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Summary of business

Summary of business

Human Interface

It is easy to use in thing to tie user and apparatus to, 'human interface' more comfortably

ELECOM which was known as the largest company of PC supply including supply products such as mouse pads and IO device products such as mouse, keyboard widely.
In late years we open the business domain including offer of the field of digital home, application, cloud service and setting service of wireless LAN access point that strengthened development of supply product corresponding to new digital gadgets such as tablet or smartphone, Network products such as wireless LAN routers.
And pursue pleasure, comfort of there beyond digital life; and -.
ELECOM group pursues comfortable space Smart home which is new in concept of product development and sales in "errand and it is not crowded in thing to tie user and apparatus to, "human interface" more comfortably" and will always aim at creation of market newly.

It is easy to use in thing to tie user and apparatus to, 'human interface' more comfortably

■Reach PC and the fusion era of AV, digital appliance
In late years PC and peripheral device and AV, fusion of digital appliance began in earnest. ELECOM catches fair wind of this market change and is accomplishing rapid market expansion.

Creed, action guideline

Creed (creed of management)

ELECOM group continues growing up.

At new opportunity, we continue challenging new domain. Each employee learns with faithfulness, humility, single-minded passion each other in that and makes an effort, and what we continue challenging brings about growth of company with personal growth.

You are more comfortable and, through growth of ELECOM group, create high product, services of added value to overflow in inventive idea more more happily, and send joy to world customer. Each employee feels own growth, and get spread of field of vision and the richness of heart.

Therefore ELECOM group exists.

Creed, action guideline

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