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We get flexible, beautiful Bucks tile! We released original method "flexible beauty buttocks make" using EMS "ekuriarinappu" for Jun Takeda device home of ballet dancer, also known as "beautiful buttocks prince"

ELECOM CO., LTD. (the head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, President: Junji Hada) released original method "lissomeness beauty buttocks make" of "Prince beautiful buttocks" Jun Takeda device who tightened the buttocks circumference, and made attractive Bucks tile by drawing effect of home EMS apparatus "ECLEAR lean up" (ekuriarinappu) to the maximum. You can see all interview, method seven parts in "flexible beautiful buttocks make" for a limited time special introduction page (
(going to be released until March, 2019)

Training application ECLEAR APP

Beautiful buttocks prince "Jun Takeda device "flexible beautiful buttocks make" Features

  1. "Flexible health" is realized by method that adopted element of ballet!
  2. Six methods to charm dancing posture and back figure from back to buttocks beautifully!
  3. We can forge flexible muscle by performing method in time in interval when "ekuriarinappu" does not let you do muscle contraction!

"Beautiful buttocks prince" Jun Takeda comment

"We can be aware of which muscle you use by stimulating muscle in ekuriarinappu. Jun Takeda to tell, effect rises surely by being conscious of muscle using in that way.

We can be conscious of muscle which we use by attaching "ekuriarinappu" to this method more and enable more effective training. In addition, we realize "flexible body" by performing training of buttocks becoming dancing posture and the basics dressed in the back!

"Beautiful buttocks prince" Jun Takeda device original method "flexible beautiful buttocks make" is detailed

It is Features that "ekuriarinappu" has long interval. Meanwhile, we can adopt movement and enable more effective training. We can aim at "flexible body" by "flexible beautiful buttocks make" that adopted element of ballet.

Beautiful buttocks crab crab effect: Tighten flat buttocks cancellation buttocks that expanse becomes square aside tightly in the center; to beautiful buttocks
Pushing beauty styling effect: In posture that stretches out the posture correction back straight, and is beautiful
Sauce buttocks by by effect: We lift buttocks which lose buttock-lift gravity, and fall down tightly on the top and improve
Beautiful leg opening effect: To foot which relieved swelling of beautiful leg & swelling cancellation leg, and was slim
Top lift effect of the beauty: We let beautiful constriction & upper arm lift up stomach rotation be refreshing, and slack of upper arm dissolves, too
Flexible back styling effect: On Bucks tile which tightens back from flat buttocks cancellation buttocks tightly, and is attractive

"ekuriarinappu" recommended point

Though "it is so small and is pretty, I feel that "gyu" works!
Furthermore, we can train anywhere anytime casually as it is compact.
As "ekuriarinappu" works for human trunk well, it is most suitable for the making of beautiful posture


Jun Takeda (ballet dancer, lecturer)
  • It was born in September 21 and is from Shizuoka.
  • At the age of 17 years old, we begin to learn ballet in Michiko Ito ballet studio.
    After the graduation from high school, we join the Tokyo Ballet leading Tadatsugu Sasaki. We appear on ballet performances such as classical music, contemporary from classic. We go over to France at 20 years old and learn at national ballet school in Paris.
  • We win bronze medal by "pas de deux" (man and woman pair dance) in Biarritz international contest.
    We belong to European many ballets including the French Limoges Opera, Netherlands national theater, Slovak national theater and appear on the stage afterwards. We experience model of Paris collection.
    We try for the spread of ballet after returning home in Japan. We publish various exercise books and ballet books. We are active as instructor of "floor ballet" that we apply ballet-style exercise and devised for Japanese by oneself now. We appear on various Media as "beautiful buttocks prince" (bijirioji).

Product information

The beginning of June, 2018
The list price
  • ekuriarinappu (two bodies, core pad one piece, twin pad two pieces) 17,970- yen (tax-excluded)
  • Gel pad (two pieces of twin pads) 3,190- yen (tax-excluded) for exchange
  • Gel pad (one piece of core pad) 3,190- yen (tax-excluded) for exchange

Product Features

  • It supports application and automatically sets "mode according to part" which is most suitable for each figure!
  • Color and design which took away fence of sex!
  • Only as for the application, the 16th phase is setable in "we improve"!

Product concept, development background

As for "ECLEAR" (ekuria) brand concept, "own body can control only oneself. Mobile health care to melt into lifestyle of flexible adult. "ekuriarinappu" assumes "flexible Homo sapiens, flexible body" while following this concept and develops product based on this.

It becomes more inarticulate across one of man and woman (except sex differences of is conventional, reproducing itself), and person with various taste, thought makes own thought embodiment with strong core these days. We did for design, function that took away fence of sex to be correct in concept called Homo sapiens = "flexible Homo sapiens" who had flexible way of life while having such various thought.

(reference information) [ekuriaburandokonseputo]

Training application ECLEAR APP
Own body can control only oneself
Mobile health care to melt into lifestyle of flexible adult
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