We protect apparatus applying my number system by security measure from information leakage!

We prevent unauthorized access by security measure for my number system, and let's prepare for information leakage!We prevent unauthorized access by security measure for my number system, and let's prepare for information leakage!

What is my number system (social security, tax number system)?
What is my number system?
My number is scattered now and manages the basic pension number of managed pension, person insured number of care insurance, address number to use for desk work in the local government with one "individual number" (my number system), and it is "number system" that we can use with each field, each engine transversely. Notice to individual of my number is started in October, 2015, and, in January, 2016, the real use starts.
Where do you employ?
My number is used by all business that salary, money payment to individual including stock dividend produce. What should be careful in particular "salary, personnel affairs-related duties." Private company receives the presentation of my number (my number of person/family) from all employees and lists my number of each person in withholding slip and must submit to administration (local government and tax office).
Why is security measure necessary?
When we flow out, and my number including much personal information is misused, we are at risk of being no match for conventional personal information. As well as employee, according to human being that we want to abuse, database of company managing my number of the dependent collectively is gold mine. Not only severe punishment is sentenced for outflow and carrying out of my number by just that much, but also leads to drop of corporate image.
What kind of measures can you take?
From ELECOM, we will suggest security measure product which is most suitable for my number system. Than personal information conventional as for my number because of the importance at the time of leak become high-risk. By security measure to have now, do you not strengthen information leakage measures?

My number security measure: Security measure of wireless network

Prevent connection except authorized user by IEEE802.1x/EAP certification function; security measure!

It can prevent by combining with Radius (the certification) server, from connecting impermissibility apparatus. We prevent access to Network of department applying my number system and, in correspondence with IEEE802.1x/EAP authentication that only user where access was admitted can connect to Network, can build secure Network.
※Radius (the certification) server which has been checked the operation of, supplement Kant, please confirm this.

Security measure to prevent access to wireless network of department applying my number system
It is effective because it is PoE feeding
We cope with PoE tray electric equipment ability and pass-through function. It can supply power supply only with LAN cable near if we use PoE even if there is not power supply and can build Network effectively.
The multi-SSID function deployment
It is configurable in the certification and encryption method for each SSID to realize various security policy with one unit! It is configurable in up to 32 SSID (2.4GHz: 16, 5GHz: 16).
Three years guarantee of relief
(sendobakku maintenance)
We guarantee for three years of relief for term of a guarantee (sendobakku maintenance). We prepare for reassuring maintenance service, delivery maintenance and sendobakku extension maintenance with option.
We realize energy saving automatically
It is equipped with function in power saving schedule to turn off Wireless and LED automatically in offices of holiday when use of wireless LAN is infrequent. We realize energy saving without trouble.
Setting option article is supplied
We attach exclusive metal fittings and magnet as standard equipment. Wall charge account, ceiling charge account supports various attachment means. In correspondence with Kensington lock, we protect apparatus from theft.
Management tool for free offer
We released management tool for several access points free! In simple setting window that we narrowed down only to item used well, we can change several machine parts for equivalence setting collectively.

My number security measure: Security measure of wired network

Security measure of the number system my by VLAN function in Network between departments minute apart!

The VLAN function deployment that we can divide Network into with one Switch for each every department and group. In correspondence with VLAN of Port Bass, MAC base, subnet base, protocol base, the Network division that we prohibit access to Network of department applying my number system and are based on various policy is possible.

