ECLEAR Zero Mist


99.9% of sanitization, virus restraint, mold measures

Even if is anywhere, at any time
We want to be in clean space without bacteria and smell
ekuriazero is kind to skin
It is acidulous hypochlorous acid water of the patent manufacturing method

ekuriazero plays an active part in various scenes
  • It is targeted for main measures
  • Sanitization, virus restraint, mold measures
  • Unpleasant smell is broken by the material
  • We break down allele material and are eliminated.
  • Subacidity, food additives and EQC same as skin.
Put ekuriazero in the humidifier
We sanitize larger space and can deodorize

"ekuriamisuto" is hard to shed water by the lock function deployment,
Aroma humidifier which (Anti-microbial) can make 99.9% of the tanks into semipermanently.
Match with sanitization deodorization Mobile mist "ekuriazero"
While keeping the tank cleaner state by using,
While we humidify larger space, we sanitize all the time and deodorize.

Sanitization, virus mold measures
Sanitization, virus mold measures
Allele material
Allele material

We can keep for a long time

In removing impurities by the patent manufacturing method to the maximum
Preservation of two years is possible with keeping sanitization power.
※When it is unopened

What keep more than 90% only in ekuriazero
What keep more than 90% only in ekuriazero

Achievement during one year

Spring pollen measures, mold measures of the rainy season,
Regardless of season including winter virus measures,
We play an active part through one year.


  • Sanitization deodorization Mobile mist "ekuriazero"

    ekuriazero ekuriazero
  • Just usable "ekuriazeroraito"

    ekuriazeroraito ekuriazeroraito

Aroma humidifier "ekuriamisuto"



  • What is hypochlorous acid water?
    Hypochlorous acid water is sanitization liquid utilized for virus measures in various facilities. In addition, ability for organic decomposition is high and removes various smells. We show high power in corruption smells such as ammonia or garbage of Ministry of the Environment designation 4 size bad smell.
  • What is patent manufacturing process?
    We filter water solution by special filter and are the manufacturing method that removed impurities thoroughly. Because there are extremely fewer impurities than general hypochlorous acid water that a lot of impurities are generated, we keep active ingredient for a long term and realize superior effect.
  • How do you confirm stability?
    ekuriazero confirms that it is equal to hypochlorous acid water of food additives in examination.
    Hypochlorous acid is used for sanitization of pool and nursing bottle, washing of vegetables and is available in peace.
  • Can we use for skin?
    As it is not unregulated drug, cosmetic, we cannot use for hand and physical sterilization.
    We do not influence the human body by any chance because action is fast, and it is disintegrated with action by compound which is harmless to water and the human body even if we attach to skin.
  • Is there irritating odor?
    Chlorine smell may slightly assume that we bring nose close, but there is no irritating odor.
  • Do influenza virus and norovirus have effect?
    Because it is not pharmaceutical products, unregulated drug, we cannot declare about effect on individual virus, but we carry out examination in testing institution and confirm effect for seasonal virus and disinfectant tolerance virus.
    We can remove virus by spraying on curious point.
    ※As you do not acquire food additives application, please do not use in sterilization purpose of food.
  • Are hay fever and allergy to mites cured?
    We can remove allele material which attached to thing and clothing, but allergic predisposition is not cured. It breathes in allele materials such as pollen from nose to prevent symptom of hay fever and allergy to mites from coming out, and it is important to prevent you from putting in the eyes. The removal of allele material by ekuriazero is one of the means that is effective to prevent symptom from appearing like use of mask and air cleaner effective against tick and pollen.
  • Is it usable to pet and houseplant?
    Even if body of pet costs and licks, you do not have any problem, but please do not use directly. In addition, please refrain from use to mucous membranes.
    In addition, please do not use to let gills damage about aquatic, creature with gills including amphibians.
    As ingredient with adverse effects does not enter houseplant, we do not have any problem. It is available for sanitization of bacteria which attached to the surface of plant.





ekuriazero and aroma humidifier ekuriamisuto usable in total ekuriazero and aroma humidifier ekuriamisuto usable in total
With seven colors of gradation LED night lamp With seven colors of gradation LED night lamp