Product for professionals
Super-high-speed super high capacity

LaCie which ELECOM sells
Storage brand for professionals

Product of LaCie characterized by design which was simple, and was refined.
In the past, there is history that Apple sold as genuine article of external disk, the Video industries even now of the world,
We are introduced a lot in the broadcast industry, and there is high affinity with Mac. The broadcast industry or the Video industry
We develop product specialized in producing consumer whom high specifications are demanded from.

Function design which supports the spot of DESIGN pro

Refined design of hardware, overwhelming technical performance acquire trust in the spot of professional repeating editing and preservation of data in the long term. We support the spot of much creative work including the Video industry dealing with big contents of volume of data, the broadcast industry.

Thunderbolt Thunderbolt 3 correspondence.
Maximum transfer speed 2,600MB/s

It supports next-generation high speed interface Thunderbolt 3.
We can perform big 4K of data Dimensions, data shift of 8K, editing task in the shooting spot speedily and comfortably.
We can build more up to six Lacie in daisy chain.

Flexibility to FUNCTIONRAID constitution

Design that enlargement, exchange of hard disk can perform. We improve transfer rate by RAID, and it is easily possible to plan fault-tolerant, improving.

LINEUP lineup

It is lineup in model with plural number bay suitable for Mobile Dimensions superior in portability and large-capacity data.
You can choose model who was in shooting, the spot environment of editing.

SUPPORT ELECOM supports domestic sale entirely

ELECOM which is domestic authorized agent of LaCie brand-name products will support sale of Japan.
As it is response of the ELECOM staff by Japanese, inquiries about product are available in peace, too.