Security measure to prevent access to wired network of department applying my number system
The QoS function deployment
We cope with QoS function becoming indispensable to real time application which is not permitted of delay. In correspondence with QoS function at layer 2/3/4 (802.1p/DSCP/TCP, UDP port) level, we can introduce into Network which has already controlled QoS simply.
Spanning tree
(STP/RSTP/MSTP) correspondence
It supports various spanning tree protocols to perform course change in redundancy configuration automatically. From basic 802.1D STP, we cope with various Network to MSTP for 802.1s with high affinity with 802.1w RSTP and VLAN with high-speed convergence function.
Three years guarantee of relief
(sendobakku maintenance)
We guarantee for three years of relief for term of a guarantee (sendobakku maintenance). We prepare for reassuring maintenance service, delivery maintenance and sendobakku extension maintenance with option.
Port Trang King correspondence
We prevent tsushindan at the time of cable obstacle as backbone band spreading to up to 5Gbps provides long-windedness with offer possibility by bundling up plural giga ports.
It supports the IEEE802.1X certification
We cope with the IEEE802.1X certification to prevent connection to Network until connection authorization is given. We realize strong security without putting effort by unitary account management in combination with RADIUS server.
The WEB certification function deployment
The WEB certification function deployment that can authenticate Mac and smartphone, various OS terminals including tablet as well as Windows PC unitarily. We can authenticate if equipped with browser without depending on the OS.

My number security measure: USB memory

Security X management is soft and shuts out virus!
USB memory with license of security software mounting

When PC of department applying my number system is infected with virus, we may cause serious trouble. Security USB memory prevents information leakage of important secret data including my number due to viral infection. If file infected with virus is detected, you are isolated automatically by exclusive folder and can prevent viral infection as you choose and can deal and can use in peace. In addition, we can reduce leak risk of my number even at the time of loss or theft of emergency in password lock function.

It is user identification in password lock function
It carries password lock function and cannot see retention file until we carry out password authentication. Even at the time of theft and loss, we can reduce leak risk of confidential information including my number.

As access to data needs password, security strength increases.

We scan note data
We check virus at the time of note to memory automatically and cope by isolation, deletion. We protect PC dealing with important information including my number from viral infection.

It is automatic check with virus at the time of note to memory

Automatic encryption of hardware level
Note data are encrypted all automatically in AES256bit by konrora. Even if we break down the body and read data directly, we cannot read saved content such as my numbers by coding.

We prevent leak of critical information including my number in automatic encryption and raise security strength.

We deal with new variety of virus by automatic update
As we update for latest virus definition file and program automatically when connected to the Internet environment, we can always use in peace.

We update automatically

※The above is a part. The license number of years can choose memory capacity from 2,4,8,16, 32GB from 1,3, five years. 
→Trend Micro → McAfee

Management software-adaptive model is available, too
Model corresponding to management software "security USB manager" (separate sale) prepares, too. We enable operation and management that by using software for manager, met information security policy and can consolidate USB.

Main function, Features

  • Setting of password policy is possible! We appoint text length and letter class of password and prevent setting of easy password and can lock in multiple mishit.
  • DL of data to home PC is limited by copyguard function! As saving data in security USB memory to PC or print, screen capture are prohibited, other than the designated PC, they can strengthen data leak measures such as my numbers more.
  • Log management of file manipulation is possible! Who performed what kind of operation with which PC, or manager can confirm the use situation of file.
With management software-adaptive + password lock function
It is soft correspondence USB memory for manager equipped with password lock and information leakage measures function by automatic encryption.

My number security measure: Security wire

Introduction reliable by prior inspection
We prevent information leakage such as my numbers with selectable security wire from abundant lineup

It is security wire protecting apparatus applying my number system from physical theft. Lineup available if you like including padlock, cylinder lock, dial lock. To setting environment, combination of subwire and Key type is possible.

※Other lineups including Key type option goods, please identify this

To Uses; and of key
Management method is available
To a great variety of management methods, we can choose type of key. You can set to environment and condition of office.
※General key, master key type become order industrial products.

My number security measure: Port guard

We block up Universal Serial Bus port/LAN port and guard physically and follow confidential information including my number from information leakage
We prevent unjust connection to empty Universal Serial Bus port/LAN port

We prevent unjust data save to storage medium such as notebook PC, USB memory, HDD by blocking up Universal Serial Bus port and LAN port of apparatus applying my number system physically. It is security measure that we can introduce easily at low cost.

