Hotel Wi-Fi introduction report

Hotel Wi-Fi introduction report [Hotel Metropolitan Akita]
It is stability that is important by daily operation! We make use of past lesson and introduce small router of ELECOM!

※We transcribe Fixed Wireless Access point into "Wireless AP".

It is next to one JR Akita Station of northeastern sightseeing base,
Convenient city hotel "Hotel Metropolitan Akita"

City hotel adjacent to JR Akita Station that is central station of Akita, commercial facilities "topiko" is "Hotel Metropolitan Akita". In one of city hotel brand "metropolitan hotels" of "JR East hotels" which is group companies of East Japan Railway Company., Akita station building runs with commercial facilities "topiko" "Arusu".

We are opened in 1986 as "Akita terminal hotel" and become current "Hotel Metropolitan Akita" in 1996. Afterwards, current administration became in the form in 2004. It is in hotel facilities loft from the third floor commercial facilities "Arusu" the second floor above the ground from house the first floor 9 stories above the ground and 1 story underground of the basement. The number of the guest rooms is next to JR Akita Station that is all 115, terminals of Akita Shinkansen and is good hotel of location for both sightseeing and business very.

It is used as one of base of sightseeing in Tohoku commencing with sightseeing around Lake Tazawa and Oga Peninsula widely by domestic and foreign tourists, and there are many customers stayed consecutively at. In addition, as well as tourist, we accept Japanese coming for various meetings and inspection, training, a lot of groups of foreigners. There are weak yen and trip to Japan boom of foreigner, too, and foreign hotel guests mainly on Southeastern Asian system increase recently. Hotel guest who decreased under the influence of the Great East Japan Earthquake is force to greatly exceed the number of people before earthquake disaster now for 1:00 period.

After all, it is free Internet-access service to be required when foreign hotel guests increase. "Free Wi-Fi service" that is available from smartphone in particular and tablet becomes important so that service that foreign tourist demands comes first ※.

In the spring of 2014, we introduced free Wi-Fi service using small router of ELECOM into all guest rooms in Hotel Metropolitan Akita in order to support the needs. About the process, we gave to Tadashi Okawa of Akita station building general affairs department facilities project manager this time and provided high service in the field of IT and we had Division Director Director eye neck IT support Division Tomoyoshi Sato, chief Division corporation sales department sales representative Michiya Yamagami who supported introduction of Wi-Fi facilities of the hotel attend and heard story.

※From Japan Tourism Agency "visit to Japan foreigner consumption pulse-taking" (from January to March in 2014)

We begin to see influence for business activity
Already very urgent free Wi-Fi service introduction

We start free Internet access service by wired LAN to needs of hotel guest in Hotel Metropolitan Akita in 2004 and install modular jack for wired LAN in all guest rooms. Afterwards, with the spread of wireless LAN, we have begun to offer Wi-Fi connection service by rental of small router from around 2012. Five prepared small router for the front desk and were very slender service that we loaned out whether Wi-Fi was not usable from hotel guest when there was inquiry.

However, the spread of recent explosive smartphone/tablet raised the need of free Wi-Fi service rapidly. Many hotels in same Akita-shi fell while they already introduced free Wi-Fi service, and "they were the situation that they must introduce even immediately." (Okawa). Actually, we lost opportunity of group reservation from foreign countries and have not had customer from foreign countries where you came to in walk-in (hotel guest without reservation) knew that free Wi-Fi service was not usable and stay.

That it is for granted, and, in business side, it is taken off at the time of negotiations with travel agencies by the choice of accommodations that is asked whether free Wi-Fi service is prepared for if do not cope; was in a disadvantageous situation. And introduction plan of Wi-Fi facilities finally began in the autumn of 2013. However, past bitter experience revived in head of Okawa then. That was time when we introduced Wi-Fi facilities into hotel where we had been ever engaged in in Tokyo.

The most important point in operation is stability
We make use of past lesson and set product on enough inspection

Okawa was engaged in setup of hotel approximately 340 in Tokyo before proceeding to Hotel Metropolitan Akita, and introduction of Wi-Fi facilities was experienced in that, too.

We introduced small router of a certain maker into each guest room, but trouble came to occur to small router of almost all in 1 months then. It was often found to restore if we did even reboot that the apparatus broke down and vomited, but it was kind of trouble in its own right. Whenever it receives objection of trouble occurrence from hotel guest, it rushes to guest room, and this is because you pull AC Adapter and put and must do. "Trouble occurred frequently while there were 340 guest rooms and we felt serious and did work to pull, and to run to difference of AC Adapter each time." (Okawa). As it took place too frequently, we had manufacturer check, but, as for the cause, it was not revealed. We had you build resettable system via Network in consultation with system company, and most troubles finally calmed after all. Still it was not improved 100%, and there are many troubles that the correspondence same as before needs, and lesson at this time will greatly influence this introduction.

Okawa investigated candidate apparatus minutely this time when introduction of Wi-Fi facilities was decided and chose small size router made of ELECOM. And it was the first candidate because after actually repeating test under the condition that assumed environment to use more than three months, we did not have any problem and continued stably working. We had to talk to Yamagami of the eye neck which was business partner at the same time. In "around last autumn, there was consultation in us and suggested some introduction plan. About apparatus to use, verification using actual machine was made in of Okawa and had you recommend small size router of ELECOM based on the result." (Yamagami).

