With Icarus security software

Icarus (IKARUS)
Security measure of security, relief
It is software

ELECOM CO., LTD. provides Icarus
Product for PC, smartphone
It is security measure software.
We send your security, relief in technology of IKARUS company and sapotoka of ELECOM.

About IKARUS company

We have base in Vienna in Austria
It is software company.
Share is very high in Europe,
In social infrastructure companies the introduction results
There is. 

The IKARUS company introduction results

  • Siemens (Siemens AG)

    It is multinational enterprise developing domains such as "electrification" to establish stronghold in Munich in Germany "automation" "digitization" in higher than in 200 countries. We deal with system solution including social infrastructure widely.

  • A1 (Telekom Austria Group)

    It is the largest mobile communication business company in Austria establishing stronghold in Vienna in Austria. Seven countries of Central-Eastern Europe have more than 24 million customers and offer digital service and communication solution.

Furthermore, we see the introduction results

Icarus product lineup

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