Thunderbolt thunderbolt

The world fastest next-generation format,
It supports Thunderbolt 3

Thunderbolt bundles up lane and realizes data-transfer velocity of most ⼤10Gb/s. In Thunderbolt 2 20Gb/s of double,
It was further raised in 40Gb/s of double in Thunderbolt 3 and made possible data transmission that was super ⾼ soku with peripheral device.
Conventionally, it is merit that can just use cable of standard.
⾏ u case, necessary volume of data hear ⼤ by Video editing, production corresponding to 8K resolution naturally than 4K resolution; it is.
We can further shorten editing time in viewdata that becoming goes ahead ⼤ capacity in ⾼ sokuka in Thunderbolt 3.

  • 40Gb/s

    Thunderbolt 3
  • 20Gb/s

    Thunderbolt 2
  • 10Gb/s

  • 5Gb/s

  • 0.8Gb/s

  • 0.5Gb/s

    USB 2.0

Power delivery

If it is "corresponding display", power delivery "Supported PCs", Charge is possible through HDD of Thunderbolt3 series.
Because, only in AC Adapter of one hard disk, application of power gets ⾏ to PC, display,
We can gather up wiring of troublesome power supply cord clearly.

Daisy chain

When storage volume of data will increase more and more from now on, please choose product of LaCie corresponding to daisy chain.
Daisy chain to connect plural drives to in string just uses one port on the PC side.
Thunderbolt 3 is accessible to PC to up to six with HDD. Several HDDs and 5K, 4K display
We can tie at the same time and are interface that is most suitable for producing consumer.
In addition, data transmission to other devices is possible even if we turn off power supply of HDD.