Fortunately, after there being business between the eye neck and ELECOM, and approaching sales representative of ELECOM with story, Wi-Fi of hotel seemed to lay emphasis on construction business in ELECOM, and story advanced smoothly, and field work at hotel was carried out in January in the next year. When "we asked other companies, it was said that even investigation did hundreds of thousands of, but investigation expense was cheap, and ELECOM did as free of charge (during campaign) at this time." (Yamagami).

In investigation, we installed high-performance Wireless AP in corridors and checked which of "small size router plan" to install small size router in "Wireless AP plan" to provide with Wi-Fi of plural guest rooms with one unit and each guest room was appropriate and even foyer and lobby of introduction plan checked electric wave state separately and decided plan.

Small router and AC Adapter
We settled in outlet box for wired LAN!

As a result of having considered field work and on-site system, guest room will be pushed forward to Okawa by plan using recommended small router. On the other hand, in foyer where open area is wide and front lobby, plural number will set up high-performance Wireless AP in appropriate place.

One construction completed all 115 rooms in four days while seeing the situation of check-out and check-in in around ten minutes.

As we were equipped by modular plate of wired LAN and plate having same AC outlet, there is space in outlet box, and big Features by this introduction is to have been able to put small size router in that. It does not have to open threaded hole on wall when it is this construction method, and to fix small router, and look is good, and there is not worry of theft, too. As we can work just to take off plate, construction is easy, too. "There was suggestion to put apparatus in the outlet box from ELECOM and was surprised. Because we entered at ceiling Exit of modular bath at first and intended to install in in the ceiling." (Okawa).

At first, we take off plate, and construction cuts LAN cable in outlet box and attaches LAN connector to both ends. We add tap to AC cable if we connect each to the WAN side and the LAN side of small router and just connect AC Adapter. It will be construction method that we can make use of 100% of merits of the body and AC Adapter of small Dimensions in.

Environmental setting does not have to set by one on the hotel side to ship after setting to request of in front of the visitor and can begin operation commencing with SSID, password immediately. As electric wave state is very good, and electric wave reaches as initial setting to neighboring guest rooms when we install small router for each guest room, we control the output to 15%.

Operation begins and passes soon for half a year, but Okawa meets with smile saying "you do not need to do anything and are really already in comparison with trouble of Wi-Fi facilities which we ever introduced maintenance Free state.".

ELECOM salesman in all windows,
Response realizes well smooth introduction, too

High validation to ELECOM is not from Okawa. As for "thing and the estimate of products, construction charge, technical thing must often talk with each person in charge by sales representative, construction so that it was said with support charge, but, as for the ELECOM, sales representative was able to feel that Yamagami who was the person in charge of the eye neck which supported introduction was other companies about business-style of ELECOM for sense of distance of job briefly very much as it was in all windows. This is high evaluation saying question is easy to ask a question, and the response is good, and work advanced very smoothly again.

Then what kind of change would there be by introduction of free Wi-Fi service on the site? When there was only wired LAN, convenience of hotel guest improves as thing which had you use fleece pots such as cafes under hotel came to be able to use free Wi-Fi service in guest room, and it is popular, and communication traffic volume increases from the wired LAN times, too. ELECOM provides connection Manual which is multiple languages that informed of SSID and password edition by default and is considered so that foreigner hotel guest is not in trouble.

We came to have you publish that guest room coped with free Wi-Fi service in Web site and brochures such as travel agencies as sign of service list in business side and, let alone tourist, seemed to come to be able to appeal to businessmen widely.

By introduction of free Wi-Fi service to all guest rooms, we finally caught up with needs of the times this time. However, the 11ac need for standard feels next time as smartphone and tablet corresponding to Wi-Fi of 11ac standard that is higher-speed than 11n standard have already come up like iPhone 6. To that end, on-site skill up is important to cope with operation to be complicated. We intend to introduce promising service in future while arranging such a task and seem to want to aim at hotel which can always meet needs of changing customer.

Of modular plate for wired LAN that was in guest room
We store small router and AC Adapter in outlet box!

We confirm guest room and existing facilities by field work,
We will suggest construction plan suitable for each hotel, inn.

In the case of Hotel Metropolitan Akita

  • We adopt "small router method" to effectively utilize wired LAN facilities which have been already installed in guest room
  • Of existing wired LAN modular plate united with AC outlet
      We store small router and AC Adapter in outlet box
  • We realize wiring construction cost zero by having utilized existing wired LAN facilities wired in guest room
  • We dissolve dettosupotto by installing small router for each guest room
  • We install Wireless AP for high-performance corporations in large lobby and foyer of open area in ceiling

We store small router in outlet box of wired LAN!

SSID and password of small router set to contents of hotel-like designation and can ship.
If construction is over, we can manage immediately.

Do you not make hotel, inn Wi-Fi hotel?
From investigation to construction, leave it to me in ELECOM!
Other than detailed explanation "simple estimate" "construction cost payment in installments plan"
We show "maintenance menu".
Hotel Metropolitan Akita
The opening of business: July, 1986/location: Akita-shi, Akita
We are opened in July, 1986 as "Akita terminal hotel". It becomes one of city hotel brand "metropolitan hotels" of "JR East hotels" which is group companies of East Japan Railway Company. in 1996.
From 2004, Akita station building runs.
Hotel official site
Eye neck official site

We had coverage support this time
The Akita station building general affairs department
Tadashi Okawa (the photograph left) of facilities project manager
The eye neck
IT support Division
Board member division director Tomoyoshi Sato (among photographs)
Division corporation sales department
Sales representative chief Michiya Yamagami (the photograph right).