgia at maximum frequency 550Hz to reach deeply effectively "swats" "rubbing", and, in spite of being about 13 g of super light weight, compact Dimensions of 44mm in diameter, repeat four kinds of modes other than mode, mode switching of these four kinds in turn; "leave", and is equipped with mode of five of mode in total.

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Girl who is able at 23:00
We do not neglect the tomorrow's setup either

Able girl does not neglect preparations for work from tomorrow either. We finish that we can do it on today and utilize time at the full blast in the morning today. At first, we check plan for tomorrow in smartphone and will enter the bag without leaving necessary thing.


Trouble to enter, and to look for bo reya disappears when we gather up thing to carry including notebook PC and cable for Charge of smartphone in inner bag, and preparations before outing progress, too. As we can just enter the bag, it is effective for reduction of working hours.

<BEATTEX® inner bag: BM-IBBX13 series>

Inner bag using cloth for BEATTEX® nylon resisting abrasion, tear. Front pocket which we subdivide gadget or cables such as Mobile routers and can store is convenient. We can store PC to 13.3 inches.

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As it is rewind cable, it is convenient to put in the inner bag, and to carry. In addition, we leave in living room and do not attract attention either. When room is tidied up at the time of return clearly, feeling feels at ease, too.

<Lightning cable both sides rewind type: LHC-UALRLN series>

Lightning cable of high durability connector adoption that Charge & data communication of apparatus mounted with Lightning connectors such as iPhone, iPod, iPad is available for. By both sides rewind type that cable is hard to get entangled in, it is convenient for carrying around.

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