Of with key
LAN port protector

It comes in to space port of hub for LAN and is key protector belonging to preventing network failure by unauthorized use and misuse of space port. It is available and can prevent invasion of dust to space port widely from office to home, too.
Universal Serial Bus port guard

We prevent unjust USB connection by blocking up Universal Serial Bus port of PC and are Universal Serial Bus port overpass preventing leak of critical informations such as my numbers. Stopper gets into Universal Serial Bus port by pushing slide of the body and can block up Universal Serial Bus port physically. It is removable by inserting protrusion in the body cap in stopper.

My number security measure: Peep prevention filter

It is security measure by peep prevention filter which realized unprecedented thinness.

It is terrible to expose screen which is full of personal information!
We protect screen displaying my number from peep.
As screen looks like black from screen outside than right and left about 30 degrees, we guard screen of errand well!

With only "0.3mm"
It is thin and is spirited
We realized thickness "0.3mm" and unprecedented thinness, and filter did not interfere keyboard, and even thin notebook PC was hard to be blurred by high definition display and realized screen which it was easy to consider brightly.
Luminosity that it is easy to see to eyes kindly
We reduce surface reflection of lighting and plein air at "5.5% of reflectance ratio" and realize brightness that it is easy to see to eyes at "69% of transmissivity" easily. In addition, we possess "99.9% of UV cut rates" "blue light cut rate about 42%" and high function.
Soft material
As we adopt soft material with a little fear to be damaged even if we turn, we do not have to worry to be broken with filter. In addition, we match reflector and Matte side with Uses and preference, and use is possible.

My number security measure: Tablet storing wagon

It is security measure with up to 20 tablet storing wagons which is available for storage in a mass while charging tablet.

We can accommodate and keep in a mass while charging up to 20 tablet! As both front, back doors are locked, we can keep in peace.
In good steering wheel of operability and solid-looking large casters as for the movement easily.
In consideration of safety, all the corners of housing adopt round design.

My number security measure: Monochromatic laser printer which can print secret documents which we cannot print with shared printer for Wi-Fi

It is security measure with laser printer of domestic minimum size not to choose setting place

We are at risk of being lost in printed matter of loss and other departments when it is joint ownership printer and prints secret documents including my number and personal information.
In compact Dimensions in the side of desk, we make an outstanding performance as private printer.

Compact Dimensions
It is 337mm in width X 220mm in depth X 178mm in height and monochromatic laser printer of the domestic smallest compact Dimensions. (in the size of ※ Wi-Fi-based A4 laser beam printer. As of August 31, 2014. Our investigation.) As it is compact Dimensions, it is placeable in small space such as counter or reception desk window.
New generation model for Wi-Fi
It is equipped with Wi-Fi as standard equipment and can be printed by the same wireless from smartphone and tablet. It supports Airprint of iOS. It is for Android and prepares exclusive application "ELEPRINT" (Google apps).
In A4 Dimensions of 22 pieces/m
High-speed printing
We realize high-speed printing that 22 pieces of A4 Dimensions (one side) can print for one minute. It is equipped with CPU (600MHz), memory (128MB) which are Heiss peck and realizes high-speed processing which there is not of stress.

My number security measure: SUREAX (shuakkusu) which is secure, and keeps personal information file

It was kept by Excel We keep personal information well!

Access control becomes securer by using user identification and not only password but also company ID.
Besides, we are reliable if there are any access records at the time of problem occurrence.

It can output login/access log by company ID+ user ID+ password anytime It can output login/access log by company ID+ user ID+ password anytime

We have original access, and it is prevented by company ID
User ID and not only password but also company ID are necessary to log in. As we cannot log in when these do not agree, we shut out unjust login. We assign your company identification space on the cloud and manage by company ID.

