Digital signage introduction report

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Store specializing in earphone headphones "e earphone" is introduction with "it is ELECOM oneself signage" in Uses such as store promotion

Store specializing in earphone headphones "e earphone" is introduction with "it is ELECOM oneself signage" in Uses such as store promotion

Digital signage is system sending information using electronic indication apparatus in commercial facilities or public space. In ELECOM, we promote service that we can send information to using tablet devices easily at reception desks of store and facilities. We introduce this service, and, with store specializing in earphone headphones "e earphone" presenting 6 stores in the whole country state, it is carried out disseminating information at store. We called at Komazaki of Division Director the general manager of PR sales promotion manager and potafesu about reason that had you adopt or the operational situation.

Service that can consolidate contents and display terminal in the headquarters

With e earphone state, it is said that we drained promotion Video in two tablet devices as store sales promotion use before in Umeda EST shop of Osaka. We put Video which we sent through net from the headquarters in the SD card and were procedure that staff regenerated. However, we were able to consolidate in the headquarters, and on-site trouble decreased than it carried away Video by store unit individually, and it would be easy to hit promotion, so introduction of control system of digital signage was examined.

"We knew signage system of ELECOM and decided introduction experimentally in such a case. Saying point that was controlled initial investment as tablet devices which became one and monitor whom contents could consolidate was included in monthly basis rate was good; as for saying is; Komazaki looks back.

We deliver promotion videos of the company production

It is 15 inches and two Android tablet of 7 inches that introduced into Akihabara store experimentally.

"We install near sale making efforts product in place that person of 15 inches enters shop, and stands out most. Contents that we played edited thing which improved in our YouTube channel for store. Person of 7 inches installs in display section of Bluetooth apparatus and is video to explain way or how to use to of connection"

By service that ELECOM provides, we prepare for system which even anyone can send information to using 1000 or more kinds of templates easily using "iSighWeb" (Industry Standard Architecture in Web) which is cloud service of digital signage. However, with e earphone state, we do not use template, and original video contents are delivered. When there is the system making contents in-house, such correspondence is possible, and place that can deliver various types of contents from PC for management of the headquarters is strength of this system.

  • At 15-inch terminal, we deliver Video which staff introduces impression about making efforts product to. Invention such as making key phrase telop is effective.
  • At 7-inch terminal, we deliver "connection method" for Bluetooth beginners "what is made?".

Reaction from customer is excellent to have high attention degree, disseminating information, too

It was managed at the time of coverage for about one month, but it is said that reaction from customer is big.

"There was report "that became easy to approach as it was reacted to phrase in Video" that "customers who actually took as way, and were had played before buying increased" that "opportunities to attract attention from customer increased" from staff when we heard. After such a hearing, we shortened shaku of Video and performed improvement such as putting telop in phrase which we wanted to emphasize"

In addition, Komazaki that there are many merits in real operational aspect.

As "terminal is Android, we can set automatic ON/OFF. Even if staff does nothing, it is switched on, and Video begins to flow when we do it this way and does not forget to put out. In addition, place that can change information of all terminals just to cope immediately in the headquarters when we want to revise information in Video, and to upload is convenient"

We evaluate the delivery maintenance system shipping substitute plane with one telephone

We establish permanently in store and are place worried about the maintenance system only to digital signage to manage for a long time every day. We send out substitute machine by the end of the day if we receive notification by 16:00 on the day even if trouble occurs in ELECOM without waiting for return of goods and spread the perfect delivery maintenance system. It is high evaluation in this connection saying Komazaki is saying, "fortunately, there is not trouble yet, but what have you just put notice if there is anything and cope is reliable".

We are examining development at other stores

Time machine
The general manager of PR
Sales promotion manager
ken potafesu division director

Time machine state to think of development in 5 other stores in future. It is said that he/she thinks of utilization as Media saying "we want to work on sales promotion plan to carry away promotion Video of making efforts product by tie-up with maker". "In that case, it is great that contents to broadcast for each terminal are changed convenience" and Komazaki. "For example, aggressive development is thought about saying we can hit measure without being late for movement of market where new product comes out to more as store can manage all one without thing which is different for the second generation for promotion and hand on the store side in the headquarters if there are two".

Komazaki who says, "we want you to enjoy music to have you compare by hearing freely in our store, and to like more." Only to product that attention increases by the spread of smartphone and portable digital players more and more, it is said, "there was more being particular, but woman and students increase for sound recently before". Market is activated, and naturally the side that selection of product comes to have difficult comes out when the number of articles increases. We completed saying "we want to utilize digital signage in notice at recommended product and store including notice of part-exchange campaign in future".