Of air software cancer which user sends great no trust to
Executive managing director of custom parts maker "LayLax" talks,
shimutameno seamlessly comfortable by work and hobby
What is ON/OFF item?
Products: ZEROSHOCK case for iPhone8,
   High durability Lightning cable,
   Portable power charger
   5 port AC battery chargers, gadget porch
Unification executive managing director Koji Nomura (KOJI NOMURA)

LayLax (rye RAKUS) is plan, design and development with custom parts of air software cancer. To "air software cancer fans of the whole world including survival game shooting match maker which is prepared all every item concerning survival game including accessories and expendable supplies in concept for for joy." We perform challenge to the new field including participation in event to convey pleasure of survival game widely widely.

Simply because "it is hobby,
We can just make use in work."

How long will there be the number of people that survival game is played for hobby?

It is not revealed, but people number that is correct as it is a lot that air software cancer is loved as collection as well as thing and that that statistics do not officially have their number of people stolen having fun of survival game may not be so big for market only for survival game. But we show expanse as casual hobby now in comparison with 1:00 period when there was only enthusiast.

Is survival game performed flourishingly in not only Japan but also foreign countries?

Yes, there is this culture abroad. Origin of air software cancer is Japan. Originally there is true gun abroad, and it becomes in the background to have created precise replicas as Japanese cannot have true gun.
Culture that rooted abroad included simulation game as exercise of true gun. Any place other than that, there was game to shoot ball with ink called paintball. This was gun used for markers of cow, and it was popular by extension of play to shoot that.
However, as it is said that Japanese survival game seems to be interesting recently, becomes topic for reimporting abroad. Of course it does not mean that it is the whole world, but even the world shows expanse as it is in illegal country to possess air software cancer.

What kind of process would Nomura be awakened to survival game by? ?

It became for the first time more than 30 years, but I thought survival game to be that gun used in movie was cool first. One day there is person doing survival game in school mates in earnest, and it is opportunity that we were invited saying "we do not do once". We tried for the first time and this thought that it was interesting and fitted in more and more.

I see. However, survival game which was hobby having been going to make work?

It becomes process to have had you call out when it became when we launch LayLax. We worked for another company, but, in fact, president of LayLax was friend at the age of high school and as it was said that it was it having been honored to have been invited directly by him and job that could be concerned with survival game of hobby besides, decided change of job readily at that time.

Originally, as for Nomura, it was made work that it was hobby, how did relations of hobby and work turn out?

When hobby meets work well, I hear opinion to be dull, but I will go well, and I still increase in survival game at opportunity to have events call. We will enjoy game absorbedly then. And we take what we felt there, e.g., opinion such as wanting to give hit precision more, or wanting to turn color of wear to go in office and share to all and let we make arrangements, and new merchandise development feed back. This thinks that we can just make use in work simply because survival game is hobby. And it is reason going to work, but is not worried at all on holiday as there is much Sunday as for the timeliness to play a game on development tests as it is hobby (laugh).

We do not bother simply because we like.

Well. As we can work although being a pleasure, we feel enhancement.

With "their favorite styles
Enjoying increases."

As for employees of LayLax, will survival game be played?

Well. It is person who experienced everybody and holds game meet of all the members participation once in two months. Among employees, half is heavy user fitting in to the full (laugh).

When there is survival game, the human nature case appears.

We appear very much. Various by character including person and position to be slightly calm, and to attack from the rear quietly called attacker racing steadily forward. Seniors have much type slowly and carefully, too.

There is the tactics, too.

There is. We cannot win even if we question all alone and attack from the other side while having friend check, and there is various tactics when we attack while providing instructions using Wireless.

Is there big meeting?

There is meeting, and there is event such as big festival. That is festival to be able to enjoy contents such as booths as well as survival game. And meeting that I participated in includes durability sabage for 24 hours.

Is it 24 hours? How many people is that open in?

When it is a lot, we do in 150 vs. 150 people.

That much! Is it everybody sleeplessness?

If there is person who there enters sleeping bag by each tactics, and sleeps, it is nonstop, and there is fighting people peach for 24 hours (laugh). It is physical strength and game of willpower.

Is Nomura which group?

I took some sleep, but fought for around 18 hours while still taking a break.

Will person participated in the meeting be like officer of everybody genuine article?

Well. It is person made Taku tical training that soldier performs, and Ranger corps of former Self-Defense Forces is.

Fall into survival game; point, and think whether there is coolness of air software cancer. We think that many products are sold from LayLax of maker specialized in parts, will the number of how much items be?

There is number that we cannot count. Imitation of used gun and item was actually mainstream in the armed forces, but they are original now, and things which created increase before. Manufacturer selling air software cancer is several companies in Japan, or there is, but, with product of base that there sells, company like us customizes exterior and is form selling custom parts. Therefore there are many people customized in individuals.

It is the profound world.

It is survival game which was mere war game in old days, but various ways of enjoying are derived on the base called survival game now. Cosplayer of style and animation which reproduced view of the world of movie fighting in the world that went to ruin called maddosabage enjoy and enjoying increases with their styles to like including survival game to do with street fashion which is the same as downtown and really diversifies recently.

