With "10-FEET" music industry
With galloping up, "dangerous T-shirt person"
We enslave mireniaru generation together
We ask much-talked-about manager,
With the essence of work!
Products: TYPE-C memory,
Portable power charger
High durability Lightning cable
Masayuki Matsukawa (MASAYUKI MATSUKAWA)

BADASS board member. We go to Tokyo as "10-FEET" and encounter, manager during university attendance at school together. After that we continue supporting band to this day. Manager of band "dangerous T-shirt shop" proud of great popularity led by young generation is in charge now.

"(as for the ELECOM product) until now
Thing which we used
We think that there is really lot."

In work, we think whether PC is always used, what kind of peripheral device is used?

We considerably use peripheral device, thing of the PC circumference prepares own necessary item other than the body. Do you seem to be always looking which fits oneself?

Has product of ELECOM been used until now?

We used a lot. Product of ELECOM is image to be the most stylish while it is simple. We are good at, but, as for general store or the stylish peripheral device, design may have low original functionality necessary for the product.

Though appearance is good; kai reyasukattaritokadesukane.

Oh, yes. Is hard to use afterward, and capacity is sho nakattaritokadesukane. But of course, as for the product of ELECOM, functionality does not have quite businesslike feeling and thinks in stylish petty people very much when good. And do Dimensions and color, variation including material not have very abundant products of ELECOM?

We prepare for considerable variation in each product.

Porch using now is made of ELECOM, but power adapter of PC picks quarrel in bag immediately. So we think that I want porch of business to put only power adapter in, and we performed to look for, but we do so, and porch of cod roe meet electricity shop.

It was right a feeling of Dimensions which I wanted.

Yes. So, at the time of prior meeting of this coverage, is there product of ELECOM using around the body? "It is a, this ELECOM if we look for in bag in what was asked about this. We feel, this is ELECOM (laugh).

We have you use habitually a lot while you do not know without always knowing!

Well. We think that there is thing which we used really a lot until now.

Matsukawa thinks that it is often gone on a business trip to the whole country including tour in work called manager, what do necessities become?

At first, it is portable power charger. Charge cable is not often appreciated, and there are not feelings particularly, and thing which it is said in this because we are stylish somehow, and does, and thinks, and chose is broken in particular immediately before. "uwa! When it became when snapped by this timeliness, it is difficult to go to readily buy when it is time to be in district during tour. We really have a hard time.

Does it mean that we can trust if made of ELECOM?

Well. We are strong and think that we can feel relieved in various aspects.

"Type-C and conventional USB
But, both are usable and are super convenient.

We thought whether you prepared several kinds of products for this impression use, and you handed beforehand, was there item thought, "this was good" in that?

Anything was good, but it is USB memory for Type-C that there is not so far and is in trouble, and thought that at last it is reserve in this. This can use Type-C and conventional USB both and is super convenient. Shocking. We thought that there should be this and have heard to staff of electricity shop in old days. But it is said that it will be "to lose that it is iya, that." then (laugh) and. But this is in the inside that had send this time;, "well! When there is; as for when is; became.

Right an eye-opener.

It is an eye-opener (laugh).

By the way, what kind of person is product of ELECOM recommended to?

We think accessories to be maker which is recommended to businessman with feelings in belonging.

When it is chosen, design is focused on very much.

Let alone function, design and compactness are important. We think to be important how it is gathered up compactly as there are many business trips. Even such an aspect thinks that product of ELECOM has both excellent iosharesao of sense.

"10-FEET" and "dangerous T-shirt person" have done coverage about high resolution earphone of ELECOM before.

Yes. I had earphone of high resolution played before buying by the coverage, too. We will still use earphone which we had with sample carefully then.

How about?

Sound is very good and is white earphone, but likes color very much, too.

It is coverage before construction, but has you still use.

Was it so before?

Is it not another around four years ago?

Does it become like it?