We can chase in access log
With emergency state, which user ID can download/operation log that was recorded when by which/file what kind of/operation you did.
You can use even everyday confirmation duties for chase of emergency.
We are reliable because we can manage only your company
In space for exclusive use of your company in cloud, manager makes user and sets access right to policy. Manager accesses and, at the time of transfer and the retirement of employee, can set.
It is unknown, and, like file-sharing service that individual uses, at the time of the retirement may secure security what kind of information is kept.

We watch unjust approach with> surveillance camera and protect my number!

We watch unjust approach with surveillance camera and protect my number!

We can check unjust approach and unjust operation by recording entering and leaving to department handling server room and my number. In addition, we detect night intruder by night vision mode and moving body detection and can tell manager by email.

We protect apparatus which detects night injustice intruder, and applies my number system from leak! We protect apparatus which detects night injustice intruder, and applies my number system from leak!

Watch brief even from remote place and whereabouts
We can easily confirm Video from PC and smartphone. Exclusive apparatus and construction can be introduced by unnecessary at low cost.

Troublesome setting is very easy!
As it is P2P connection, setting is easy. It is available without making special setting to router.
In addition, you can enjoy smooth Video by going by way of relay server when Network line of whereabouts is thin.
We can photograph at dark place
We locate infrared LED around lens of camera. If it becomes dark, we are replaced by night vision mode using infrared automatically.
As clear can photograph subject at the night and dark place, we can record clear image even if there is intruder in the night by any chance.

We let moving body detective function link and detect intruder!
We detect suspicious individual and abnormal thing that it was in and will tell by photograph email belonging to by making moving body detective setting.
In addition, we can threaten Video in voice of the person seeing as camera body has speaker and Microphone built-in when we detect intruder.
Connection method available to environment of setting place
We prepared for model that we could install if there was power supply by model to wire to wired LAN environment, model to wirelessly connect in wireless LAN environment, LTE connection of docomo.

"Log management" to record system log or the use results NAS (Network Attached Storage)

At safety management measures of my number
"Log management" is required!

Information "guidelines (company) about the appropriate handling of specific personal information" which we wrote down content that company supported my number and should work on in. There are regulations to record system log or the use results at "organized safety management measures" of this inside.

Validation and setting of access log

Validation is completion just to add check to "effective" "SMB" from "user access log" in "system management" menu icon. We click "system log" in "system management" menu icon. We choose "Samba" among pull-down menu of "indication" and are setting completion.
We click "system log" in "system management" menu icon. We choose "Samba" among pull-down menu of "indication" and are setting completion.

  • ・Log is kept to 10,000 cases with initial state.
    If records become 10,000 or more, records from the first case to the 10000th case are deleted.
    The number of the storage is changeable to 30,000 cases, 50,000 cases.
  • ・Access log of all joint ownership folders remains.
    Log of joint ownership folder (public =Yes) without access right setting remains, too.
    However, this case, PC name, IP address is recorded, but all the user names become "nobody".
  • ・Even if Foreign System Font including ①②③, IIIIII is included in file name, we can record access log.
Validation and setting of access log
The date time The date and time when file access rose
Computer Computer name of origin of access
User User identification that we access
IP IP address of origin of access
Action Operation contents (※)
Type File or folder
Event The relevant file (folder) name
File size Capacity of operated file
Log that we displayed is outputable in CSV.
※The action details ・Action for folder Making, deletion, change of the name to open. ・Action for file Reading, note, deletion, change of the name. File creation is displayed with "note".
Validation and setting of access log

When we reached the number that we appointed when we choose "the number of the records" and we choose "automatic export" and click "application" icon, csv file is kept by joint ownership folder which we chose with "user access log" screen, and log that kept is deleted by the screen top. The number of the records can appoint "10000" "30000" "50000".

The replication function deployment

Archived file can be confirmed by Excel in joint ownership folder.

Is there product which we want to try? Limited sample & verification machine rental service of corporation user

  • How will be the feel not to understand on specifications?
  • Please refer for person who is anxious about affinity with system (hardware software) using now.

※There is product which is non-targeted for rental. About target product, I would like inquiry.