Secure Always give top priority to relief, security

We cannot miss strong information security to have you use the Internet for relief, security.
In addition, any place other than the security side, as for the Wi-Fi router used in home, it is said, "who of family can touch"
Consideration in meaning is important, too. ELECOM will provide product which met standard of these relief, security.

Image of mark and Wi-Fi router of Trend Micro

Security Anyone is usable
There is advanced security technology

The Internet has threat in various security. PC and smartphone, tablet infect virus and malware, and the highest security measure is necessary to prevent threat to have its password of bank account stolen. Technique of security company proud of the world's highest mountain is included in Wi-Fi router of ELECOM. In addition, anyone can easily maintain the best latest security without being conscious of security measure in particular to always update the latest security information automatically. In addition, it is equipped with every function sought by Wi-Fi router including "manager password" "prevention of tracking" "stealth bomber SSID" and protects security and privacy of your family.

  • TREND MICRO is registered trademark of Trend Micro Inc.
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Strength Simply because it is home Wi-Fi
Incombustibility, strength is necessary

As Wi-Fi router is electric appliance, we may run a fever by trouble or disorder. If apparatus is ignition, materials, structure that it is hard to burn, in the case of such a trouble, it avoids causing fires. In addition, strength to "be hard to be damaged by falls at the time of setting and movement of router" will be important. The preparation to risk for every way of being used assumed in home only by home Wi-Fi router is essential.

Smartphone, tablet, image image of PC

Device We can use any device

By evolution of IoT (the Internet of thing), prediction is difficult what kind of apparatus comes to be connected to Wi-Fi router in home in future. However, you become able to be connected to Wi-Fi router surely if that follows communication standard of Wi-Fi even if any Internet apparatus comes up.

Image which uses Wi-Fi router in company

Performance Many companies used
There are the abundant results

Wi-Fi router of ELECOM has been adopted by many companies until now. To the company Building marugotokara small scale office, there are the rich results that you used with every environment, scale, number of people, and what kind of problem, trouble accumulates in example whether is easy to occur enormously by environment. Based on such an experience, ELECOM provides product of the highest standard in the field of home Wi-Fi router.

Figure which expresses that "11 g" "11b" of 2.4GHz band "11n" is in Wi-Fi communication standard "11ac" of 5GHz zone "11a", and Wi-Fi of ELECOM copes with all standards

Device As we maintain compatibility in conformity with standard
We can be connected in peace

Wi-Fi communication standard has 5GHz zone and frequency band called 2.4GHz band now, and there is standard called "11 g" "11b" in 2.4GHz band "11ac" "11a" in 5GHz Zone, and there is standard called "11n" corresponding to both frequency bands more, too. You are completely based on these standards (supporting standard varies according to routers) and can connect Wi-Fi router of ELECOM regardless of maker or model, year type in peace if it is product corresponding to the same standard.