Hotel Wi-Fi introduction report

Hotel Wi-Fi introduction report [Fujiya Hotel]
Using small size router of "Fujiya Hotel" which takes needs of the times while following traditions and history 130 years or more ELECOM, we introduce free of charge Wi-Fi service into all rooms!

The 1878 opening of business, authentic Western expression resort hotel from Japan
"Fujiya Hotel" where the Imperial Family and many celebrities stay at

It is old and prospers as post town of Tokaido and is "Fujiya Hotel" which what there is in one of 7, Hakone hot water Miyanoshita hot spring in Hakone where we gathered many people as health resort, sightseeing spot opened in July, 1878 (Meiji 11) after the Meiji era. As convenience was good for Tokyo and Yokohama soon in authentic resort hotel which adopted first Japanese westernism architecture, we showed turnout in many visit to Japan foreigners from the opening of business those days.

We can know history of Fujiya Hotel
Museum is in hotel, too.

Through hardship such as being destroyed by fire by catching fire from next door of "Miyanoshita big fire" of 1883 at hotel, we are completed now in the main building becoming face of hotel in 1891. In consideration of security of fire, we introduce lighting caused by home generation of electricity (we switch to hydraulic power generation later) using heat and, in the case of the main building completion, always read point of the times and are hotel which took in new thing. Afterwards, in the Taisho era, we experience Showa and the times of turbulence and are used as facilities of the alliance national military for postwar 1:00 period, and MacArthur and Eisenhower stay, too. In August, 1954, we finally restarted general business.

Many buildings including the main building are registered with the modernization industrial inheritance of registration tangible cultural property and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Agency for Cultural Affairs. Moreover, Chaplin and Helen Keller, many celebrities such as John Lennon family stay, and, the royalty including Emperor Showa, empress, state guest from foreign countries, they stay.

It is Hakone and staying place of neighboring sightseeing, and many hotel guests visit now to enjoy historical building which let the West and Japanese culture fuse every time. As well as staying, we thoroughly enjoy traditional French food while looking at picture and sculpture drawn on compartment ceiling of main dining and spend teatime relaxedly while looking at seasonal scenery of the main building lounge and can taste atmosphere of hotel.

In the spring of 2014, such tradition and Fujiya Hotel with history introduced small router of ELECOM into all 148 guest rooms, and they started free Wi-Fi service. We heard story from staying in Fujiya Hotel section's section manager Michiaki Orita this time without spoiling process of free Wi-Fi service introduction and precious building how introduction construction was performed.

Internet service that we introduced first
Wired LAN using line of television system

It is 2007 that we introduced Internet-access service first. It was system to connect in wired LAN. There were few business uses, and needs of Internet connection from customer were not high in those days, but it was opportunity that story to maintain Network in total happened to repair of television system in hall. "We found information that system which we could connect was to the Internet using TV line to guest room and we chose supplier and introduced." (Orita). For system, we extended LAN cable from terminal of television system behind large TV to modular jack for wired LAN that we installed in the right side of TV stand. In this way, Internet-access service by wired LAN came to be offered to all guest rooms. We were able to employ user freely just to tie with wired LAN port and LAN cable of PC.

When information terminal usable easily such as smartphone and tablet came to play an active part by appearance of iPhone and iPad before long, inquiry whether Wi-Fi service was not usable from hotel guest who owned these terminals in guest room came to come to the front desk. Inquired frequency gradually increased, but we had you connect in wired LAN of guest room or asked you using the paid Internet in lobby each time.

Meanwhile, hotel system of reservation, staying management would reach update time in 2014, and the preparations began in 2012. We put new systems together in the times and made data cloud, and joint ownership managed data in the whole group hotel, and it was planned that cloud introduced optical line as infrastructure appropriate for making. As for becoming, examination was accomplished Wi-Fi of Internet-access service by this timeliness. We tied building which there was multiple as one with optical line at first and located Wireless AP for each area, and facilities such as fleece pot which there was not of password were suggested, but were careless for realization as expenses of laying construction of optical line were too enormous.

