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When, "well, we do dentistry clinic" loved in area state. To disseminating information in waiting room, digital signage plays an active part!

When, "well, we do dentistry clinic" loved in area state. To disseminating information in waiting room, digital signage plays an active part!

Of South Osaka, Sakai-shi when, "well, do, as for dentistry clinic" state, all four doctors are clinics of mom and pop operation to be comprised of family. In space with reception desk and waiting room, we had you introduce digital signage of ELECOM this time.
About aim and modi operandi, we heard story from Naoto Masumoto of dentist.

Targeting at patients who are in waiting room,
We solicit service or instructions of clinic

It is waiting room of clinic that digital signage is installed. Ten kinds of present contents. A wide variety of information such as introduction of service that periodic medical examination and clinic such as visit treatment provide or basic knowledge that we treat, introduction of introduction apparatus repeats and are delivered. As can be seen, we are comprised of commentary by big visual and letter, and it is very plain contents in photograph.

Questions from patient to apparatus and service that signage including "microscope" and "whitening" introduces seemed to increase since we introduced digital signage, and reaction seems to be excellent, too.

  • LCD monitor which broadcasted TV show before. We play an active part to disseminating information to person of comming to hospital now.
[main delivery contents]
  • ●Announcement of periodic medical examination
  • ●Preventive dentistry (sealant)
  • ●Preventive dentistry (fluorine)
  • ●About cavity treatment (children)
  • ●About periodontal disease treatment
  • ●About sterilization system
  • ●About orthodontic clinic
  • ●Guidance of microscope introduction
  • ●About visit medical treatment
  • ●Please let know before medical examination (osteoporosis)
[example of setting contents]

Opportunity of digital signage introduction
Limitation to Web site by revised medical law

Unexpected answer called "regulation to Web site by revised medical law" came back when we heard opportunity of digital signage introduction from measure former doctor.

Conventionally, Web site of medical institution was not considered to be advertisement and did not become a target of advertisement regulation. However, Web site will be considered as advertisement from 2017 by revision of medical law, and the contents will undergo severe limitation by medical law.

Measure former doctor was prepared for to make Web site where we put more detailed information on, but it was appearance baffled at the start in these laws and regulations. Therefore it is said that we paid attention to digital signage which we have looked at in other doctor's offices.

"Digital signage which I saw in other doctor's offices was thing usable free, but we were on the way and had problem that we could not customize contents of contents that advertisement screen which had nothing to do with entered. We always received introduction about digital signage of ELECOM from isen print which asked for production of printed matter and Web site timely in such a case"

With PowerPoint-based template
Contents that we can customize freely are attached

As for the digital signage disseminating information of for limited person in hospital, high expression of flexibility is relatively possible without receiving regulation such as advertisement thing and Web site. Therefore measure former doctor provided photograph and sentence, and as isen print state laid out, current contents were completed. We can have you customize what the ELECOM side provided with delivery system of digital signage and PowerPoint-based template freely afterward on the customer side.

We will use video in future
Furthermore, we are going to expand contents

Person in charge of Nagato-shi Board of Education education General Administration Division general affairs chief Shiiba
masumoto dentistry clinic
Dr. Naoto Masumoto

Measure cause doctor who says that we make use of merit that can make contents at will and want to further expand delivery contents.

For "child who cannot consume breakfast, we are doing volunteer activity that local people open "child restaurant" every morning. I go once a month, too and am doing toothbrushing instruction or dental health check after a meal, but such an activity introduces, too and wants to open ring of support. In addition, as video is to be usable, we intend to open width of expression and consider wider utilization saying we want to think about the making of more effective contents.

masumoto dentistry clinic

Adjacent to shopping center, as for comming to hospital of child of neighborhood multi-;, in cause dentistry clinic letting mind, and give birth, is making efforts in the field of of preventive dentistry. In addition, he/she introduces treatment apparatuses such as microscopes which increase to 5-30 times of vision by the naked eye, and can be treated positively.

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Microscope which enables more exact treatment

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