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Security USB memory for Trend Micro

McAfee version is this

As USB Flash Memory can carry a large quantity of data easily, we are utilized widely in not only personal Uses but also company and government offices. However, it is convenient, but on the other hand is at increased risk for leaking information at the time of loss, and damage when we have leaked out is serious by any chance. To utilize convenient USB Flash Memory safely. It is suggestion of USB Flash Memory for corporations from ELECOM Hagiwara Solutions.

We prepared for USB Flash Memory equipped with each "security USB memory which virus measures were soft, and was famous for Trend Micro" "McAfee version security USB memory" scan engine. When by virus measures which has been already introduced in companies being soft, and having you choose scan engine in total, virus was detected by any chance, we can take measures quickly.

USB3.0 model
● Security capability USB memory with
● Software-adaptive security capability USB memory for manager with
License period Article number Capacity
One year MF-PUVT302GA1  2GB 
Three years MF-PUVT302GA3  2GB
Five years MF-PUVT302GA5  2GB
License period Article number Capacity
One year MF-PUVT302GM1  2GB 
Three years MF-PUVT302GM3  2GB
Five years MF-PUVT302GM5  2GB
※License period is virus measures software pattern file time for renewal and term of a guarantee of hardware.
● Management software    
It is management software which security setting such as password policy, Network policy is available for.
[security USB manager]
 Article number


● Update pack (pattern file)   ● Update pack (pattern file + hardware guarantee)
It is update pack extending virus pattern file update license period for one year.
[pattern file one year update pack]
 Article number

  It is update pack extending virus pattern file update license period and hardware guarantee for one year.
[we update for pattern file & hardware guarantee one year and pack]
 Article number
The "virus check function" to prevent viral infection deployment
In writing of data to USB memory When we carry out virus check automatically and detect virus, we take process to move to "isolation" folder promptly. After the activation, we can receive update services such as virus pattern files during validity of support service contract of each license model. Trend Micro
The "password lock" which is not usable if we do not input password function deployment
As password certification screen starts automatically without installing special setting and software by patent technology, convenience is not necessary at all for setup work by manager highly either.
The "hardware AES256bit coding" function deployment
In writing of data to USB memory, it is equipped with "hardware coding function" to encrypt data automatically, and to save. Very reliable, in encryption system, adopt "AES256bit" of the best class in the public as security capability. "AES" is encryption system which has high security characteristics so as to be used in Japan and American public institution. It is relief design that cannot read contents unless we decode code that data are saved in state that we encrypted on the memory and to break down the body and take data directly. AES 256bit
It supports device management solution
By "Product ID" and "serial No", identification of device is possible. In addition, we can realize cooperation with information leakage measures solution as we can hang special format in data save area with exclusive tool (initialization tool).
Collective management by software for manager is possible! (only as for the software-adaptive version for manager)

By using software (optional/payment) for manager, set device policy of virus measures USB series by lump and can change. We prepare various setting items to cope with security policy in company.

Main function
Change permission/prohibition setting of password by user
Change permission/prohibition setting of password hint by user
Setting of the smallest text length of setting password
The smallest text length setting of the alphabet to include in setting password
The smallest text length setting (1-16 characters) of number to include in setting password
The smallest text length setting (1-16 characters) of sign to include in setting password
Clear function/remote password clear function of password
Setting change TOOL output capability which is available in distant place
Auto-login set-up function
Local update set-up function
Use PC restrictions function
We correspond to software for manager
We prepare for two kinds of license extension packs
In addition to model to extend only license period of conventional virus check function, we prepared for model to extend in total for hardware term of a guarantee to be able to use after the license update in peace. (license update becomes update of unit for one year. In addition, guarantee of hardware becomes until up to five years.)