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[Roadside Station wisteria mountain]

We introduce "ELECOM easy signage" in "Roadside Station wisteria mountain" overlooking Mount Fuji. We are sending contents to report charm of town

We introduce "ELECOM easy signage" in "Roadside Station wisteria mountain" overlooking Mount Fuji. We are sending contents to report charm of town

Oyama-cho, Shizuoka is located at the east end of north of the prefecture, west edge is town full of nature called the Fuji mountaintop. Along Route 246 via this Oyama-cho, it is "Roadside Station wisteria mountain" state that opened in 2005.
As Route 246 is industrial road connecting Tokyo and Numazu, and there is much traffic of tourist visiting Mount Fuji, it is said that there is visitor of about 700,000 a year at Roadside Station.
With such a "Roadside Station wisteria mountain" state, we had you adopt digital signage of ELECOM with renewal of restaurant.
About modi operandi or delivery contents, we heard from Watanabe of stationmaster.

Oyama-cho blessed with various tourist attractions

Oyama-cho, Shizuoka is known for nursery rhyme as the ground of the familiar "Kintaro" birth in town full of nature among Hakone outer rims of a volcanic crater including Fuji outer ring-formed three countries Range and Tanzawa Mountains which assumed Mount Fuji top and Mount Kintoki and Ashigara-toge. The north is town blessed with tourist attractions that Mount Fuji rises to Lake Ashi and the west in Lake Yamanaka, the south.

At the Tokyo Olympics of 2020, it is chosen in course of bicycle road race, and Fuji Speedway in town becomes goal point. "Roadside Station wisteria mountain" where Route 246 via such Oyama-cho is along state gathers visitors many as oasis of tourist and truck driver.

Roadside Station wisteria mountain

At Route 246 linking Numazu to Tokyo, the only Roadside Station is "wisteria mountain" state. We have vegetables and souvenir from hometown and add restaurant and tourist information center of Oyama-cho. There are many menus of system, and the class of visitors provides a lot of local repeater and truck drivers let alone tourist to Mount Fuji a whole bunch at restaurant. In addition, by set meal and menu of curry, it is one of the popular reasons that "gotembakoshihikari" from hometown becomes free to do refill.

Digital signage which sends charm of Oyama-cho

Person in charge of Nagato-shi Board of Education education General Administration Division general affairs chief Shiiba

We had you introduce digital signage of ELECOM with "Roadside Station wisteria mountain" state taking the opportunity of restaurant in facilities having been renewed in April, 2018.

Watanabe of stationmaster that facilities administration is supervised is temporary transfer from Oyama-cho, and it is said that it was registered at section in charge of sightseeing before.

When "we thought how you publicized town, we could disseminate information using beautiful Video and image and always thought when digital signage which could easily replace contents was effective at all. But there are not main stations where suitable people gather to notify such a thing in Oyama-cho. We decided introduction that restaurant renewed this time, so could not look at here to many customers"

With good response,
We choose ELECOM with plainness of packaging

Watanabe interested in digital signage goes to exhibition positively, and it is said that we had a business talk with the person in charge of several ELECOM others.

"ELECOM had part of response man power that was able to support well, but it was good that package which included price was clear with two ways. Product system which is plain so that "there is this as for this pattern, and it is said that is saying "can do anything" how much" than say, and cost money each time in organization said, is easy to make decision for adoption reason. In addition, ELECOM had voice with "(Watanabe) that balance was good" while the field of pride weak point was in companies each which came up for candidate.

Reaction big in video which photographed cooking scene from customer

With "easy signage" of ELECOM, we package menu which is necessary for introduction of digital signage including acting setting, maintenance, delivery from contents making and provide. We had you offer video and image, material such as explanation, and the ELECOM side edited contents that we produced this time. With introduction of facilities, neighboring sightseeing information, menu of restaurant, thing such as recommended souvenir, talent from hometown appears, and contents are finished in fun contents. Reaction from customer is big, and it is said that "Kintaro power roasted meat bowl" that video introduced state of cooking grew by sales after the delivery.

  • We introduce local famous place and tourist attraction with arrival time.
  • We introduce popular menu of restaurant happily.
  • We introduce special product to be able to taste only in hometown.

We choose the movable stands to be usable in flexible

Person in charge of Nagato-shi Board of Education education General Administration Division general affairs chief Shiiba
It was installed in the movable stands
Digital signage.

It is installed in the stands of daringly movable type to do without fixing LCD monitor introduced this time of 49 inches with "Roadside Station wisteria mountain" state on wall.

Saying "delivered contents for specific group at restaurant, and thought about what delivered for pulling in customers at entrance of restaurant, and did in the daringly movable stands in future"; Watanabe.

"For example, we assume that we deliver information of Oyama-cho by language of the country when overseas party traveler came"

Fix the eyes on increase of foreign traveler, as for the multilingualization in field of vision

For the Tokyo Olympics of 2020, it is expected at domestic sightseeing spot that customers from foreign countries further increase. Watanabe says that importance of digital signage further increases.

Person in charge of Nagato-shi Board of Education education General Administration Division general affairs chief Shiiba
"Roadside Station wisteria mountain"
Stationmaster Watanabe

"Tourist information center of Oyama-cho is added to Roadside Station. At such a place, there may be tablet which can explain, for example, tourist attraction of neighborhood with short videos multilingually, and there may be introducing terminal of menu at restaurant. We feel that need that information for Halal food and vegetarian for Muslim, vegan sends to comes out. It is signage which started from form that is minimum with one unit this time, but feels whether it is a chance to be utilized in various tourist attractions in town in future"

Oyama-cho that has tourist attraction on behalf of Japan called Mount Fuji. Therefore we will further evolve in future, and disseminating information with digital signage which began will be to continue sending charm of town to tourist visiting this ground.