Simple Be usable to anyone immediately

Family configuration that varies according to homes. And the situation of family including increase of moving and family changes year by year.
ELECOM supports such a conjugation flexibly, from small child
We will send Wi-Fi router which anyone can use to elderly person comfortably.

Image of simple setup guide 1

Setup Simple setup to be usable in anyone
We prepare

It is setup work to be the most worried on introducing Wi-Fi router into family. Even if it is "common-sense work that is not necessary to explain some other time" for engineer, commentary that is polite for people whom there is not in technical knowledge is necessary. In ELECOM, anyone uses many illustration and charts to be able to easily set up and it is plain intuitively and prepares visual in "simple setup guides". Of course we design the setup to be simple, and to be able to easily perform to the maximum.

Image of User manual

Manual To make Manual plain
We got rid of technical term as much as possible

There may be much Wi-Fi router having dissatisfaction that "there are too many technical terms and is incomprehensible" as for the Manual. Therefore it was sincere, and we took voice of such a customer, and even Network unexperienced person worked on development of Manual which was easy to read, and could draw necessary information quickly. Easy expression not to speak technical term as much as possible. As for the Manual of ELECOM including graded commentary that we assume the way using one of customer and use scene, it is in contents which polish, and were able to blunder which repeated studies for study so as to be by no means inferior to product thing.

Image of man page

Support We did commencing with search and Q&A
We support enhancement

In web site of ELECOM, we provide satisfying support informations such as downloading page of driver Manual and Q&A page that what we want to check can search freely, inquiry page. It is past and, as well as answer about trouble and question with many inquiries, merely compiles example and the solutions that there was of inquiry into a database and, in Q&A page, acts in particular in what "it is easy to understand what customer wants to know" and shows.

Image of Wi-Fi router

Lineup To needs; is easy to choose
We have lineup

Performance necessary to send electric wave to all rooms by structure or area of home makes a great difference. It is waste of expense that purchases Wi-Fi router with excessive performance, and to buy depending on home saying it is in "router small as possible with performance that is minimum in there not being setting space" comes. In this way, needs for home Wi-Fi router vary. Therefore ELECOM has abundant product line nap to meet every needs.