What kind of feeling is environment where music is usually listened to?

We often listen with audio system of machine parts car, but often perform live images in PC with check of airing sound source of program.

As for the music to listen to when we were relaxed, what will be heard?

Opportunity to be relaxed very much, and to listen has decreased after both came to do "10-FEET" and "yaba T", but thinks that we escaped in music of feeling that good old till then, and is kind (laugh).

(laugh). Does that escape?

In other words, did brain and body seek music entirely irrelevant to music of work? We heard the best of Yuming or pizzicato five.

"Surely half or more of one year
I am in district."

Matsukawa that two popular bands are in charge of thinks whether you are very busy, is there with taking a rest?

Though there was not approximately, rest changed way of thinking among me from a certain time.

What changed?

We are thinking 1st to be three hours among me not 24 hours on 1st since there was. Then it is eight days on 1st, and one week becomes for 56 days. There is recognition called "holiday" virtually without maruttono holiday for 24 hours if we can make time separated from work for three hours during one day. We devote that time at hobby and time to do the favorite things.

It means that three hours are effectively utilized.

Well. If I think even if we work every day when free time was made for three hours, we put a year, and there do not be "holiday" plenty and can think.

But we think that, after all, it is busy that there is not was gathered up, taking a rest.

It is said that busy person is not doing restlessly or thinks when you will not have to say, "we are busy!" if you raise oneself, but thinks that, actually, we are busy. But we think that we can do various things when there are three hours. For example, it is surprised when we tell "we did something like this last time in district" to friend when it is when "there is such time where though we are so busy!".

We enjoy the land when we go to district.

We often go for shopping. After having had this hair color, staff came to often learn (laugh).

He/she goes with shopping plenty.

Rehearsal is over and goes out for shopping in skateboard quickly when it becomes when there is one hour before the opening. As we grasp which prefecture has what kind of shop, we do there shopping. There is whether it is product which even thing which is sold out when it is Tokyo remains unsold when it is district, and becomes sale. "That! Such as this, this price (laugh).

It is lucky find!

It does not feel that there is such a pleasure in stress not to be in Tokyo with home for a long term.

We heard that "10-FEET" and "yaba T" were made out the schedule for so that live day was not covered.

Well. Each around 80 a year bands are doing live 160 last year as they are doing. When is festival, of course there are many lives in Tokyo when there can be thing, but Plus moving day thinks about thing on the same day, but of one year higher than half of are surely in district. When it is "Operation Kyoto Univ.", that is in Kyoto for around ten days and will enter this year more than two weeks.

It is held this year for four days that we empty for one week.

Yes. We think about the staff very much than continuation for three days, but it is tough for member. As you think that you always spend one year and raise motivation, but must charge fully again in one week about the second week.

When "we appear and ask
One set of set goes to meet directly,
Lower head properly
We ask."

Whether we keep in mind by "Operation Kyoto Univ."

I contact people to contact with appreciation as much as possible. We feel like hearing voice "that the staff was nice to very much" when we hear to see reaction of visitor of "Operation Kyoto Univ.".
For reason why it is impossible for "10-FEET" member and me and other core staff to explain to all staff each one who are with several hundred people that they do this festival with such a feeling and contact with visitor in this way. In the workplace which is severe very much when it is sentimentally in summer when is in the outdoors of the staff working as parttimer, is suitable;, as for being coped, it is thought.

Person of part-time job is people who just work with hourly wage.

That's right. But, for reason why people are many visitors and people taking communication directly, even one greeting thinks that impression of festival that visitor feels changes. If person directing people of part-time job behaves in insolent manner, that thinks that the arrogance is infected.
But, in that, maridato thinks at the beginning if we follow the cause whether the core staff of event including member and us contacts with familiar people for what kind of words, feeling of what kind of temperature.

It means that we tell people whom it can report with courtesy well.

