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Hold the name for customers of corporation; guidance of order. (case for tablet PC, USB electric fan, mouse, USB memory) excellent case is recommended to novelty and souvenir.
Hold the name; order TOP page Hold the name; merit of order Product that we enter, and order is targeted for the name
Hold the name; delivery of goods, packing form of product Flows from estimate to delivery of goods  

We classify the name into novelty, souvenir, and order is recommended!

For "open campus" and "company briefing session!"

Original product which the name puts logo and illustration and did is most suitable for novelty, souvenir.

To various souvenirs including foundation memory, graduation memory!

To various souvenirs including "memory that is a graduate!"

It is most suitable for original souvenir which we placed logo and illustration as souvenir of important memory.

In business tool!

In "business tool!"

The name pays for novelty and souvenir to important customer to distribute by events, and product is excellent at effectiveness of advertising.

For open campus and company briefing session!

For "product promotion!"

It is recommended to distribution to visitors. We can put data such as school guidance, company profile in the USB memory.

※We put data, and service is rate separately.

Hold the name; flow until USB memory delivery of goods
Hold the name; flow until USB memory delivery of goods
※When the schedule mentioned above varies according to product, deadline, Specifications, there is.

You put the name, and please inform the following inquiry window of inquiry about USB memory.

≫Inquiry to a branch office

Hold the name; estimate request application for order on this paper after filling out by FAX! Estimate request seat [PDF]
※Application is limited to customer of corporation. Thank you for your understanding.