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We win "iF design Award 2020" by ELECOM, 7 series

ELECOM CO., LTD. (the head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, President: Junji Hada) informs that we won "iF design Award 2020" with authority globally in product 7 series.
iF International Forum Design basing on Hannover (Germany) elects design every year superior in independent design group with the longest history in Germany and confers "iF design award".
We examined 7,298 application designs which 78 design experts gathered for from/area in 56 countries fairly and became this receiving a prize.

About "iF design Award"
As for iF design Award, iF logo is recognized as proof of superior design as one of authoritative design Awards over age widely again globally. Prize is comprised in product, package, communication, service design, building, interior, interior, the field of professional concept.
All receiving a prize designs are published in iF WORLD DESIGN GUIDE and iF design app and are displayed in facilities iF design exhibition Hamburg in Hamburg (Germany).

NESTOUT case trekking model for iPhone

Opportunities to utilize smartphone by birth of various application in trekking scene increase these days. However, the durability has a problem that normal smartphone is outdoor environment and uses. We just put on nest out trekking case and can upgrade with tool which is most suitable for trekking such as buttons which even fall impact resistance ability and gloves based on MIL-STD that we realized by quick shooting and map confirmation using exclusive holder, special design are easy to operate. It is case that we come to be able to enjoy trekking to the maximum.

NESTOUT case festival training camp model for iPhone

Opportunities to utilize smartphone in outdoor such as camping increase. Nest out festival & camping case is case which can bring about various functions by having adopted element of all-around rope as tool. We fix hand strap and the neck strap, portable power charger of prevention of fall depending on the situation and can add function that is necessary by making full use of rope work. It comprises impact-resistant ability of MIL-STD conformance realized by special design and gives pleasure by outdoor.

Bluetooth® headphones "bund"

Is delicate with complete symmetric minimal design unified in obi of one to flow; is dark; color. BT earphone "bund" (biand) which wears sound as fashion. Stretch penetrated through the way in shape, color logo package, sales floor and designed brand although being low-priced. Bush part and battery remote control part that design was not focused on unify designs as consistency of the body thoroughly in detail so far. Wore much more and realized a feeling of wearing that became serious without by setting battery and remote-control placement at position that got on adoption and shoulder of light weight material, feeling weight.

Silicone mouse pad with memo area

Silicone mouse pad with memo area with desk work as niceness. With memo area that writes, and repeats for feeling, and is usable that puts special coating in addition to invention with mouse operation as niceness, and is silky. We delete content that we wrote with oil-related ball-point pen with eraser and can use repeatedly. We locate memo column right next to mouse operation side so that memo movement is changed only by movement of right and left by mouse movement. A feeling of Dimensions which is not too big which is equal to tag that we usually get used to writing memo column. By adopting Silicone material with grip power which is hard to slip off on desk, can perform mouse operation and memo entry smoothly.

List of mouse pad & rest "dimp gel" with list rest

Mouse pad and list rest with list rest which pursued comfortableness to be addicted to that we felt like being involved in many times without thinking of "easy form to snuggle up to wrist." in concept. To the surface cloth, we use high-quality person mechanic leather who is used for interior of car. We give the feel sticking to skin by fluent feel of a material with thin wrinkle. In internal cushioning material, we use gel material "EXGELR" superior in body pressure flow dispersibility which is used in the field of medical welfare. By having put these two subject matters together, totally realize touch such as cheeks of baby.

Sports & business backpack BUNP

Backpack which can carry sporting goods and work tool. When we go to sporting house to be over, work does not have to prepare for bag separately in working/exercise scene. Use is possible in the working/exercise scene by dividing storage space into each so that things are not mixed. Case for exclusive use of clothing/shoes which are just delivered to bag main unit is attached. The case chooses sweat which came out on exercise and inner cloth which is easy to wipe off dirts and can easily take exclusive case out of the side without providing the bag body when we received the bag body in small locker.


It is "TIPS AIR series" specialized in snacks carrier of mouse. We do way of holding mouse in each person, but two kinds of way of holding to have to pick up at way of holding, finger-tip which greatly divide, and grasp, and are crowded with palms exist. We examined function, form that were necessary for snacks carrier from user observation and finished TIPS AIR series in the most suitable design.
User of snacks carrier repeats invention such as locating battery in the center of product in consideration of balance of center of gravity to steal thumb part unlike normal mouse, and to sharpen into Hachigata form to operate while lifting mouse in palm.

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