Kitting solution to support Logitec INA Solutions reliable until construction, introduction, operation, maintenance of PC for total

We offer kitting solution in abundant know-how that Logitec cultivated

Logitec INA Solutions started company split-up, business aiming at construction of direct and long-term relationship of mutual trust with customer from Logitec in 2011. We further strengthen technology, specialty, mobility that cultivated "anything is for you anytime" in motto so far as company leading problem of customer to solution and will provide products and service to impress customer.

We offer kitting solution in know-how that is rich in Logitec

Hardware software maintenance service

We offer kitting solution in know-how that is rich in Logitec.
We learn enough know-how on both sides of hardware/software and it is sincere and, during custom PC, history of 30 years of Logitec including the OS installation, copes. We hold the domestic company parts and provide the maintenance service system of available relief in the domestic whole area.

Logitec being established hard wear

Logitec satisfies necessary hardware requirement as factory of customer and is made

We solve annoyance of hardware by kitting solution!

  • Until constitution of procurement - installation ... driver of necessary interface board,
    ... which it takes a great deal of man-hours, and production cost increases

    Interface for connection with external equipment is special and recruits by oneself and attaches.

    We attach interface board which Logitec needs and deliver (it supports interface board of customer supply).
    We provide master after driver constitution in conjunction with the OS kitting.
    Production cost is reduced by man-hour reduction.

  • ... great arranging exclusive PC box body
    Furthermore, it takes man-hour to bring box body which we arranged into assembling process.

    To environment of customer, special PC box health is sought, and new design is necessary.

    We arrange PC box body after the meeting with customer. It produces PCs in cooperation with assembling process of Logitec and delivers.
    Design box health of customer designation supports, too.
    Production cost is reduced by man-hour reduction.

  • Man-hour to incorporate video card suffers from one one for PC constitution that special image output is found.

    When image output is found, it is necessary to incorporate designated video card, and to do.

    Logitec incorporates designated video card and delivers.
    Without burden of man-hour, we secure required image output capability.
    Production cost is reduced by man-hour reduction.

  • We open all quantity, and logo/emblem is stuck after the receipt by OEM maker.
    Re-packing is necessary, too and takes man-hour.

    We stick company's logo/emblem on PC to offer to end user.

    Logitec sticks logo/emblem of customer and delivers.
    Production cost is reduced by man-hour reduction.

  • We want to introduce built-in UPS, but each PC does not have embedded man-hour to constitute.

    We use external UPS, but take place. Constitution, management, operation of UPS are trouble.

    Logitec incorporates built-in model UPS and delivers.
    We have you introduce UPS without man-hour burden easily and prevent system trouble not to aim at.
    Production cost is reduced by man-hour reduction.

Logitec being established soft wear

We install the embedded Uses OS (the Embedded OS) in PC made of major PC maker, and application that configuration is necessary for acts for master making including driver constitution ※Please offer driver disk from customer.

We solve annoyance of software by kitting solution!

  • When version of the OS is changed, inspection is necessary each time and takes a great deal of man-hours.

    With PC made of major PC maker introducing, the OS revises frequently.

    For the OS that long-term supply is available for, we can fix the OS version.
    Frequent verification is unnecessary.
    Production cost is reduced by man-hour reduction.

  • Application of preinstallation interferes with operation of private terminal which customer develops, and capacity is tight, too.

    Unnecessary application is included in PC made of major PC maker introducing.

    Only the OS and driver necessary to a minimum install.

  • As it is private terminal which the unspecified number of users use, we worry about security.

    The unnecessary OS service is comprised of consumer standard OS introducing for convenience of general consumers.

    The use of lock down function is enabled, and security is strengthened by the embedded Uses OS.
    [lock down function]
    ・Protection of physical storage Media of device
    ・Keyboard filter
    ・Shell launcher
    ・Application launcher
    ・USB filters
    Lock down function is strengthened in Windows 8.1 Industry, Windows10 IoT Enterprise.

  • We install application necessary for private terminal which customer develops one by one, and it is necessary to constitute driver.

    Necessary application is not installed, and necessary driver is not comprised of PC made of major PC maker introducing.

    Even if there is much terminal number to build as all software, driver constitution are included in master whom Logitec makes, it is very smooth.
    Production cost is reduced by man-hour reduction.

We hold maintenance parts in the domestic company facilities, and a maintenance pattern is different by maintenance pattern * product line of three kinds of offers by maintenance of relief

Repair-response deadline is early because we hold maintenance parts in the company facilities!

In the case of Logitec in the case of foreign PC maker

Our software kitting service offer machine with PC made in other manufacturers does not repair hardware.

Flow of kitting

Overall flow

  • Hardware
  • Software

・We heard kitting from 50 or more.
・Three weeks are used as an indication, and chosei does deadline after machine parts arrived after the decision of Specifications.


  • Flow of business talk
  • Flow until shipment

We develop the one stop full support system based in the domestic company factory (Ina-shi, Nagano)

With the results that continued stably supplying user with custom PC more than 18 years,
We acquire authorization as platinum member from intel company.

The production system

By cell production method, we build one by one

Quality standard

We adopt only parts which cleared quality standard test!

  • Constant temperature humidistat bath
  • Vibration testing equipment
  • Drop tester
Examination, measurement parameterPurpose, contents
Low temperature, high temperature examination (at the time of movement)We confirm low temperature, normal operation in high temperature environment
Low temperature, high temperature start testWe confirm whether you make normal operation after low temperature, the high temperature leaving
Vibration test (non-movement)Examination that there are not falling off and damage of parts by vibration
Vibration test (at the time of packing)We assume vibration transporting and examine strength of packaging
Drop test (kosohako)We assume shock transporting and examine strength of packaging
The insulation withstand pressure test
Insulation resistance test
The leak current measurement
Electrical safe examination, measurement including the risk of electric shock
Consumption amperometry
DC voltage fluctuation examination
DC amperometry
The inrush current measurement
Overcurrent protection test
Examination, the measurement that product adapts to electrical Specifications
Electrostatic examination
AC Lines noise examination
Durability degree examination of noise of static electricity and power supply line
The interfering wave field intensity measurement
Power supply terminal interference amplitude measurement
The measurement that adapts to VCCI standard
Second blackout testDurability degree examination of momentary blackout caused by thunderbolts

Customized simulation is on-line!

rojikonnabi (BTO support system)

rojikonnabi is estimate support service that customized simulation is possible online.
Price calculation is possible every customization of request and is available as estimate request book.
In rojikonnabi, customizable selection list is updated let alone price every month.
"Product structure code" that we made in rojikonnabi is available for a certain period of time (including this month three months).

Motherboard which is available for long-term supply or domestic power supply change various Specifications and can confirm "customization model number" and "standard price" on the spot.

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