Icarus anti-virus
(security measure software for Windows)

Icarus anti-virus
In relief, niceness
We look after your PC!

We correspond to your PC
Are security measures enough?
Threats such as these days computer viruses
It becomes social problem,
Security measure is required.
With Icarus anti-virus of relief, security
We will look after your assets.

Target type attack that virus is sent to the person in charge by email directly these days,
As for the viruses of money request type such as ransomwares,
Company is always threatened by security.
We introduce security software and carry out measures, and it is necessary to prepare for various attacks.

Relief, comfortable reason

  • Security performance accepted in the world

    In overseas third party evaluation Seki *, security performance is recognized.

    *VB100 is security examination that security magazine Virus Bulletin of the U.K. carries out regularly.
    We pass very severe examination called 0 false detection after having detected 100% of latest viruses.
    (the June, 2018 results)
  • Always from threat of virus
    We protect PC

    Icarus checks whether there are not always unjust program and file.
    When virus is discovered, we block movement at that point and isolate.
    Action is light and does not always affect the PC of errand even if we watch.

  • We cope with threat from email

    Virus check and judgment of junk email are automatically carried out at the time of transmission and reception of email if you use Windows standard mail soft * and can use PC for relief.

    *Standard mail soft of Windows10 and Microsoft Outolook support. Other mail soft even in the case of errand,
    Scan is automatically carried out at the time of practice of attached file by regular scan function.

About introduction, consultation

We cope from small customer
(several ... great scale introduction)
With this software interest,
Transfer consideration
Please feel free to contact.
When there is worry, by our charge
We introduce carefully and support.

List of functions

Virus measures

  • ・Real-time scan (continuously monitor)
  • ・VirusScan automatic at the time of email transmission and reception
  • ・VirusScan (isolation, the extermination)
  • ・We transmit suspicious file to Icarus and check
  • ・Automatic VirusScan schedule setting


  • ・Junk email measures (anti-spam)
  • ・Microsoft SharePoint Server cooperation

Operating environment


  • ・Processor: It is (Intel/AMD) 2GHz or more
  • ・Memory: 2GB or more
  • ・Disk space: 500MB or more
  • ・Screen resolution: More than 1024 x 575

The operating system

  • ・Version (32/64bit) after Windows 7
  • ・Version (32/64bit) after Windows Server 2008R2


  • ・More than .Net Framework 4.5.2 (the deployment standard in the case of Windows7 in Windows10)
  • ・Mail soft made in Microsoft Corporation
    (by email check anti-spam function in the case of the use)
       -Version after Microsoft Outlook 2007    -Windows10 standard mail soft
  • ・Microsoft SharePoint Server after 2,007 [64bit] (in SharePoint Server in the case of introduction)