HAPPY Wi-Fi LIFE Declaration

Not mission of ELECOM providing Wi-Fi product
It is to help with that we make your rich, happy life through Wi-Fi product.
We want to snuggle up to all of you without forgetting this feeling.

The Internet grew up until we could say "pillar of information infrastructure"

It is, for example, electricity, water supply, road. "Infrastructure" (infrastructure) means social base which we cannot miss when such we live. One of the information infrastructure which the Internet that came up around the end of the 20th century cannot miss when we run social life all too soon. No, we grew up before we could say "pillar of information infrastructure". We transmit and receive email and message using the Internet every day and read news and work using cloud service and, to hear music, enjoy game. Smartphone which is indispensable to modern people comes to have a bigger these roles all too soon than Pick up and terminate calls which is original role.

Our family life greatly changes by further big evolution

Use in single Germany was common once, but PC is in a situation that it is not exaggeration even if web and dependence to cloud increase today and untie "box that it is free if it does not lead to the Internet". The Internet that is indispensable to our life and social administration in the same way as electricity and water. And, by further big evolution, the Internet is going to greatly turn our family life. Then what kind of thing is Wi-Fi router expected as "the last terminal of information infrastructure" appropriate for such times?

Three promises of ELECOM for Wi-Fi life that Three promises is comfortable

Photograph that woman shows another woman screen of smartphone

1: Simple Be usable to anyone immediately

Turn faucet. Play electric outlet. It will be desirable for Wi-Fi router to be apparatus which "is usable immediately if we buy and switch on". We actually provide product which aimed at "being usable to anyone immediately" as much as possible even if minimum setting is necessary.

In addition, we clear all conditions sought by Wi-Fi router, and it is important to put the industry state of the art. Seeming to be able to get close to all families from baby to elderly person to be familiar with any family, and both design and interface being limitlessly simple. This is home Wi-Fi router which we idealize.

Photograph which looks at each other while mother and daughter have tablet

2: Secure Always give top priority to relief, security

We have consciousness to be "home information appliances" before home Wi-Fi router is information appliance. In other words, you assume every way of being used assumed in home, and have high tolerance for them. And we provide product which was conscious of not causing thing, fire or short circuit not to adversely affect connected apparatus so that what kind of trouble happens.

In addition, security issues such as virus or malware attract attention these days. Therefore we put the latest security technology of world highest level protecting in-home network from crisis in every Internet into Wi-Fi router.

Photograph which father has son, and shows screen of smartphone

3 Smooth Always operate smoothly

Dissatisfaction of user for Wi-Fi router runs out to three points of "instability" that "electric wave is weak" "not to be connected". Operation that is how much is easy, and security performance is safe highly, and customer will not be satisfied at all unless we clear these three points either.

As for the Wi-Fi router, state that always acts smoothly is natural. We can forget existence to customer and are good if we install once. We work on development of products with such a consciousness.