DESIGN design

Simple design in accord with Mac

It is exothermal and adopts superior aluminum to material of body,
We balance design, functionality.
Simple design in accord with Mac directs a feeling of visual unification in hard kind of the editing spot showing frequent use of Mac.

Heat radiation performance with aluminum design

Design that all storage products of LaCie considered heat radiation. Materials and placement of the material to be used are thought out minutely,
We minimize heat to be generated from operating device, and it becomes possible to radiate heat efficiently.

As a result of comparison experiment with other companies, heat radiation characteristics of LaCie are proved.

Exothermal evaluation

Exothermal evaluation

We measured in room which we set to 22 degrees Celsius with air-conditioner.

  • We put desk and establish USB-HDD and U5856A.
  • We connect USB-HDD to note PC.
  • For ten minutes, we measure with idle state.
  • We carry out benchmark application "AJA System TEST" with note PC.
  • For 50 minutes, we measure in working conditions.