Digital signage introduction report

Naps state

[naps state]

In motorcycle article store 18 store
We introduce "ELECOM easy signage". We are delivering contents production & in a lump in the head office

In motorcycle article store 18 store
We introduce "ELECOM easy signage". We are delivering contents production & in a lump in the head office

Naps state is motorcycle outfitter deploying 1 store to Taiwan abroad domestic 23 store.
We had 18 stores of those adopt digital signage of ELECOM.
It was belonged to the company's Sales Promotion Department and heard from Y state and M state that operation of digital signage was in charge of about process or the operational actual situation that led to introduction.

To reduce notice thing in shop, and to plan is effective, disseminating information
We introduce digital signage

Having come "naps bay side Sachiura store" in Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-shi. Scene that really various wears and bags, helmets, parts line spreads when we enter one step shop. As for the selling floor space of the shop, in 297 tsubos and parking lot of wide birotoshiteori, motorcycle and car, space is secured relaxedly.

With naps state, it is said that we sell about 35,000 items per 1 store on the average. Because trade rags of poster and notice were put there, we seemed to have slightly complicated impression in the shop. Therefore it is said that Y thought that by introducing digital signage, even a little can reduce trade rag.

Naps state which had you finally choose ELECOM while you put negotiations on several for visiting exhibition. Y talks about point of the choice in this way.

"We seemed to have a look at ELECOM and seemed to be easy to use. In addition, reliability was high as there was the popularity. In addition, we thought that it was merit when it thought about future extensibility to be able to manage to three at the same rate"

As for the contents, various information including sale information is the center

  • Digital signage which meets customer at outstanding place of the doorway side.

With naps state, we install 43-inch LED monitor to footstool of easel type and are installed in store entrance. Digital signage of ELECOM supports various setting methods including wall charge account and the sky hanging, but, about easel type, Y judges "not to need to have feeling of pressure". "We can move even power supply freely if we find, and space may not feel narrowly as bottom of monitor opens"

It is sale information and information that are delivered, but not only still image but also animation is made full use of. It is said that reaction from customer and the store staff is excellent.

As "sound spreads, and there is movement, customer stopping foot is seen well. Reaction to be very good comes back from the staff. After all, there seems to be impact unlike posters" (M)

  • Contents that are delivered in naps bay side Sachiura store.

Contents for 18 stores inner; produce, and manage operation in the head office

Contents production is completely made in-house production with naps state, and M of the head office Sales Promotion Department is in charge of in all for 18 stores.

"Software to use for production of contents is illustrator and premiere of Adobe, after effect. Saying do not have any problem, and can always work as made video to deliver in the shop and YouTube; M.

"This delicate nuance may not be handed down when it sends contents production out. (Y) who thinks that it is big merit that it is handed down by becoming in-house production, to want to say directly"
M actually says, "it was convenient unexpectedly" after starting operation at 18 stores of all over Japan for about one month.

"It should be revealed what kind of state it is in by glance now whether new contents are downloaded in each 18 stores properly"

  • We can confirm delivery contents or update time at each store at glance with PC on the head office side.

In addition, it is said that function that can set downloading time of data is convenient.
"Net line might become slow depending on store when we exchanged data. Therefore (Y) that problem was solved by making setting to download all over the closing time"

We introduce into 18 stores safely and, in tight schedule, are completed

In fact, as for this digital signage introduction, it is said that it was considerably tight schedule to get ready for sale during period for Golden Week.

"We really asked sales of charge for unreasonableness. We had you evaluate anti-stress of (Y) and sales staff whom you would go to visit store of distant place that did not operate well, and sale was able to get ready safely at all stores.

In naps feeling response in introduction of this digital signage, it is said that we are thinking about use in notice Uses for staff in back office and additional setting to store in future. Furthermore, he/she considers making of contents full of descriptive power more.

"We link message to Video while using split display and want to try the making of more effective contents. In addition, we want to maintain workflow to produce each store's original content efficiently" (M)

Motorcycle outfitter "naps" which present 24 stores

Naps state founded in 1962 is motorcycle specialty store largest in Japan where is made efforts in in EC site other than 24 true stores. We make use of advantage of large store and are fully equipped with sale of various parts, articles, pit service of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism authorization and provide every service that is necessary for motorcycle life including exchange, installation, maintenance, car inspection, car washing, power check of parts.