To realization of comfortable, effective lifestyle,
We join innovation and your living together and want to donate "go-between".

ELECOM intends; "lifestyle ・
Please tell about innovation.

 "Lifestyle innovation" is concept defining business of ELECOM. Originally our company began with product of PC peripheral device and increased product line more than digital frames afterwards. We thought, it "will be what that oneself did it" incidentally in such a case and arrived at way of thinking called "lifestyle innovation".
 In other words, we can subtilize sensitivity and react to agility for innovation though it is not ELECOM that causes innovation. As a result, having possibilities to contribute to doing living of business scene and people in home through product, service of ELECOM effectively only slightly comfortably. When it was this that ELECOM came over consistently since its formation, we fell in bowels.
 Innovation is not moreover so whether all people can conjugate immediately. We may often give birth to "gap" between technology and people. We provide product and service to become "bridge" of people who are in trouble in such a "gap" and want to let merit of innovation spread out widely to every corner. For "lifestyle innovation" that I image, such thought is put.

ELECOM until now how
We would realize "lifestyle innovation".

 In step of our company for 30 years, various innovation came up in the world, and the spread penetrated. For example, as for environmental conjugation to surround PC and the Internet, the change such as the spread of smartphone,; is symbolic. It being sincere honesty that we came as action guideline in society environment, market which continues rapidly changing. Never get away from difficult thing and objection, do not deceive. We solved the problem hard what you were in trouble in what customer sought. We choose "to do" growth, challenge that are one of the creeds of company because you may fail in motto on this occasion. We were strict and challenged together happily and were able to connect to result. This repetition is step of we ELECOM and thinks that it is way going to realization of "lifestyle innovation" in the future.

We think that there is much image called "ELECOM = PC peripheral device,"
Of "lifestyle innovation" to aim at of ELECOM
Is main target such field?

 We have not thought in PC or IT or such a category. We are thinking and it is with integration product in group companies for industry or develops super computer, and it is company which has really already done what, or, from founding those days, it is not revealed that PC and smartphone will be things disappearing sometime in person (laugh).
 In addition, we begin a full-scale business of health care connection and embedded connection to make efforts in the field of audio system, and to support IT infrastructure in the field of Smart home, the industry in future when we put in home while artificial intelligence (AI) and unattended operation, IoT (technique to tie every apparatus with the Internet), technology change such as industry 4.0 (the fourth Industrial Revolution) arise now.
 In this way, one field deep; dug, and did not do, and opened business more aside. However, it does not just mean that we do it at random. "We tie between people and machines are interfaced "how does it solve what it has trouble with to be common to all group companies?"?." After that, we investigate product, service that can provide convenience and comfort to people and think that it is to continue working on new challenge.

With "lifestyle innovation"
Under the concept to say the future ELECOM
Please tell goal aiming at.

 We recognize thought of "lifestyle innovation" that is our origin some other time after founding 30 years passing, and having fixed the eyes on future 30 years. Write "bridge" to accomplish growth as ELECOM brand loved all over the world by customer by providing product, services various as key message by "lifestyle innovation", and will be more comfortable with business and your lifestyle including home in future; want to get.

Junji Hada/President
It was born in 1953 and is from Mie. March, 1976 Konan University Business Administration Department graduation. We establish ELECOM in May, 1986 and take office as board member. August, 1992 managing director. June, 1994 executive managing director. It is President from November, 1994.