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To stockholder, investors
President Junji Hada
President Junji Hada
  We are granted particular support, understanding with our group as always and are very grateful to stockholders.

Our company was founded from production and sales of personal computer rack and planned expansion of business as PC peripheral product manufacturer which offered "pleasure, ease, joy" to customer.

We enlarge domain of business from PC peripheral product with change of business environment as general digital peripheral product manufacturer in these days. It wants to continue being supplier it is spiritually richer and to do everyday living of customer who included business scene by product of our group more comfortably.

In addition, mainly came in the domestic sale by personal root through electronics retail stores, corporation route through OA apparatus trading company until now, but reclamation of new sale channels such as mail order or lifestyle shop of growth focus, and, in foreign countries development, will plan export reinforcement to the Asia region, expansion of sales network in Europe led by group companies and full-scale advance to new markets of South America.

We always notice corporate social responsibility without advocating, "we go the right track" by action guideline in our group, and being against social norm as responsibility of listed company and will act for improvement of long-term corporate value.

We sincerely will hope to have your more guidance, support in future as employee will work together in order to meet expectation of stakeholders.

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