FUNCTION function

Flexibility to RAID constitution

By combining more than two HDDs with RAID, transfer speed is system which improves or improves fault tolerance.
As most models of LaCie can store away at least two HDDs, transfer speed by RAID improves, or fault-tolerant, improving is possible.
We improve transfer rate if we have you choose model that can store away HDD more than three,
We can plan both?of fault-tolerant, improving.

RAID configuration example used well

※Three general examples

  • Speed serious consideration RAID 0

    It is simultaneous access for plural drives.
    Divide data; and to each drive
    Improving can plan transfer speed to save.

  • Safety serious consideration RAID 1

    We always back up the first unit data for the second generation. Even if one drive breaks down, we can edit data from normal drive.

  • Hybrid RAID 5

    We divide data, and transfer rate is improved to plural drives by saving. Even if one drive breaks down, restoration is possible from data of normal drive.

Spare cooling fan

Thunderbolt3 series (D2, 2Big Dock, 6Big, 12Big) is shipped with cooling fan. We prevent rise in unit temperature.
In addition, we can let you drive normalcy by spare fan with unit even if cooling fan breaks down as standard equipment while we use Thunderbolt3 series (6Big, 12Big) equipped with spare cooling fan.