Hotel Wi-Fi introduction report

Hotel Wi-Fi introduction report [highland resort hotel & spa]
In resort hotel in the foot of world heritage "Mount Fuji" where foreign countries pay attention to the country all 165 guest rooms Wi-Fi!

※We transcribe Fixed Wireless Access point into "Wireless AP".

Of resort facility, Fujikyu Highland of the Fuji foot of a mountain
Official hotel "highland resort & spa"

Amusement park "Fujikyu Highland" in the foot of Yamanashi side of Mount Fuji introduces large-scale scary ride becoming topic and takes in attraction of popular character in sequence and is entertainment facilities which always have freshness. It is "highland resort hotel & spa" of the opening of business for 1,986 years that stands in neighboring land as official hotel of Fujikyu Highland.

Highland resort hotel & spa planned pulling in customers utilized location as official hotel of Fujikyu Highland in one of the hotels which highland resort company ran. As Mount Fuji was registered with world's cultural heritage of the UNESCO for 2013 more years in June, we come to attract attention as Gateway Hotel of Fuji Five Lakes area recently and add to tourist from the Asia area from before, and tourists from Europe and America increase rapidly, too. Hotel guests requesting free Wi-Fi service increased with that and started free Wi-Fi service every guest room in the spring of 2014 in order to support the needs.

In the spring of 2014, we called at Hiroyuki Takada of Eiichi Ogawa of General Manager highland resort plan promotion and Section Manager general affairs department about process that would introduce free Wi-Fi service into all guest rooms using small router of ELECOM this time.

For business demand
We carry out Internet-access service in 2004

It was about 2004 that the hotel supported the Internet environment for the first time. Because opportunities taken advantage of increased for offsite meeting of company and various groups as Fuji Five Lakes area had few hotels with big banquet room (banquet room) and holding of F1 Japan Grand Prix was fixed at 2007 more in Fuji Speedway and did, we were introduced into demand by business use as infrastructure maintenance that we put together.

We rented "modem, cable, telephone wire" to customer with set at first, and PC - modems were "VDSL methods" that LAN cable, modem - modular jacks were telephone wires and tied. This method did not have to lay LAN cable newly to guest room and was able to misappropriate infrastructure with existing telephone wire. Afterwards, we installed modular jack of wired LAN in each guest room to update of PBX in 2011 and were updated for method to loan out only LAN cable to customer.

However, change of the times is intense, and needs of Internet-access service using Wi-Fi increase by the explosive spread of appearance and smartphone and tablet of high-speed Wi-Fi standard rapidly this time. At first, there is request of Wi-Fi introduction to banquet room from business side for acquisition of more conventions and will introduce Wireless AP. On the other hand, needs of Wi-Fi service increase from foreign tourist and they set up Wireless AP around lobby in the summer of 2012 and start free Wi-Fi service. When it was after the introduction at group figure and night that foreign tourists who came for lunch by bus gathered in lobby after a meal and used free of charge Wi-Fi service, foreigner hotel guests gathered in lobby and, in the face of scene which operated smartphone and tablet, carrying Wi-Fi game console, seemed to come to feel the need of free of charge Wi-Fi service in guest room.

Needs of free Wi-Fi service to increase,
We cannot make wired LAN system which we just introduced into waste

It increases before foreign tourist who visited Japan in 2013 breaks through 10 million people. We aimed at acquisition of foreign tourist of personal trip called FIT (Foreign IndependentTour) at the hotel and felt that offer of free Wi-Fi service in guest room was union card. Actually, the first place of service that the foreign tourist by result of Japan Tourism Agency "visit to Japan foreigner consumption pulse-taking" (from January to March in 2014) demands becomes "free Wi-Fi service".

Therefore number more than 10 million yen came out when the hotel asked supplier with business for estimate of Wi-Fi facilities introduction. "We updated the Internet facilities of all guest rooms, and it was difficult to do large amount of investment for similar service in the situation that had not stood yet for three years either." (Ogawa)

We find that "small size router" of ELECOM is introduced as tool which makes wired LAN in guest room of hotel Wireless for article that we found in net while we examine good method originally at the hotel and come to think that this method may be suitable. However, we felt that it was difficult without know-how to introduce by paying own expenses.

In connection with "Yamanashi Free Wi-Fi project" that ELECOM participated in accidentally as collaboration company in such a case, we met the person in charge of ELECOM, and Wi-Fi got opportunity to hear suggestion of making. Therefore it was plan that what was suggested used the above-mentioned small router for.