For "idea in cornered predicament
Wonderful invention to come through."

What kind of treatment does everyday job of Nomura receive?

Thing about management of course plan of parts market, and confirm progress such as package design. In addition, is often called by meeting of each place as guest as myself am from sales department, at event heap up, and, from role, is in charge of public information-like role including exhibition of video in sabage specialty portal site. We are writing column with magazine afterward.

It was talked with public information-like role, but the spread as culture felt that it was worked as well as company PR when we heard story.

Well. Activity called "sapotosabage" spreads out for people who utilize Twitter, and have not played survival game at all recently. Survival game has many rules in property, and telling person thinks that it is hobby that is not readily begun when not even if interested. Therefore we support for "sapotosabage" as LayLax supplying parts and participate in events of the purpose proactively.

That is good. There are a lot of people thought to want to surely begin, but not to know what to do.

Even net is written what we must take what kind of appearance I should go with, but thinks that there is much to hesitate to actually begin sabage. We think that it is duty of we maker to lower the threshold for such an unexperienced user.

But we think whether there are many people having image that we are scared.

Well. As for present air software cancer, power regulation is done by law. When there was not the law, it was the times when we could bring in gun remodeled into power serious consideration. In a sense, in lawless area, we might be hurt when we exchanged fire with such an air gun and became problem. And law was revised and had to possess only power regulated air soft cancer.

Then will the risk be not to have flown very much while we were reduced?

When it was surely regulated power, we never flew by previous internal mechanism and were called saying "it was over in the times of survival game". However, technical development capability of Japan was fantastic, and what's called "hop up technology" was developed.

What is "hop up technology?"

It is technique to stretch out distance by trajectory which by hanging turn that is reverse to fork ball of baseball, go up to the sky. Distance to be blown off became long without invention of the technique being groundbreaking, and achieving power. It is mechanism to become basics in present air software cancer and can enjoy survival game in peace simply because there is this technique. We think that it is wonderful invention to come through cornered predicament for idea.

"Product of ELECOM
It is full of items which we want to choose."

It is different, but genre is product of ELECOM selling product, it is actually used, and how about?

I like smartphone case of this ZEROSHOCK. We like this firm feel of a material and have dropped several times, but considerably absorb in particular shock at corner bumper.

We are in love very firmly.

We like design very much afterward, too. "Bullet" is so if we put in this case in survival game and is tough item which can be relieved very much when we dropped by any chance.

  • ZEROSHOCK case for iPhone8

  • High durability Lightning cable

Item which can play an active part definitely in both ON of Nomura and OFF is.

Well. It is this portable power charger afterward. Because of the profession, there are many business trips, and portable power charger is necessity goods, but there are many things ruined immediately. But portable power charger of ELECOM is solid and charges one which is not necessary (laugh).

There seem to be many business trips.

In the foreign countries, as for the Mobile pro-item, it is sometimes to necessities as Tokyo, Chiba makes a round trip to 2 approximately three times Osaka in month.
Global air gun makers gathered to all members in Germany, and LayLax was nominated for award commended for each section put out for category and was chosen as grand prix of parts section in being honored this time.
We participate in the award ceremony this time, but we are sent to Germany, and of course portable power charger of this ELECOM and PC inner bag and gadget porch become necessities.

  • Portable power charger

  • 5 port AC battery chargers

Design is camouflage, and material is firm, and gadget porches are right items which are mil specifications.

Well. Because of the profession, we love CORDURAR nylon used for this material. We think that it is proper cloth. That when is cheap cloth when we make nylon, after all, images are different; is told. We think that quality do not be solid only by there being logo of this CORDURAR, and tension goes up as belonging in this sense.

  • Gadget porch

After all, genuine article-oriented item is chosen as both ON and OFF.

We think that, after all, there is the tendency. Including survival game, product of ELECOM including battery and cords which durability performance is required in enjoying outdoor, and are reliable is item pair that we want to choose.

"Is it product made in LayLax company sometime?
For air software cancer
We want to see figure of user running about."

What is the essence of working to play?

I am so in companies, but am very flat. There is not border, and both ON and OFF change nothing, but we think about time when, for example, we get absorbed in story of new product, but run around in field using that and are fascinated by that when there are accessories which I have never seen while participating in survival game, and job and hobby really come and go story shikaketarinado while we take a break. Idea and discovery just work and lead to hobby nito seamlessness. There is not stress for oneself, and I do not hate that.

Finally please let know LayLax and vision which Nomura aims at after this.

LayLax is parts maker for air software cancer. We develop various custom parts and produce, but we do not know when it is, but want to develop air software cancer of original design which is not imitation of true gun someday. Soft air gun of oneself original is all dream from machine box of the inside to exterior, design.

After all, fully original way is far.

Even if it is the same as car, and there are a lot of manufacturers making optional parts, as for the car maker, there are only several in Japan. This industry is the same, too, and, after all, full original is difficult. But we think field to be really happy with soft air gun made in LayLax company sometime if we can see figure of user running about.