From drive to backpack trip
"ELECOM ten selections" to enjoy trip 10 times

That it is indispensable to start of 8:00 drive trip?

Digital peripheral device which became necessities of trip now including portable power charger. Traveler used to traveling chooses peripheral device which fitted own style and takes in. Such an in-vehicle item is recommended to start of drive trip and outdoor travel.


Battery residual quantity that is traveling as smartphone is existence reliable all the time while traveling is prime problem. Battery charger which is usable in one at both car and hotel is indispensable.

Cigar charger with <outlet: MPA-CCAC01 series>

Cigar charger with outlet supporting Charge entrusting you which can charge two smartphone at both car and hotel. By foldable outlet plug, it is convenient for carrying around. Maximum output is 2.4A.

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As car navigation system application for smartphone accomplishes evolution day by day, it is convenient if there are any holders for such a vehicle installation.

<vehicle installation smartphone stands (gel sucker): P-CARS02 series>

In-vehicle holder of smartphone which we can set up to dashboard. We can fix by gel sucker type well and we put repeatedly and can change. It is correspondence in smartphone which we put in smartphone to 45mm - 90mm in width and the notebook-shaped case.

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It is microUSB cable which we want to use with cigar charger of Point1, the smartphone stands of Point2. It is item useful all the time when we take one to travel destination as we wind off, and compact can carry by type.

<microUSB cable (rewind type): MPA-AMBR2U series>

We adopt trapezoid microB connector that the front and back are plain. By using in conjunction with high outputable AC battery charger and portable power charger, super fast charging of smartphone is possible. In correspondence with data communication, we can transfer files such as images in smartphone to PC.

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We record highlight of trip beautifully at 10:00

To be photogenic, and to take beautiful scenery or stimulating event that came across on trip accidentally, item important to accessories including bag. Item granting shooting-style that ELECOM is free, and is creative should be surely found.


Called "photograph as for the hobby" "off toco" these what is evaluated by people of the world series. Wide lineup that balanced manageability and design of machine parts from stylish model who wants to go out with camera on holiday to high-performance high-grade model is prepared.

<off toco series>

Camera bag series of ELECOM which was particular about functionality to support design to make trip fun and free shooting. Backpack, messenger, shoulder, Thoth, bag in bag are available from plural styles.

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It is recommended to buy more inner bags if you have familiar trip bag. If it is inner bag which gave water-repellent coating, he/she protects important things such as PC or AC adapter from sudden rain.

<CORDURA® inner bag: BM-IBCD13 series>

Inner bag who made water-repellent coating on the surface which we could store PC to 13.3 inches in. We are worn and tear up and use cloth for CORDURA® nylon of 1000 strong deniers that is thick, and was superior in the durability to wear out.

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Selfie stick which we fixed as selfie item. If it is selfie stick of ELECOM, from type with Bluetooth® remote control to type with hand shutter button, it keeps abundant lineup.

<selfie stick>

After all, model that selfie stick becoming must-have item of smartphone shooting is hand button, and I cut shutter is convenience. ELECOM is wireless as well as Wired, and lineups including type that connected type, GoPro are attached to are various.

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It is improved in cafe in breath at 15:00 by SNS

We take a break if we find wonderful cafe in the middle of trip while listening to favorite music. It is one of the pleasure only by trip of the Mobile era that can upload photograph of trip in real time in SNS. It is clicked the like button immediately by friend But, steps toward the next spot lighten with nature when there is.


Mobile keyboard is very convenient if we write diary and blog while traveling. He/she protects tablet cover type from wound and dirt at the time of carrying around.

Wireless Bluetooth® keyboard for <iPad: TK-CAP01IBK>

Wireless Bluetooth® keyboard which iPad Air/Air2, 9.7 inches of iPad Pro can set up. It is tablet cover type that adopted software leather which the feel well has good. By no stage angle adjustment, it is adjustable to angle that is easy to see tablet in total in use scene.

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When it is pattern, at slight time in accommodations, pleasure doubles to listen to favorite music. Model of Shiro Masamune design which produced "apple seed" "Ghost in the Shell" is sure that we attract attention while traveling.

<Bluetooth® wireless headphones: LBT-SL100 series>

Bluetooth® wireless model of series for anison where comic artist Shiro Masamune dealt with design. Tuning that is most suitable for listening of anison is given and reproduces free and easy vocal voice in powerful low level and clear.

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We arrange photograph data at hotel at 20:00

We come back to room after the dinner and arrange data of photograph and Video which we just took. We store superb view and event impressed with safely well and want to arrange in particular. It becomes important point so that duration of stay becomes long when proper data save and rearranging continue good trip.


Scenery and people to meet in destination are once-in-a-lifetime chance. Retake is not possible. Therefore we cannot cry anymore if thing happens that image data that we photographed has disappeared if we cry. If memory card gains all the more "reliability", we are stouthearted.

<data restoration SDXC card: MF-FSU13V3R_XC series>

Memory card which data restoration service by professional can receive only for once in term of a guarantee of one year free of charge. In "Class3" of UHS-I/UHS speed class that is high-speed interface standard, it is most suitable for use by data which we filmed in high definition including 4K.

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USB Bus powered drive type not to need external power is convenient if we take to travel destination. As this model is one type that cable and the body are not divided into, it is on travel, and we do not have to worry to lose cable.

<small size memory leader writer: MR-A39N series>

The reading and writing is possible in various Media of main 48 kinds including SD Memory Card series, Memory Stick series, multimedia card series. USB Bus powered drive not to need external power. It is cable one type without worry to lose cable.

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