Hotel Wi-Fi introduction report

Hotel Wi-Fi introduction report [Lake full moon tower]
Historical hot-spring hotel is Wireless AP for corporations of ELECOM and introduces Wi-F- service into guest room!

※We transcribe Fixed Wireless Access point into "Wireless AP".

In "Hawaionsen" of Tottori history more than founding 80 years,
Inn "Lake full moon tower" having outdoor bath floating on the lake

Soon the Sea of Japan of Tottori; is approximately central, and lake in Yurihama-cho, Tohaku-gun is "Lake Togo". Lake Togo is lake approximately neighborhood 12 kilos, but, in rare lake where hot spring breeds in from the lakefront and the bottom of a lake, one of the hot springs in the shore is "Hawaionsen". It is marida at the beginning that allowed to float ship which you put up hot water that person called "Kosuke" sprang out of the bottom of a lake in 1866 (Keio 2) to the lake top and picked up barrel on on the lake and to take a bath.

Because we are influenced by weather, it becomes outdated once early in the Meiji era, but when lakeside development advances, hot-spring resort comes to be formed, and the source is had hot water supply of now afterwards in each facility by association.

There was "Hawaionsen" in the times when "*tsuonsen" was called by another name, but we took the name from Hawaicho of the location in 1978, and it was in "Hawai Onsen", and it was further for "Hawaionsen" and hiragana letter notation in 1998. It is merged with neighborhood municipalities and becomes Yurihama-cho, but American Hawaii Hawaii county and sister city are cooperating now in November, 1996 of the Hawaicho times.

And it is "Lake wish tower" where one of the hot-spring hotels standing in this "Hawaionsen" introduced Wi-Fi service for hotels of ELECOM into at this time.

Lake full moon tower starts a business in 1931 (Showa 6). It is all 97 inns located facing Lake Togo with history 80 years or more. The best pride is on the lake in front of inn; marry inn at cinnabar red bridge at "outdoor bath in lake". We use the source that we built from the bottom of a lake and can enjoy hot water flowing constantly from the source while looking at the sunrise to show over there of lake, scenery on lake including the sunset. We may not build building newly now on the lake, and outdoor bath comes to be very rare in Japan which is rich in hot-spring hotel in lake. Dishes can enjoy fresh fishery products and Matsubagani, local ingredients including Tottori Japanese beef from location near the Sea of Japan. In addition, it is used as staying place of actor, the staff at Japanese location of Korean drama "Athena" and appears as the stage of comics "excellent detective Conan".

There are many hotel guests of good Kansai of convenience by car, but Nakagyo district increases recently by rail, too. In addition, tourist from foreign countries seems to be in tendency to increase, too. Therefore we started free of charge Wi-Fi service in guest room using Fixed Wireless Access point made of ELECOM (following, Wireless AP) for improvement in services from foreign countries to hotel guest in March, 2014. We asked bokorosomubucho*koshokyoyo about process of Wi-Fi service introduction and the apparatus choice, the situation after introduction this time.

Invitation of foreign tourist who works on Tottori
Utilize subsidy; and to introduction of Wi-Fi service

There was constant number from the old days of thing which decreased by the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake for 1:00 period, and hotel guest from foreign countries greatly grew by main hall removal of a shrine of Izumo Taisha Shrine which began recently in 2013. There is hotel guest constantly every month around Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and a lot of patterns to stay for 2 nights visit neighboring sightseeing spots such as Oyama, Tottori Sand Dunes on group tour of 25 to 30 persons.

Foreign tourist to Japan surpassed 13 million people a year last year. "Should we do one what more to stretch out toward the inbound (tourist from foreign countries) a little more?." Thought called (Hiroto) will lead to introduction of free Wi-Fi service to guest room.

