Unexpectedly good thing, ELECOM. Unexpectedly good thing, ELECOM.
We make use of experience as bodybuilder,
We let much talent flower
Charisma trainer Hirofumi Aso talks,
Right training and ekuriasupotsu!
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M Jay diva (MJDIVA Inc.) representative director. We make use of the United States of 27 years, training experience in Japan in former bodybuilder and bring up instruction of a lot of fitness player. We come back as player from 2016, and fijiku is a runner up in contest of United States California. It is trainer of Mana Noda (MANA) of American NPC BIKINI champion and receives education such as training, pojingu, walking of BIKINI division, hair make in BOOTY FITNESS founder & head coaches by oneself in the United States, and genuine BIKINI utilized this teaches. Most of Top players of BIKINI, fitness bikini, fijiku player, the best body player receive personal instruction of Chairperson Aso and put good grade.

"There is few if we think
You should begin early."

Let see contents of personal training and was very interesting. For example, is weight training possible in weak waist?

Though I am that waist has weak, appliance evolves unlike old ueitotoreningu, too. It is calculated how specialized appliance misses burden and is developed. Therefore it is weak waist, but waist can train as much as possible without hanging load, and trainer of professional player us thinks about menu which weak part considered well and performs training that was correct in the.

After all, may there be many people that resistance is felt in being gone to training gym?

Well. But I think that training should begin with house as young as possible. As meaning that few should begin early if you think not meaning that that should not do if we repeat age.

Why is that?

Do not move because have a pain, cannot move because do not move. We do not let you overdo it as there is viewpoint as doctor when we go to common surgery and House of bonesetting. We let you rest quietly in bed, and treatment with medication is recommended. But we know method to improve by moving.

By the way, the most advanced age of gone to in BOOTY FITNESS?

Is it 75-year-old woman?

Is it trained in the age energetically?

No, already energetically. 73-year-old person was broken, but we were able to come by underexercised cancellation first, but said that we appeared in contest.


So we performed menu for contest for one year and actually participated.

BOOTY FITNESS is women-only gym, how old is gone from in young people?

Young person is gone to by 20-year-old person. Ordinary Jim thinks whether there are many images to move to work return, but the day is more popular here.

Will you tell process that was a chance that President Aso trains?

We did work to be over early at the age of 20. As it was time that is still bright in the evening with summer, it is opportunity that we think that would be good and have begun to go to kill-time as we thought that it is what or wants to effectively utilize, but acquaintance went to gym. Then it fits in more and more. It was gym which it was won the championship at world meetings by chance, and the gym where we enrolled in ran. Only in where people whom there is by the relations around are great. Then as eyes are good, and chairperson own is great, too. As it was such an environment, does it mean that it couldn't but fit in?

It means that brilliant figure was expressed more and more from there. After all, will quality be related to bodybuilding?

Quality, talent are the important world. For example, if face is big, balance is sorry to be narrow-shouldered, but looks when we forged if opposite are different. Person whom insertion of muscle has good changes growth.

As when "there is muscle, form remains
Beautiful body make
We can realize."

I see. Not only Aso had such a talent, too and was played a lot of role as player, but also,
Talent as leader has been shown, too.

At first, there were few feelings to work as leader. Because as this world is very profound, it is not atmosphere that it may be said that we easily tell people. Would tell MANA in such a case, but that begins to move as trainer; was a chance big.

As MANA received instruction of Aso, and having grown up by world top-level,
When personal training begins training, it means important element.

It is not revealed what we should do in beginning training by oneself, and most people think that there is many. As it is expensive sports, there are many people requesting the best result at the shortest.

Is it image to do the distance to spend load how, and to forge part ideally in the shortest of where?

Oh, yes. Well. We make aim clear and set to be able to notice by oneself about effect.

What is there many for purpose of gone to?

80% will be diet. Person to want to aim at health maintenance and fijiku and the best body afterward is broken.

In the diet, weight training is that effective.

