Icarus Mobile security
(Android terminal security measure software)

Icarus (IKARUS)
Security measure of security, relief
It is software

Of your smartphone and tablet
Are security measures enough?
While information leakage of company becomes problem,
Of Mobile terminal spreading rapidly
Security measures are important.
By Icarus Mobile security of relief, security
We look after your assets.

Damage by injustice application occurs throughout the world, but information leakage case is doing outbreak * in the country.
Contact information information for 37 million grand total flowed out from terminal which we installed without noticing with injustice application.
Security measure is required simply because it is business terminal which often holds person to contact of business partner!

*It occurs in 2013. Personal information that began to flow was used for advertisement email of dating site.

Relief, comfortable reason

  • It was recognized in the world
    Security performance

    In overseas third party evaluation organization *1, security performance is recognized.
    In addition to security of the highest standard, we get perfect score in yuzabiriti evaluation *2!

    *1 AVTEST: It is security performance evaluation examination by security evaluation organization of Germany.
    We evaluate yuzabiriti of security performance and application. (the 2017 through 2018 results)
    *End-point of 2 yuzabiriti : Operation/Network consumption of battery life/device of terminal
  • We protect from unjust application and site

    We cut off application and dangerous WEB site stealing personal information.
    It is security of smartphone if we use security adviser function
    We automatically check whether there is not uneasy point and advise.

  • Security reliable on anti-theft function

    * kotogadekimasu which is famous for lock and data erasing, alarm of screen in remote.
    As we could confirm place of current smartphone, "we have dropped smartphone!"
    When we said this, we are reliable.

    * We can give instructions in remote using SMS (short message) of another terminal

About introduction, consultation

From small customer
We cope (several ...)
Person who is interested in Icarus software,
Transfer consideration
Please feel free to contact.
When there is worry, by our charge
We introduce carefully and support.

List of functions

Virus measures

  • ・Real-time scan (continuously monitor)
  • ・VirusScan (isolation, the extermination)
  • ・Automatic VirusScan schedule setting

Theft measures

  • ・Remote terminal lock
  • ・We acquire position of terminal
  • ・We lock uninstallation of Icarus (we require password at the time of uninstallation)

  • ・Remote data erasing
  • ・SIM card change detection (it prevents you from using terminal when you change)

Other security

  • ・WEB filtering
  • ・USSD protection (terminal protection from unjust phone number link)

  • ・Security adviser (we check weakness of terminal)

  • ・Privacy control (possible check, Control in authority that application uses)

Operating environment


  • ・Android smartphone and tablet

The operating system

  • ・Android after 5.0


  • ・Being SIM which can use SMS (when we use anti-theft function)
  • ・Being GPS-based terminal (when we acquire positional information of terminal by anti-theft function)