Wi-Fi service was available before introduction to this guest room only in the first-floor lobby in Lake full moon tower. When actor and the staff of Korean drama "Athena" stayed for approximately one month several years ago, scene that everybody used the Internet in lobby was seen, but I seemed to witness speed of wireless LAN decreased to use Wi-Fi all at once. Afterwards, we were sorry and seem to have often thought that you could use the Internet while relaxing in room even if we did not have guest room get off if there are any Wi-Fi services to lobby when foreigner saw state to operate tablet in lobby. Then it would be what in a few minutes with opportunity when we finally selected introduction of Wi-Fi service as. "Subsidy system for inbound promotion is in Tottori while opinion that the Internet wants you to be usable from customer in guest room becomes bigger and bigger.

In system to take out subsidy to thing that this system led to invitation of foreign tourist, Wi-Fi environment maintenance became a target of assistance, too. Wi-Fi service provision to guest room has begun to finally move towards realization in this way.

We want to entrust supplier thinking, "it is secure to entrust"!
As a result, suggestion from ELECOM is adopted

It became the next problem which supplier introduction of free Wi-Fi service to guest room asked in rule. It is consultation in consulting firm with carrier and business major in after asking telephone-related construction supplier with acquaintance in hometown, having been shown disapproval. Therefore it is ELECOM that was introduced. "Explanation of the real spot person in charge was plain and had you cope with point where did not know kindly." We talk about impression of (Hiroto) and the beginning.

What ELECOM suggested on seeing the spot places Wireless AP in share department and is "Fixed Wireless Access point plan" to share Wireless AP of one in 2-4 rooms. Body with merit that we covered plural rooms in Wireless AP which installed in ceilings of corridor as guest room did not have existing LAN wiring, and construction charges become cheaper. In addition, it is easy to cope with maintenance as there are few apparatuses to install and does not enter finished, guest room either. Furthermore, it does not meet eyes of customer, and there is not worry of mischief because we can set up Wireless AP in the ceiling and backyard.

Besides, was talked with some suppliers, and became competitive bid, but "was able to have answer properly without explanation being polite, and person in charge of ELECOM depending on question. We felt that we talked and could entrust you most. Amount of money-like thing is important, too, but future maintenance when there was anything, can talk, and is more reliable. We constructed, but decided in ELECOM as we did not know afterward and were in trouble." We get high validation with (Hiroto), and suggestion of ELECOM will be adopted.

  • We set up Wireless AP near the inspection door of corridor.
    There is not AC power for PoE connection.

To existing facilities and situation of facilities
The most suitable plan is suggested by two basic plans

In ELECOM, we prepare for two kinds of basic plans. One is "small router plan" to recommend when wired LAN port has been already installed in each guest room. As we just add small Wireless router to LAN cable laid to guest room, we can make good use of existing facilities and can finish for minimum construction charges as wiring work is unnecessary.

Guest room does not have existing wired LAN wiring, and the other introduces this plan by "Fixed Wireless Access point plan" to recommend when it is necessary to lay LAN wiring from zero in Lake wish tower. Wireless AP installs in share department including corridor and backyard, and they share in plural guest rooms. As it is not necessary to lay LAN cable to guest room, we can hold down wiring work charges.

In addition, Wireless AP adopting copes with all standards to be used in the public on the site this time including "IEEE802.11ac" which is the latest wireless LAN standard. Besides, it is high-performance model for corporations which can tolerate severe on-site use. Is easy to install in place where is apt to stay of heat including in the ceiling without being exposed to corridor and ceiling as is heat-resistant 50 degrees Celsius Specifications; is designed. In addition, term of a guarantee is nice by default for three years. Transmission rate is transmission rate of room of up to 867Mbps (theoretical value) in 11ac, too.

In correspondence with "PoE feeding (※)", it can supply power supply to Wireless AP using LAN cable from PoE-adaptive switching hub. In this way, it is not necessary to do power supply construction without AC power newly in place setting up Wireless AP. In addition, it is saved laying construction of LAN cable with power supply construction by "PoE pass-through function (※)" as Wireless AP which received PoE feeding can further feed Wireless AP in point. Moreover, it is possible to tie Wireless AP with Wi-Fi by the deployment of "WDS function". By using these functions to the on-site situation, can minimize wiring work charges.

