Digital signage introduction report

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[purena Makuhari]

Commercial facilities "purena Makuhari" of Makuhari new capital heart adopts "ELECOM easy signage"
We are sending sales promotion contents of tenant store

Commercial facilities "purena Makuhari" of Makuhari new capital heart adopts "ELECOM easy signage"
We are sending sales promotion contents of tenant store

Through LCD monitor and tablet devices, the use of "digital signage" which can deliver original Video contents spreads. The Uses including the use as advertising media in commercial facilities and the use as communication Media in public facilities is wide. In ELECOM, we provide service called "ELECOM easy signage" which packaged operation, maintenance from setting of digital signage.
Have introduce "ELECOM easy signage" with repair with commercial facilities "purena Makuhari" located at the JR Keiyo Line "Kaihin-Makuhari Station" south exit state in all facilities, and is effective to visit visitor and passerby; is disseminated information. About reason and the operational situation that had you adopt, we heard story from Sugiyama of operation center.

"purena Makuhari" in leadership borderline of a person's flow

purena Makuhari that we looked at from the station square of JR Kaihin-Makuhari Station. We turn right at in front of building, and, at the time of event holding, flow of a large number of people toward Makuhari Messe and Malin Stadium is born.

JR Keiyo Line "Kaihin-Makuhari Station" that can be also known as doorway to Makuhari new capital heart. It is commercial facilities "purena Makuhari" that is built in the front of the south exit. We make use of perfect location called only 1-minute walk, and restaurant and bookstore of about 30 stores, sports gym, various facilities including cram school enter at station as tenant.

In addition, it is building of purena Makuhari that is in front of that, at first, jump into eyes of people leaving for stronghold "ZOZO Malin Stadium" in "Makuhari Messe" and Chiba Lotte Marines which are display facilities largest in Japan from Kaihin-Makuhari Station.

He/she adopted digital signage in purena Makuhari in timing of being completely refurbished to make use of this comfortable location. It is three places of pillars outside the first-floor entrance of the hall that it was installed. Let alone user of purena Makuhari, it becomes place that is easy to stand out to commuter and event visitors walking from station.

About Makuhari new capital mind

Makuhari new capital heart is area facing Tokyo Bay in Mihama, Chiba-shi, Chiba district and is "the new downtown area" where development began in the late 1970s. International exchange function, international duties function, central duties function, research and development function, the arts and sciences, commerce, culture function, sports recreation function, house function accumulate "international city of future model that "job, house, study, play" fused" in concept integrally.

Delivery contents are sales promotion Uses of tenant

Metal base is attached in form around round prop now to know, and sign in hall is located on digital signage, the side in the front by photograph. However, according to Sugiyama of operation center, it is said that we posted advertisement of tenant in form to wind poster around round prop before renewal. Therefore put poster will be posted once for long term, and it is said that it was newly difficult to meet needs of other tenants which we want to post. In addition, there was demerit that change of contents did not work for because it was printed matter.

However, adoption of this digital signage makes possible to notify advertisement of many tenants, and 11 tenants are delivering now. Furthermore, we take in video depending on tenant, and it is done was full of changes, disseminating information.

  • Entrance of purena Makuhari that flow of person who went down from Kaihin-Makuhari Station sees. Digital signage is installed in both sides.
  • It is located one immediately outside the station square side entrance. Dimensions of monitor is 55 inches. Because there is outdoors, LTE router incorporating SIM card is used for reception of viewdata.

We choose service of ELECOM left entirely

It is said that it was request from the owner side with being completely refurbished to have introduced digital signage this time.

"As you see, in purena Makuhari, the main line of flow that a person's flow goes to business block and Makuhari Messe, Malin Stadium is from station. There was aim to want to utilize this perfect location with digital signage more"

Therefore after being looking for company providing digital signage service, it is said that we found service of ELECOM in exhibition "digital signage Japan" held at Makuhari Messe.

It "was condition that was service to have total undertake from setting to operation, maintenance as us. As we have you deliver service of ELECOM in leaving afterward just to hand the subject matter, Sugiyama says, we are satisfied very much without taking effort for this.

Reaction big to digital signage

After starting operation of digital signage, about two months pass, but it is said that the reaction is unexpectedly big.

"At first, there are many inquiries from all of tenants. Inquiry comes from tenant state that did not show interest at the time of poster one after another. In addition, on the event date at Makuhari Messe, we can often stand in line before opening, but most of people attract attention of signage. It is the situation that a lot of inquiries from the outside whether is not usable as advertising media are put other than customer and decline"

Digital signage which Video is delivered to in sequence contributes to the making of turnout of town. Sugiyama who talks about the effect saying "there was lacking impression by night around the south exit with many business buildings, but image greatly changed after it was possible for digital signage."

The exchanges with each tenant are necessary for operation of digital signage, but, as for Sugiyama, the work says that it acts as operation center and "lubricant" with the tenant side.

"We have you provide advertisement material to use for digital signage from each tenant state, but, in the process, manager and employee lead to motivation up as approach is reported to the head office and can exchange us with in charge of sales promotion of the tenant head office. As new medium called digital signage was done, communication that there was not is born so far"

As for the making of contents that gave collar of facilities in future in field of vision

purena Makuhari
Operation center

purena Makuhari that we may say new approach and put emphasis in basic contents of each tenant and are delivering now. Sugiyama wants to further refine the contents of the contents to image of facilities in future.

By "this renewal, purena Makuhari was reborn as more urbane image. We are thinking about picking up each tenant-like information in that in future while taking out collar of such facilities. It is talked, but wants to still suggest that only this increases number more as there was big reaction such as dream"