We start rental service in 20 small routers
Was popular, but for normal business routine failure of the staff

There is group movement to introduce small size router of ELECOM into altogether in July, 2013 while concrete plan is not decided, and even Fujiya Hotel will prepare for approximately 20 small size routers for rental. By having small router which we rented connect with modular jack of wired LAN of guest room with LAN cable, this "rental service" makes wired LAN Wi-Fi.

When "rental service" was started, request for use was beyond expectation from domestic hotel guest let alone hotel guest from foreign countries, and all 20 were loaned out approximately every day. However, on the other hand, Hotel staff went to guest room and came to often cope for hotel guest who did not know setting and how to use of subcontracted weaving for rent. In Fujiya Hotel, guest room breaks up with flower palace, Western-style building, forest building in plural buildings around the main building with the front desk and is existing large size resort hotel. The staff made a round trip to distance that had a long front desk and guest room whenever we received inquiry, and, moreover, you must cut the staff for correspondence when malfunction occurred, and it was so as to affect normal business routine. "We have got nervous until voice to want to stop service, but then are illogical on the site. Then it was talked about most what we installed in all guest rooms beforehand." (Orita). It led to story to introduce small router of ELECOM into all rooms in this way.

We do not disturb atmosphere of classic hotel
We carry out setting construction that accepted the spot

We were able to work in the facilities staff of hotel if we just installed small size router because there were already facilities of wired LAN in all guest rooms in introduction of free Wi-Fi service. However, "we entrusted professional and will ask to ELECOM including construction than handmade feeling by the staff is given when the finish will be good." (Orita). We carried out setting construction after salesman and the person in charge who was specialized in Wi-Fi service did field work to hear request from Orita in ELECOM while being particular about the following point.

One is SSID and plainness of password. As password at the time of factory shipment was 13 digits of random alphanumeric characters, trouble by input error of customer occurred frequently in the "rental service" times and burdened the staff. It is possible it is original and sets SSID and password depending on request as service for corporation in ELECOM, and to ship. We set SSID which hotel guest was easy to understand this time and eight digits of passwords for each guest room.

The other about look of wiring processing. Most of buildings with guest room are registration tangible cultural properties, to walls, as for the terminal of television system, modular jack of wired LAN has been already installed in the right side of TV stand in the backside of TV without being able to process to be inconspicuous. We added there small router and connected LAN cable again, but finished cables not to make any influence for summary, cleaning work neatly.

In addition, we adopted "LAN cable with security lock" so that connector fell at the time of cleaning that small router and LAN cable were the backside of TV and were in a condition to have been exposed this time, and it was mischievous, and cable was not pulled. In this way, of LAN cable of course pull LAN cable, and falling cannot take the small router body. "Anti-theft holder" to fix to wall surface prepares in ELECOM, but like this time to facilities when cannot construct, is means that "security LAN cable with lock" is effective for.

Construction assumes basics between 2:00 p.m. from 11:00 a.m. and carries out about vacant guest room between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. We completed all 148 rooms in only three days without limiting business of hotel.

Constantly advancing network system
We think to future infrastructure and adopt ELECOM product

Free Wi-Fi service was introduced into all rooms, and there would be what kind of change in the spot. In the days of "rental service", "we might feel pressure in story that trouble was over for normal business routine of the spot staff, but such a story completely disappeared after the introduction in all rooms." The situation seems to have changed suddenly with (Orita) in good direction.

Introduction item of this free Wi-Fi service seemed to have candidate approximately three including ELECOM, but then it would be what kind of reason that adoption of ELECOM product was fixed from that.

One is expense side. We might use existing wired LAN facilities, and estimate amount of money was about 1/6 than system which laid the above-mentioned optical line newly, and set up Wireless AP for each area. Large-scale repair was examined including television system in the near future and agreed with hope that we wanted to introduce without spending money this time if possible.