On security side, it is equipped with "STA separator function" and does not come to be able to communicate between customers. As SSID and password for coding set up after customizing in desired contents to be easy to manage on the inn side, they do not have to have you change on the inn side.

By using these functions well, commencing with PoE feeding, realize smooth construction and stable electric wave environment this time. (we explain function of ※ seal in the lower page.)

As for the construction very smoothly
Thing that "there is not evaluation" after introduction is evaluated

Construction was carried out in March, 2014. Construction advanced smoothly to work between from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. when hotel guest disappeared for having you do assigning rooms that considered progress schedule which it was submitted to on the inn side by ELECOM and was able to finish Wireless AP27 stand and wiring and setting construction of associated apparatuses such as switching hubs on only 3rd. We dissolved dead point for adjusting setting place so that electric wave of Wireless AP reached enough with it was place where some electric waves including special room with area were hard to arrive. We can enjoy Wi-Fi to let you choose place in guest room which is larger than this. It is a little less than one year, but it is applied without objection from serious trouble and customer smoothly by introduction.

Even if hotel guest did not appear to lobby, after introduction, you became able to use Wi-Fi service freely in own guest room. Would good evaluation come to be provided from customer as expected? "On the contrary, there is no reaction regarding Wi-Fi from customer. It is the same as using Wi-Fi at home, and it seems to be commonplace that Wi-Fi is usable according to customer freely in guest room." When "Wi-Fi was not usable from overseas customer in room, I was sorry, but we were able to meet when we would like lobby, but, before introduction, that disappeared now when asked." (Hiroto). It is that it is said with result that introduces Wi-Fi service into guest room, and got evaluation from customer that there is neither evaluation nor inquiry about Wi-Fi.

In Wireless AP for corporations where electric wave reaches widely
We cover plural guest rooms

Guest room does not have existing wired LAN facilities and is recommended when we construct from LAN wiring newly!

Lake full moon tower-like introduction point

Problems before introduction

  • Guest room did not have wired LAN facilities
  • We do not want to expose apparatus in guest room and corridor if possible
  • Electric wave reaches big guest room including special room or is worried

We introduce Wireless AP for corporation of ELECOM!

  • We share Wireless AP in plural guest rooms and simplify wiring work
  • Electric wave sets up strong Wireless AP at heat-resistant 50 degrees Celsius in ceiling, too
  • To area of guest room, we adjust position of Wireless AP
Image using PoE-adaptive Wireless AP of ELECOM
※Figure in hall is Image diagram which we made to make construction contents plain. It has nothing to do with placement in real hall.

We cover 2-4 in high efficiency Wireless AP and support special room by justification of Wireless AP

We cover 2-4 in Wireless AP which we set up in the ceiling or pantry of corridor. Wi-Fi of guest room can realize becoming by minimum wiring work without doing LAN wiring newly to guest room.

Area is large, and special room is in far-off place from corridor. By setting up Wireless AP near the special room, adjust even the back of guest room so that there is not dead point.

PoE feeding and PoE pass-through function

  • PoE feeding

    As PoE feeding combines with possible switching hub, can feed using LAN cable without AC power around Wireless AP. Power supply construction is unnecessary and can install electric wave state in the best place without being kept at position of power supply.

  • PoE pass-through

    From This product which caught PoE feeding, PoE is function that can feed in yet another This product. Power supply construction is unnecessary and can save LAN cable wiring, too.

Do you not make hotel, inn Wi-Fi hotel?
From investigation to construction, leave it to me in ELECOM!
Other than detailed explanation "simple estimate" "construction cost payment in installments plan"
We show "maintenance menu".
San-in, Hawaionsen government registration International Tourist inn wish lake tower
Founding: 1931/location: Hawaionsen, Yurihama-cho, Tohaku-gun, Tottori
All 97 number of the guest rooms long-established store inns more than founding 80 years to stand in shore "Hawaionsen" of "Lake Togo" of Tottori. Outdoor bath is facility which is very rare in the whole country in lake using the source of the bottom of a lake.

We had you accept interview this time
The Lake full moon tower manager of General Affairs Department