Digital signage introduction report

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[IMS (imusu) group Ikebukuro royal clinic-like/Chiba royal clinic]

At clinic making clinical survey, medical examination,
Digital signage of ELECOM
We play an active part to disseminating information in waiting room

Digital signage of ELECOM plays an active part in clinic making clinical survey, medical examination to disseminating information in waiting room

IMS (imusu) group is general medical care, welfare group presenting 140 facilities around East Japan area.
We had 2 facilities specialized in clinical survey and medical examination of those introduce digital signage of ELECOM.
We heard story from Takahashi of manager and Sato in charge of public information in IMS (imusu) group about process or modi operandi which led to introduction this time.

We gather in-hospital notice and carry out disseminating information to person of comming to hospital

Ikebukuro royal clinic is facility in good location called a 3-minute walk from the JR Ikebukuro Station east exit. It is in space with full of relaxation feelings that the hall is coordinated with easy color, and chair and sofa that comfort has good waiting room were posted.

We are divided according to men and women, and VIP room and relaxation room are established, and floor rises in consideration that person of comming to hospital can spend comfortably.

  • Inspection waiting room of Ikebukuro royal clinic which can relax relaxedly.

It is three places of waiting room of floor for man of Ikebukuro royal clinic and waiting room of floor for woman, waiting room of general medical examination floor that digital signage was introduced this time. In addition, at Chiba royal clinic, one was installed in waiting room.

It is completely equipped, but magazines, free drink and PC corner for large size TV and reading are forms that digital signage was further installed in here in floor to have you spend even slightly comfortably during until reception desk and accounts, interview of test result explanation by doctor.

"Notice things to customer were posted with scattered formats, and voice whether you could not gather went up somehow from the spot until now. Therefore, with repair work of Ikebukuro royal clinic, we talk about news with whether you cannot send in total group public information with digital signage this time, and Manager Takahashi tells, we reached introduction.
Some notices are still left, but say that we look around the hall "(Manager Takahashi) considerably neater than the past".

  • Floor for woman on Ikebukuro royal the eighth floor of the clinic
  • Floor for man on Ikebukuro royal the tenth floor of the clinic
  • General medical examination floor on Ikebukuro royal the ninth floor of the clinic
  • Waiting room of Chiba royal clinic
  • Relaxation room with massage chair. Reservations such as reflexology and nail, hand care are possible at Ikebukuro royal clinic, too.

We introduce examinations for option in waiting time of clinical survey

As for the delivered contents, guidance of service in hall and guidance of examination for option, instructions on inspecting vary. Manager Takahashi that contents were produced says, "we think about readability and mind so that only letter does not have".

But you said to the making of contents, "it took time until we were used", and even point such as enhancement of aspect of power of expression, aspect of convenience, template and photograph, illustration material had request.

[main delivery contents]
  • ●Guidance of examination for option
  • ●Member system introduction
  • ●Caution on having a medical examination
  • ●Facility information
  • ●Wi-Fi service guidance

Applicants of examination for option increase, too, and reaction from person of comming to hospital is excellent

Digital signage is installed, and about half a year passes, but says that reaction from person of comming to hospital is good.

"People asked examination for option which we introduced increased, and which we wanted to use relaxation room for increased. I hand in form called table about examination for option, but think that, after all, there is much information and may not readily see. In that respect, it is merit (Manager Takahashi) place that we can introduce clearly with photograph and illustration with signage"

It was digital signage which we installed in waiting room, but was "(Manager Takahashi) that Uses which installed in waiting for floor of inspection, and notified medical examination or instructions on inspecting was thought" about now in future.

Think about point and cost side that you can update by oneself
It is choice with "it is oneself signage" of ELECOM

Why would you have you choose ELECOM while many makers provided digital signage service? Sato of Spokesperson IJssel Network summarizing signature or printed matter of facilities in IMS (imusu) group talks about the reason in this way.

"At first, there were dispatch of information and request that we wanted to update without putting effort at oneself. In addition, we chose ELECOM in having monitor prepared here and provide only delivery system and even price side having been correct in this hope"

Facilities of other preventive medicine sections,
We are examining setting to health centers for the elderly

Person in charge of Nagato-shi Board of Education education General Administration Division general affairs chief Shiiba
Chiba royal clinic
Manager Takahashi
(until February, 2018
In charge of Ikebukuro royal clinic)

Sato who ascertains introduction effect to this 2 facilities, and says, "8 facilities want to suggest development to preventive medicine facilities which there is now". Furthermore, it is said that Uses to drain guidance to user and multisensory background media every season in health centers for the elderly of group is considering.

Through this coverage, digital signage was impression that could evaluate points that could look at monitor without person of comming to hospital getting tired because point, screen which information could update without point, time lag which we could announce positively from point that could gather notice in hall, the clinic side changed in sequence.

Digital signage of ELECOM introduced as tool to provide information effectively and effectively while we tried to shorten waiting time of customer as much as possible. Let alone notice of well-known matter, visible effect such as increase of optional inspection and use of relaxation room is finished. Production, delivery can update information easily in-house; by "oneself signage" is further utilized in future, and is expected to be useful for administration of group facilities.

IMS (imusu) group which deploys 140 facilities to the whole country 

It is synthesis medical care, the welfare group which IMS group runs 140 facilities around East Japan, and provides consistent medical care, care from preventive health care to facilities, home health care for the immediate nature period, convalescence, the chronicity period.

imusu synthesis Service Center
In imusu synthesis Service Center in Ikebukuro royal clinic, we install hospital in IMS group and general window to introduce facilities to. Commencing with overhaul to receive test result by clinical survey, and to become the next step smoothly and hospital guidance that can be treated about care of hospitalization, entrance, tsushoto guide.