Another big reason is the result about wireless LAN. ELECOM begins to deal with peripheral device, and it is earlier than Windows 95 appearance that other peripheral device makers have begun to treat in the Network apparatus for PCs, and, more than 25 years, there are the results or more and accumulation of know-how from the MS-DOS times for 20 years. If it was ELECOM as wireless LAN was constantly advancing and was the technical world to go ahead through, it was judged that it was possible for the making of infrastructure which was continuous ahead.

Eyes are apt to be suitable only for the history, but Fujiya Hotel always thinks about the making of infrastructure which is available to customers comfortably, and they are going to take in new facilities. "Introduction was too slow from the upper echelon received ticking off in this Wi-Fi system introduction when we seemed to hurry." "It may be asked about Wi-Fi service from unexpectedly old customer recently. It may be connected to history in now not only we follow tradition, but also read needs of the times sensitively, and to have changed." We talk with (Orita). As well as history and tradition, posture of hotel ascertaining the current times may attract many hotel guests from now on.

We do not damage registration tangible cultural property, building of the modernization industrial inheritance,
We introduce Wi-Fi service at low cost while making use of existing facilities!

In the case of Fujiya Hotel

Problems before introduction

  • We will plan full-scale remodeling of facilities in the near future and want to hold down introduction cost.
  • Large Wireless AP covering plural guest rooms has too high main line construction cost.
  • We introduced subcontracted weaving for rent, but burden the front staff.

We solve the problem by small router introduction of ELECOM

  • Make use of existing facilities by small router; is slash with introduction cost.
  • We can hold down introduction expense and realize introduction in all rooms.
  • By introduction, burden on front staff decreases sharply in all rooms.
  • We were able to install without injuring building by accessories made of ELECOM.
Wi-Fi is introduced by slight construction in guest room by existing facilities

We just attached small router made of ELECOM and, between terminal and wired LAN modules of TV facilities in existing hall, complete construction. High-speed Wi-Fi service was introduced into all rooms by simple construction without opening ceiling or wall.

※Figure in hall is Image diagram which we made to make construction contents plain. It has nothing to do with placement in real hall.

Small router is set up by tradition and historical guest room without adding hand by construction!

Flower palace suite - chrysanthemum ...

Special room with atmosphere that is the solemnest in flower palace. We can expect the main building, Western-style building and cityscape of Miyanoshita from big window. Sculpture is given everywhere in room and can enjoy compartment ceiling which is solid made and sculpture elaborated in detail slowly and carefully. It is room which continued being loved by celebrities of each country. hiki is in bath of room in natural hot spring of Miyanoshita.

TV which was placed at the corner of room. TV terminal in hall which was established not to attract attention on the back of TV and small router. It is modular jack of wired LAN that is in the right side of TV.

The main building superior Ruth in Chaplin room

Extensive room which feels history of Fujiya Hotel. Comfortable light comes in through big window. We draw natural hot spring of Miyanoshita into bath of room. There is decoration of hat and stick on wall as if Charlie Chaplin has ever stayed at room of photograph and images that.

This place is established to be covered to TV. We adopt lock-type connector so that cable does not fall out at the time of cleaning. As small router can lock, it is useful for mischievous prevention and prevention of theft of router.

Do you not make hotel, inn Wi-Fi hotel?
From investigation to construction, leave it to me in ELECOM!
Other than detailed explanation "simple estimate" "construction cost payment in installments plan"
We show "maintenance menu".
Fujiya Hotel
Founding: July 15, 1878/location: Miyanoshita, Hakone-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa
Fujiya Hotel becoming the nucleus starts a business on July 15, 1878 (Meiji 11). Plural hotels further run restaurant and golf course, various facilities around around Hakone, Mount Fuji as well as Fujiya Hotel.

We had you accept interview this time
Staying in Fujiya Hotel section
Section manager Michiaki Orita.