Three promises of ELECOM for comfortable Wi-Fi life

We promise offer of comfortable Wi-Fi environment at Mission home

Central one of domestic information infrastructure is Wi-Fi router

The Internet is information infrastructure (infrastructure) which is indispensable in standard home now. And we send the latest news and convenient information to family and enjoy Video and music or manage household appliances and equipment of a house, security system generally and can do it. Our life is more convenient, and, by the Internet that continues evolving rapidly, it will become still comfortable. Family life of such a new age. We ELECOM thinks it; "Happy In Wi-Fi Life is. And tool which we cannot miss to realize Happy Wi-Fi Life is "Wi-Fi router". Wi-Fi router that security links the Internet to home comfortably must play a key role of domestic information infrastructure.

Three conditions that we value in home Wi-Fi router

As for the ELECOM, there are the results that contributed to the making of Wi-Fi environment including general company and Wi-Fi spot service of Japan until now. In field of home Wi-Fi router, thought that we want to pull market is the same. However, function and performance that are different from apparatus used at office and public place are demanded from home Wi-Fi router. We summarized function and performance in three conditions called "Simple" "Secure" "Smooth". That ELECOM promises that provide home Wi-Fi router meeting these three conditions and can live a comfortable life to every day, "Happy We do Wi-Fi Life declaration.