Features of ELECOM


We cross collective strength and specialty as strength for 30 years
We make use of development of products technology and experience that accumulated
We offer solution to various business domains.

01 Collective strength

Including product simple substance
We solve problem of various domains

We solve until problem in not only problem to product simple substance including custom board flash storage custom PC, PC peripheral device, Network product but also system wide.

02 Specialty

Of specialized domain
We offer solution

By having design and development of all the hardware necessary for solution by oneself, provide solution of specialized domain such as medical care, environment, crime prevention, disaster prevention, communication, broadcast, machine tool, education.

01 Collective strength Collective Capabilities

We realize 20,000 points or more wide product line naps as the PC supply largest company.
Furthermore, we continue developing and selling 2,000 points a year or more new products.

Let alone supply products such as mouse pads and IO device products such as mouse, keyboard,
We sell supply products corresponding to new digital gadgets such as tablet or smartphone.
In addition, the field of digital home, application that in late years strengthened development of Network products such as wireless LAN routers,
Service domain including cloud service and setting of wireless LAN access point spreads out.

02 Specialty Industry Expertise

Only high collective strength and wide product line nap are not strengths.
We provide the most suitable solution for specialty that is high for inherent problem of various industries.

Energy-saving image
Energy saving

By energy saving system
We manage facilities collectively,
We reduce electricity bill.

Image of security

We are sharpened with surveillance camera
Security reinforcement. At parking lot
Empty detection is possible, too.

Image of disaster prevention
Disaster prevention

In existing Network
Critical alert indication.
We prepare facilities for disaster.

Medical image
Medical care

There is not medical institution
It is live streaming with area
Telediagnosis is possible.

Image of information

Of station, airport, commercial facilities
We computerize guidance.
Visitors data
It inflects for marketing.

Image of production control
Production control

Domestic company design ・
By support of factory
We promote efficiency of line control.

Image of education

Utilize IT
Of education environment of school
We support reinforcement.

By development of products technology and our experience that accumulated for basic posture 30 years
We meet a great variety of needs of customer quickly and exactly.

  • Image of new product development and sales

    To provide better thing
    We develop and sell 2,000 a year or more new products

    We are considering to be rival now even if thing in market is company's product. We develop and sell new product which is higher than the cause of way of thinking to provide better thing, 2,000 a year items.

  • Image of severe selection criteria

    We must clear severe selection criteria,
    We do not stock the product

    The choice of supplier of product takes quality, cost, the supply system into consideration generally and performs. By clearing severe selection criteria, about quality in particular, offer high-quality product to customer.

  • Image of quick service by distribution center of office and two east and west of 23 bases of the whole country

    Of office and two east and west of 23 bases of the whole country
    We do not keep customer waiting by distribution center

    In distribution center of office and two east and west of 23 bases of the whole country, we provide quick service. We make use of national Network, and introduction consultation, setting, maintenance in plural areas including branch and store of customer are possible.

  • Image of support center of the company administration that about 100 staff is resident

    Support center of the company administration.
    We support trouble of customer thoroughly.

    In support center, about 100 staff is resident. We think about the situation of customer and act to meet not only company's product but also question for the body apparatus using as much as possible.

Make use of solution to ELECOM group's original technique and know-how, in every needs of customer
We offer wide solution to meet.

Image of Logitec INA Solutions

You can use in the long term in peace
We offer superior custom PC for industry for business use.

Logitec INA Solutions gathers plan, development and production, examination, inspection, maintenance support service in the company factory in Japan. We can have customer use product in the long term in peace because we are consistent until support from plan in the company in after.

Logitec INA Solutions home
Image of Hagiwara Solutions

With flash storage product for industrial instruments
We support long-term stable operation of system.

Hagiwara Solutions is 15 years or more; accumulated as well-established maker of flash storage for industrial instruments for many years. We build the consistent system of development, production, sale, support for the cause in the know-how. Our product is used for industrial instruments such as facilities and medical equipment in factory, bank ATM widely.

Hagiwara Solutions home

Passed more than 60 years, and cultivated; is high
We build next-generation transmission system in transmission technology.

We develop new service that let development of products, broadcast and communication technology by operation fuse after the high transmission that DX ANTENNA passes more than 60 years and cultivated. We are good at the new field for the future including disaster prevention, the welfare, security renewal wireless communication system and offer solution.

Image of D crew technology

It is pursued in every field
We develop "sensing network system".

We work on medical care and health care, care, environment, town planning, car, problem solution of every field including social infrastructure through development of sensing system in D crew technology. We lay emphasis on reinforcement of cooperation with product government college and put seeds of product government college together ideally and lead idea of customer to embodiment.

D crew technology home

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