We play interview video
We play interview video

In ekuriarinappu
We make "flexible beautiful buttocks"

Original method of "beautiful buttocks prince" Jun Takeda device
We are releasing "flexible beautiful buttocks make" for a limited time!

Effect of home EMS apparatus "ekuriarinappu"
We tighten the buttocks circumference by drawing to the maximum,
We make attractive Bucks tile.

It becomes dancing posture and the basics dressed in the back
Training of buttocks
In performing,
"Flexible body"
We realize!

Jun Takeda
We join the Tokyo Ballet after the graduation from high school commencing with ballet at 17 years old in earnest.
We go over to France at 20 years old and learn at national ballet school.
We win bronze medal in "pas de deux" of Biarritz international contest section.
Afterwards as for the French Limoges Opera, the Netherlands national ballet,
We appear on position, the stage in European many ballets.
We experience models of Paris collection.
We are active as lecturer of ballet-style exercise "floor ballet" that we devised for Japanese now.
We appear on various Media as "beautiful buttocks prince".

Jun Takeda
Ballet dancer, lecturer
We learn in national ballet school in Paris
We play an active part in ballet of various parts of Europe
We appear on various Media as "beautiful buttocks prince"
We deal with exercise instruction

Exclusive application,
To your health,
We automatically set mode

ekuriarinappu automatically sets mode according to part by exclusive application depending on pannicular thickness.
We give most suitable exercise effect and make firm body.

Users voice

He/she uses ekuriarin Lean up
We introduce voice that had you approach from user.

  • Flabby upper arm was tightened. It is great effect every day though we train only for around 30 minutes.

    The 30 generations/girl nature
  • What muscular workout can make laundry into in spite of being pattern that is tatami mat is nice while watching TV!

    36 years old/girl-related / housewife
  • As we did pockets of time and housework and child care and used in "nagara", we thought that we could continue this without unreasonableness

    28 years old/girl-related / self-employed people
  • You had a feeling that upper arm and stomach were tightened somehow, and did you narrow from family a little? We were said how.

    We are resident in 28 years old/girl-related / Tokyo
  • ・・! which we are really thankful for as design of body + gel pad is light by fashion small above all

    We are resident in / woman / Osaka in late twenties
  • There was not nervous pain that we did not like and was usable without pain by moderate comfortable stimulation.

    We are resident in woman / Fukuoka
  • Uneasiness is recommendation in like oneself in being designed which hit, and is kind to the first person that we is automatically sharp properly in place and 15 minutes to begin in by strength of level 1 first for the first time.

    We are resident in woman / Hiroshima
  • Astonishment that apparatus itself does not vibrate, and muscle itself is stimulated by cycle, and changes. As it sounds to the depths, I feel that we work very much.

    We are resident in woman / Tokyo

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