We do not waste existing wired LAN facilities
By surprising low cost all guest rooms Wi-Fi

We call for method to make wired LAN of guest room Wireless using small router with "small router plan" in ELECOM. When modular jack of wired LAN has been already installed in guest room, this plan is plan that makes use of existing infrastructure, and can largely hold down introduction cost. We already cut LAN cable to modular jack of a certain wired LAN once in the middle in guest room and be accompanied and connect connector to WAN port and LAN port of small size router each on both sides of cable which we cut. Wi-Fi connection is enabled in addition to existing wired LAN newly only about this. As we get off only with cheap small router and simple construction in guest room, only minimum cost suffers from introduction. "It was very suitable suggestion for our hotel where we could introduce Wi-Fi facilities into while making use of existing facilities without taking cost." (Ogawa)

We take answer that can understand and, at stage when we saw estimate amount of money shown to after the field work, grow story for introduction at a stretch if good if it is this and, from the person in charge of ELECOM having introduction know-how of Wi-FI facilities to various facilities abundantly, will take budget measures for small question immediately.

For "small router plan", system which supplier who got estimate at first suggested installed large Wireless AP in corridor of guest room at regular intervals and shared in plural guest rooms. When we call this method "Fixed Wireless Access point plan" in ELECOM, and LAN cable is not laid to each guest room, it is plan that can control construction cost. However, that not only there are already wired LAN facilities in each guest room, but also, in the case of the hotel, wall and door of guest room get a grip on themselves as structure, too, and rather electric wave is hard to reach in guest room with is the plan; had problem. As we install small router in guest room if it is small router plan, we do not come under influence even if there are wall and door which did well. Actually, small router at the hotel is used in state that lost the electric wave output in 15%, but still it is in stably available electric wave level in guest room.

Using time when there are a few investigations by construction method of each room beforehand
We complete 165 construction in three days

Budget falls, and it is necessary for introduction to construct guest room of 165 of fixed thing. At time that construction was carried out in February that is off-season, but can spend for construction in guest room where a reservation is made from check-out to check-in only only have 3 hours. Any place other than single, twin, the Western-style room such as double, there were a little less than 50 kinds of various guest rooms including Japanese-style room and character room because it was resort hotel and was not the situation that could construct all by the same pattern. Therefore by investigating the situation of guest room for full one day, classified guest room as the person in charge of ELECOM in some patterns before construction and did preinclination so that construction on the day advanced smoothly. As a result, "we had you do 10 floors, all 165 without what circle taking 3 days. Construction sound was small, and staying customer was not troubled either." I received very high validation from construction that advanced with (Takada) smoothly.

Indoor Wi-Fi correspondence is publicized by tourist from foreign countries
We will plan enhancement as Gateway of Fuji Five Lakes in future

Eight months already passed after the introduction, but operation is favorable. As Wireless router is installed in guest room, without problem that radio wave does not touch, there is not objection from customer, too. As for the connection Manual which ELECOM provides, connection method in Android/iOS/Windows is explained in four languages of Japanese-to-English China and Korea each, and there does not seem to be inquiry about setting, too.

  • Router connection Manual,
    It supports four languages of Japanese-to-English China and Korea.
  • Screen of BOOKING.COM.
    Thing supporting free Wi-Fi is published as facilities.

We have enrolled in overseas OTA (Online Travel Agent) such as Expedia and BOOKING.COM with introduction of free Wi-Fi service to guest room at the same time, and tourist from foreign country seems to grow surely, too. Of course it is listed in facilities guidance of site that there is free Wi-Fi service. We seem to aim at facilities more satisfying as gateway of Fuji Five Lakes area while building higher secure environment to further dig up meeting demand about Network facilities as future development, and going ahead through upgrading of backbone corresponding to increase of quantity of expected packet, construction of contents service to customer, and there being priority entrance 30 minutes before the opening in Fujikyu Highland for hotel facilities, and making use of superiority as official Hotel to have you thoroughly enjoy constitution assets of the world assets around Fuji Five Lakes efficiently.

All all 165 guest rooms support free Wi-Fi service!
Effectively utilize existing wired LAN facilities, and is the smallest cost; Wi-Fi!

We adopt construction method to form of guest room and confirm guest room and existing facilities by field work,
We will suggest construction plan suitable for each hotel, inn.

In the case of highland resort & spa

  • We adopt "small router method" to effectively utilize wired LAN facilities which have been already installed in guest room
  • We realize wiring construction cost zero by having utilized existing wired LAN facilities wired in guest room
  • We dissolve dettosupotto by installing small router for each guest room
  • We classify Specifications of guest room which is nearly 50 kinds by feasibility study and carry out suitable construction each
  • Construction is completed in only three days while doing business by feasibility study
  • As for the operation after introducing by connection Manual of four languages that it is easy, and are plain smoothly
Do you not make hotel, inn Wi-Fi hotel?
From investigation to construction, leave it to me in ELECOM!
Other than detailed explanation "simple estimate" "construction cost payment in installments plan"
We show "maintenance menu".
Highland resort company
Establishment: June, 1982/head office: Fujiyoshida-shi, Yamanashi
We establish as management mother's body of "highland resort" that opened Fujikyu Highland as the core facilities and resort hotel which did in March, 1986 to support recreation needs to diversify. We perform administration of "Hotel mount Fuji" of prefecture Yamanakako-mura "Fuji golf course".

We had you accept interview this time
Eiichi Ogawa (the left) of plan promotion general manager
Hiroyuki Takada (the right) of general affairs department's section manager