Basal metabolism improves by building muscle. For example, he/she will use even if by putting up basal metabolism of 200 kilocalorie, nothing does calorie for one rice ball. It is connected only by muscular workout for diet even if we do not go on a diet that we dieted if we do so. Of course efficiency of diet further rises if we are there careful about meal. There are not healthy lean people without doing anything when we just get thinner. When there is muscle, we can realize healthy, beautiful body make as form remains.

Is there training method that is recommended to beginner and person who cannot go to gym?

Well. As we can train with whole body well if we use this ekuriasupotsu, we think that we can get enough muscular strength if we exercise definitely while seeing menu.

"It is easy to do it and is not hurt
That is because point important."

Judging from professional trainer, how is quality of this ekuriasupotsu?

We think that it is product thought about very well. For example, we work properly very much even if we see one grip condition and think that this delicate angle is designed based on ergonomics. For example, pushup bar (low) has many similar products, but there are many things which do not have this angle. It is reduced injury to wrist by there being this angle, and it is in form that effective load is provided. After all, it becomes important point it is easy to do it, and not to be hurt.

Pushup bar (low) HCF-PULBUL

How is price?

It is very handy and is just right price to prepare all. And it is convenient for carrying around as the product is very light. We can train even for break because we may take to companies.

For example, would you tell me point when we use abdominal muscle roller?

It thinks that there is considerably unreasonableness that the first person takes down from standing position in training until horizontal where this abdominal muscle roller have extremely high load. But only that is not training and can increase load without unreasonableness by knowing the order of ways. At first, we will begin with state that got down on its knee. Still it should be toilsome for first around two weeks. But we become able to gradually lighten and become able to train even from state that was finally made.

Abdominal muscle roller (short) HCF-ARSDR

How is it different from forging by conventional abdominal muscle sitting up in effect in forging using this roller?

As load is high, we can get muscle with the height that we did well. We spend so enough load and can train muscular strength efficiently.

Does pushup bar (2WAY) cost effective load in the same way?

Well. As it becomes unstable, we can train in form to stabilize using small muscle around shoulder which we do not usually use. We cannot train that by normal push-up. At the same time, we can forge human trunk, too. It becomes very important element in improving how to walk and other sports by forging human trunk.

Pushup bar (2WAY) HCF-PU2WBU

I see.

It is posture that it becomes easy to be revealed most by forging human trunk, is there bad celebrity athlete of posture?

We are not surely.

That thinks human trunk to be evidence training to weight training properly.

If "we begin to be able to realize effect
We become more spirited,
There is confidence."

Is there trick of the trade to continue such a training?

Well. We do it! As well as oneself, it means that we say in front of another person if we decide this. By doing so, can have intention well and lead to continuation.

Is person without confidence broken among people who can come, too?

We are a lot! But as it is our job that lets confidence arise to such a person. In human beings whom all have the same, organization of body is the same. It is life and character, mind what is different.

It means that the mind is trained.

Yes. After all, we come to such a place, and it means that we stare at hot, hard meaning to train. We are reborn as form that removed waste when we come to gradually train efficiently. Then we seem to stop liquor and cigarette, overeating and overdrinking, mind is reset with nature. Well, we do very hard training and limit meal. Therefore important vitamins are spoiled though we take in necessary vitamins configuration group if we breathe one cigarette. It comes to be determined there need or to be unnecessary. Liquor and meal are same, and "let's wait not what do not take in at all as is final during this period", and "let's save to several kilocalorie at this time"; come to be able to adjust.

It means that we come to be able to judge oneself by pushing forward training.

Oh, yes! If even person who can come for the purpose of diet begins to be able to realize effect, we become more spirited, and it is revealed that confidence follows well.

It is good to gain confidence! When push forward training with purpose well while realizing effect; is close zukutogadekisodesune for oneself ideal.

Yes. Exercise at home thinks that it would be a good idea to have you push forward while regulating strength using ekuriasupotsu after stage, too. As there is product begun easily in this way, we have you begin without flinching, and personal is to trainer when we aim at oneself further and thinks that you should have you find correct way in own style now.


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