Smooth Always operate smoothly

Which "it may not be connected" has trouble with situation, "electric wave often breaks off" in Wi-Fi router which is high efficiency, multi-function so much.
Full-time engineer cannot continuously monitor home Wi-Fi router like IT company.
Therefore ELECOM always operates smoothly and can forget the existence
We think that you should offer Wi-Fi router relied on in peace.

Image which uses Wi-Fi router in everyday life

Casually "It is casual" in everyday life
It is important to be usable

It is helpful every day. However, the existence is usually forgotten. Is Wi-Fi router not existence of such an "unrewarded drudge?" Which "the Internet is not connected" "is disorder of Wi-Fi router again?" Determine doubted apparatus so at the very beginning, and is relied by family; be there, and is not precocious. Which "it is not connected" "is unstable" in which "electric wave is weak". If we clear these three points casually, it may be said that it is apparatus appropriate for having you choose as home Wi-Fi router. ELECOM puts the following state-of-the-art to realize that.

Image image of mark and Wi-Fi router of DX ANTENNA

High Speed "High efficiency antenna" which realizes high speed communication
We adopt this

"It is faster more distantly" and, by antenna industry major company and adoption of high-power antenna which we designed jointly, sends electric wave. We design to make possible comfortable communication even if the whole family uses plural terminals such as TV or smartphone at the same time.

  • Recommended connection number varies according to products.
Figure which expresses communication gadekirutoo comfortably everywhere in 1F, 2F, 3F, the house

Far Away Is faster, farther
There is technique to make radio wave

General electric wave spreads in all orientation from antenna. However, we squeeze electric wave to Wi-Fi router of ELECOM intensively in specific direction and are equipped with function to transfer electric wave surely farther. For example, router pursuits that and transmits and receives electric wave intensively even if it travels room remaining with smartphone and tablet. We come to be able to use the Internet comfortably so far at place where electric wave was hard to reach, and, by this technique, many merits that transmission rate of smartphone improves drastically are provided.

Figure which expresses that plural apparatuses and high-speed stable communication can play the Wi-Fi router of ELECOM

Multiple Plural apparatuses and high-speed stable communication are possible

When connection number of the Internet apparatus of conventional Wi-Fi router increased, transmission rate became slow and electric wave interfered and had problem that we became with unstable communication. New technology to solve such a problem was equipped with, and was high-speed with at the same time plural apparatuses, and, to Wi-Fi router of ELECOM, became stable; can connect.

Figure which expresses that Wi-Fi router of ELECOM is available only to person who wants to let you use

Limit Only to person who wants to let you use.
We balance convenience with security

When it has friend and customer who came to home to play use Wi-Fi router, it is debatable question that even how much reliable partner tells SSID and login password for family. Still in anyone preparing for available Free Wi-Fi on security side have problem. Therefore, in ELECOM, we register "only apparatus of person who wants to let you use" with Wi-Fi router and are equipped with function to be able to use Wi-Fi router for toward other than the family in peace with keeping secure communication environment.

Figure which expresses that we can enlarge communication range in "repeater modes"

Repeater It is usable as "repeater"
There is flexibility

We may not send enough signals to every corner of house no matter how much we use strong Wi-Fi router in house of complicated structure or 3-story building on the second floor. In this case, between place and Wi-Fi router which radio wave is hard to touch, we can solve problem by putting "repeater", and opening communication range. Wi-Fi router of ELECOM includes "repeater mode" and can realize another Wi-Fi router and the home Internet that is extensive by putting together. Without worry, "router which we are using now if we move into large house may not be usable", you may use for environmental change flexibly for a long time in total.

Figure which expresses that we protect from excessive Internet usage

Protection It is excessive in children
We protect from Internet usage

It can limit time when by setting timer and schedule to Wi-Fi router, child can access the Internet. Than protector watches child, and confiscate smartphone and game console; certain; can easily protect child from the excessive use of the Internet.