Yes. This is so for appearance asking Arty's. For example, "this year Operation Kyoto Univ." even if finished offer only over telephone, think that appearing artist is.
But it reaches artist from window for a feeling of temperature when we do the way of such request, and the contracted live staff arrests festival for such an impression, too...We think that we are infected with wind called this.

Therefore perform even if is artist getting reverse offer so that one set of set meets directly as much as possible when appear, and ask, and "want to have appear in Kyoto Univ. strategy by all means. We lower head properly and ask thank you in advance.
"Thank you!", it is sincere, and that conveys appreciation in artist which as a feeling of scale, senior younger student go without relations, took appearance OK well. We think that "something" lasting of "Operation Kyoto Univ." may not collapse when we do what's called such how to contact in a perfunctory manner and value there most.

Is it met all artists?

Tour and release occur at the same time and they may tell well, but they meet all groups basically and offer appreciation to busy person whom schedule is never good for by telephone and email directly. As we hold a meeting, booking is the current situation that we have left to about that offer with all the staff of sound creator and the people of live house team about the Ushiwaka no stage unlike the Genji no stage.

What kind of exchanges are done with member of "10-FEET" in making up "Operation Kyoto Univ.?"

As there is visitor, we think that it is managed as performance, but event hosted by artist thinks that visitor comes simply because there are thought and feelings of the artist.
But it becomes event that is the oneself real intention too much when we build up only for thought and feelings and thinks that good point of "Kyoto Univ. strategy" disappears when it is only performance-like element. When problem to be on these two boundary lines of element occurs, we come to often talk with member about.
What take so that provide information rather than my deciding, and member judges for the last time of me think that work, and show judgment element which is not enough while seeing member, and judge who conformed to axis of "Kyoto Univ. strategy" and way of thinking that it is is possible, and move.

It means that we show part which we do not see of many aspects of monogoto.

That's right. It is to become head same as member, and not to have to be thinking. By opposition party-like viewpoint, we always think whether there are not leak and hole.

That is to be managed simply because there is close relationship of mutual trust with member and Matsukawa.

We think whether, after all, there is the same niyattekitakarakosonotoiu part all the time for many years whether you do in this.

"We are good for music industry ahead
We want to work as a lot of things."

Finally is there future ambition?

We think whether it is not to be too much particular about at hand money. As we think that we spend money for somebody according to proverb "Money comes and goes" or really think only about oneself and do not die out when we become too much conservative. If we run that and do even that it is said to company that there is not what merit for people in various ways in oneself, it is five years later or is ten years later, or it is not revealed, but there is thought to want to do thing good for music industry after this a lot as we think that we come back sometime.

Did music industry change while it was engaged in music industry for many years?

It changed considerably. As for our generation, the times of student did not have what's called Internet, and there is a great difference whether there is the Internet. And people in generation with the Internet are a lot since it was born now, and it is on the way, and it meet in people in generation when it touched the Internet a lot that sensitivity is different.
When think that such a thing is what have been repeated from the old days, but "the present young mon!" thought that is, "is noisy!" when tte oneself is said to be, but become in this year; "a! There can be thing when we think (we set up the present young mon). But we think as we say so and do only young people's criticism and think that it may be left adversely when I want to accept, "oneself is old generation".

Does it mean that we adopt new sense and sense of values?

We think that, after all, there is completely part which we cannot understand while taking in. It is said that we accept that there are sense and sense of values that we cannot understand to oneself or is that we walk after having admitted. And not only we reject people of new generation making environment that can give an opinion freely in this industry and that in the negative, but also think that you must cultivate mind to accept such an independence.

It means that we want to make environment where the next generation can play an active part.

When new team can produce hits as oneself is in this world, is it not happy?

Thank you for having a lot of God mallets of job of Matsukawa talk today. We are really looking forward to "the Operation Kyoto Univ." of this year.

No! Sorry. As "Operation Kyoto Univ." is full of a sense of duty "that we must do!", we do our best.